108 Maidens of Destiny

Chapter 10


“Ying Mei, this Relic Blade Sand is really hard to find. Is there no way for you to hurry up?” After ten days of continuous searching, Shu Jing and Lin Ying Mei had been all over this side of the mountain, but there were no gains whatsoever. Shu Jing was currently suspecting that Ying Mei had been searching at the wrong place this whole time.

“It is true that this is a little troublesome…” Lin Ying Mei looