100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 380 - The Pregnancy

Chapter 380: The Pregnancy

Beautiful Ye Wei was about to leap forward and rip Bai Ye up with her bare hands. Her delicate features were twisted, and like an angel of death, seemed extremely terrifying.

The young kid seemed to see how Beautiful Ye Wei was with floating long hair.

“Wei Wei, calm down. Calm down and stop freaking out,” Miss Cheng calmly replied but was unable to hide the tease in her eyes. Everybody could tell that Beautiful Ye Wei had lost it.

Eleven remained helplessly silent. In terms of intellect, Wei Wei was the strongest. Good thing Bai Ye had yet to turn his head when she said that. He was too damn calm and was certainly beyond what typical men were capable of.

The young kid timidly raised his hand and asked, “Auntie, I have a question. What do you mean by ‘bent’?”

Miss Cheng broke into a twisted smile and froze for a moment. Eleven looked at her and did not move. Ye Wei turned around and gently tapped Ning Ning’s head. She then earnestly said, “You’re a good child, and since you are not ‘bent’, you won’t need to know that.”

The young kid cutely tilted his head and his innocent face broke into a beaming smile. While he did not know what ‘bent’ actually meant, he, however, knew that it was something unwholesome based on how the few women reacted.

“Didn’t Mommy say that learning never ends?”

“Darling Ning Ning, you must know that the education your seniors have had isn’t absolutely correct. If they were, there would not be so many murderers in the world.” Ye Wei preached.

Ahh, she was losing her calm.

Eleven shook her head, extremely stifled. “Didn’t Mo Jue affect you at all? To think you still have the frame of mind to spar with Su Man?”

This woman was too damn overboard.

“Who does he think he is! How can he compare himself against Beautiful Su? I am deeply shaken,” Ye Wei said with a crying face and pleaded for sympathy. She said, “You don’t even sympathize with me. You’re too much.”

“Do you even need sympathy?” Cheng Anya wanted to watch the fireworks. “It’s perfectly normal for you to lose it.”

It was indeed so!

To think about it, Ye Wei pursued Su Man for so long but did not get the slightest response. On the other hand, Bai Ye and Su Man had only spent a few days with each other and people could catch a whiff of the slightest adultery going on between them. This adultery which was blatantly before her would certainly have impacted her.

While Beautiful Su’s reaction was not the best, he, at least, reacted. To put it as blatantly as possible, would Mister Calm like him rage at some unknown passerby? That was totally impossible.

Conflicted, Ye Wei asked, “Third sister-in-law, Eleven, did Beautiful Su blush earlier?” Her smile became even more twisted.

“Possibly, yes.” Miss Cheng’s reply was much curter whilst Eleven immediately nodded. Both of them looked at Ye Wei.

Ye Wei blinked a few times. She did not lose it like what the other two women expected. Instead, she stroked her chin and asked, “Why?”

“What do you mean?”

Ye Wei rolled her eyes and said, “Bai Ye likes women while Su Man likes men, correct? When you put two lonely men together, it should be Bai Ye who is in danger. Therefore, if there is indeed adultery going on between then, it should be Bai Ye who is outraged and Beautiful Su should be calm. Why are things the other way round? It’s Bai Ye who’s calm and Beautiful Su was obviously in a flying rage.”

“That’s correct.” Miss Cheng agreed as she thought about it. She did not give it deeper thought earlier. Now, she felt a little weird when Ye Wei suggested it. “Did Bai Ye flirt with Beautiful Su? If not, how did he earn that slap from Beautiful Su?”

“No.” Ye Wei and Eleven disagreed in unison. Bai Ye was not capable of something like that, and he did not like men. Although Beautiful Su had charming looks, there would definitely be very few men who would throw themselves onto him.

However, Bai Ye was not somebody that shallow. They had known him for over ten years, and they had seen everything about him. They understood Bai Ye’s character too. He was absolutely unable to do something like that.

He would not even flirt with women, let alone with men.

“Then, why?” Cheng Anya pondered. While Bai Ye seemed like a gentle and easy-going person, he was actually extremely cold and gave people the feeling that he was a distant and uncertain cloud.

This should not have happened. If Ye Chen were in Bai Ye’s shoes, he was absolutely capable of flirting. Bai Ye, on the other hand, should not be able to.

“Then, why did Bai Ye take a slap?” Cheng Anya asked again. The three women looked at one another with doubts in their eyes.

“He should have been slapped because he took advantage of somebody,” Eleven said. “But Bai Ye is not such a person. Deduction overruled.”

“Then, there are no more possibilities.” Miss Cheng tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Could Bai Ye simply do it with Beautiful Su?” Ye Wei’s shocking comments never seemed to end and everybody was stunned by her. If flirting was out of the question, how could he get to the deed? The order of events made no sense.

“If Su Man was f***ed first, he would absolutely f*** Bai Ye and then send him six feet under. Would things end with just a slap?” Eleven coldly replied as she dissected Beautiful Su’s twisted personality.

“Besides, Ah Chen is also in the research lab.”

As the three women fell silent, the young kid timidly raised his hand and asked, “Shouldn’t you also consider the fact that I am here too?”

“What are you still doing here? You should have immediately disappeared once you heard us discussing such children-unfriendly topics.” Miss Cheng stared at him righteously with the ‘if you heard us and did not leave, it’s not our mistake but yours’ look.

“Spot on.”

“I agree.”

The young kid was stunned into silence.

Women were indeed terrible beings. His Nuo Nuo was still the best.

“Ahh, I’m losing it. Why must my rival be a man… Ahh…” Ye Wei completely lost it. She turned around and walked toward the central atrium.

Watching her seemingly float away was especially terrifying.

Dinner time.

Everybody was present. Miss Cheng, Ye Wei, Eleven, and the young kid looked at Bai Ye and Su Man up and down. They seemed a little conflicted.

Miss Cheng was an experienced purist in love. Once she had hopes from knowing there was a cure, she felt unbelievably comfortable and was in the mood to troll other people.

Given her time judging BL couples, Bai Ye and Su Man were a very matching pair. Su Man in his white-as-snow shirt was cold and proud whilst Bai Ye stood tall and easy-going. Both of them were unbelievably good-looking and were perfect eye candy when they stood together. They were like a couple match-made in heaven.

She was reminded of the term ‘gap-moe’ as there were distinct ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles in said relationship.

An afternoon had passed, and the palm mark on Bai Ye’s face had subsided. He was calmly having his dinner and humbly accepted the attention he received from everybody.

His calmness was unparalleled.

Ye Wei pulled her chair and scooted up to Su Man. She asked him in giggles, “Why did you slap my brother, Bai Ye?”

Brother Bai Ye?

Everybody shuddered but Su Man’s eyelids did not bat. He said, “I’ve nothing to say.”

“You’ve nothing to say, huh? Don’t be so petty,” Ye Wei said petulantly as she grabbed Beautiful Su’s sleeves. “Did my brother, Bai Ye, bully you? Tell me and I’ll help you wallop him. I know you can’t beat him. But it’s okay. I can.”

“Save yourself the trouble.” Su Man coldly harrumphed. While he was not as capable as those from the operative camps, he had plenty of ways—without resorting to force—to drop a person.

“It’s no trouble, really. It’s no trouble at all. I’ve had issues with him and have long wanted to wallop him. It’s no trouble.” Ye Wei smiled.

The young kid remained helplessly silent for the nth time for his auntie. His auntie was not shameless but beyond shameless! Nobody would be able to adapt as rapidly as she could.

“Please help yourselves then.”

Whatever Ye Wei said, Beautiful Su would be able to stop her with succinct answers. Ye Wei felt that Beautiful Su was too damn tight-lipped. Would she be able to get the scoop from Bai Ye instead?

“You are not nice enough. Why don’t you humor us all? Sharing is caring.” Ye Wei protested unhappily.

Eleven agreed.

Miss Cheng continued having her dinner, whereas the young kid stayed out of the line of fire lest he become collateral damage.

“Brother Bai Ye, you are straight, aren’t you?” Ye Wei blinked her eyes and asked innocently. “I remember that last year’s Miss World would stick around you like super glue. She’s a Russian beauty, and I did see you two hugging and kissing. So, you should be straight, right?”

Bai Ye was silent for a moment. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You all are really sneaky. How the hell did you even know that?”

“The silhouette fits you. It is indeed the case.” Ye Wei clapped and laughed. “Since you are straight, my mind is now at ease. Please do not thirst after Beautiful Su, okay?”

Bai Ye smiled and did not speak while Beautiful Su, instead of raging in the afternoon, calmly said to Miss Cheng, “Rest early today. We’ll be taking your blood sample tomorrow morning. Please fast before entering the research lab.”

As he finished speaking, he stood up and left.

Everybody looked at his plate that was almost untouched.

Cheng Anya acknowledged and asked Bai Ye, “Is the missing medicine my blood?”

Bai Ye nodded and said, “That’s correct.”

With tomorrow’s telling of success—or failure—Cheng Anya’s heart was at ease. There was, like Bai Ye said, without a doubt. He sounded relaxed and confident, so she should be half as worried.

“Third sister-in-law’s blood, huh? I thought only Louis’ blood was necessary.” Ye Wei flatly chimed. “Third brother had better get well soon. Damn, I miss him.”

“There should be an 80% chance.”

“Oh, yes, Bai Ye, why hasn’t the virus in third sister-in-law acted up? She looks like a normal person. Why is third brother’s condition so severe instead?” Ye Wei curiously asked.

“For the virus in question, the first wave is much more stable than the second wave. There is nothing strange about it. Given that there are still a few more days to the one-month deadline as well as the alleviators that I injected her with, the onset of the virus should be delayed by another ten-over days. The virus in her is hence under control and there is no issue.” Bai Ye gently smiled.

“I see.” Cheng Anya nodded. It was always a good thing that the virus did not act up.

Eleven looked at Bai Ye’s plate, which was empty. She raised her eyebrows and said, “If I didn’t remember wrongly, the two of you were in there for two days. How do you have such a good appetite whilst Beautiful Su ate so little? Is he in a bad mood, has a poor appetite, or is he made of steel?”

Ye Wei jabbed Bai Ye’s arms. “What did you actually do to him? It’s exceptionally rare that Su Man hits somebody.”

A few pairs of eyes focused on Bai Ye’s face. Bai Ye calmly smiled and said, “I’ve nothing to say.”

“Eleven, it’s been a while since we got active.” Ye Wei flexed her wrist and laughed in a threatening manner. Eleven acknowledged, getting the message. They could get active in the evening and interrogate him with force.

Bai Ye raised his hand to claim immunity. “I am working to neutralize the virus in Third Young Master Ye every day.”

Everybody was stunned into silence.

“That makes it easier then. We’ll break your legs and you will still be able to neutralize the virus despite being wheelchair-bound. Neutralizing the virus requires your brains instead of your legs.”

“Auntie, you sure are mean!” The young kid gave a thumbs-up.

Bai Ye automatically ignored the statement. The maidservant served abalone soup individually. Dana said, “This was what Her Highness The Princess previously left for master. It tastes really nice, and master wants everybody to taste it.”

Ye Wei propped up her head and laughed. She said, “Miss Dana, your sweet-talking is surely improving. Su Man will definitely not give such instructions, so it must be your idea.”

“Wei Wei is smart,” Dana said as she smiled. She had a beautiful pair of pitch-black eyes beneath her black veil that was extremely beautiful in spite of their shyness. While her face could not be completely seen, Wei Wei looked at this pair of eyes and knew that Dana was definitely a beauty.

Ye Wei smiled. Su Man preferred bland food instead of seafood. Stuff like abalone would simply remain in storage in his mansion.

Besides, whatever Her Highness The Princess gave was bound to be good stuff.

“This smells a little weird.” Miss Cheng fanned herself and frowned. The smell made her extremely uncomfortable.

“It’s still okay and very fragrant,” the young kid said.

Dana prepared a bowl for each of them. When she put the bowl in front of Cheng Anya, she suddenly felt revulsion and kept it in her since everybody else was present. As the smell permeated, she could not bear it and rushed out of the dining area covering her mouth. She could not stop vomiting…

Dana and the others were stunned. The young kid and Ye Wei quickly put down their bowls and gave chase. As Cheng Anya held onto the pillar and vomited nonstop, everybody looked at each other, speechless.

“Mommy, are you unwell?”

“Third sister-in-law, what’s happened to you?”

Cheng Anya did not stop vomiting until a while later. She felt light.

Bai Ye frowned. After Cheng Anya tidied herself up, he measured her pulse. Cheng Anya smiled and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I am just not used to this smell.”

“Show me your hand.” Bai Ye gently smiled. Cheng Anya could only reach out her hand and Bai Ye measured her pulse with a thin piece of paper. A moment later, his eyebrows were raised and he looked at Cheng Anya with a weird look.

The young kid, who was feeling panicky, asked, “Bai Ye, what’s with Mommy? Did the virus act up?”

“It’s not the virus.” Bai Ye murmured to himself. “She is pregnant.”

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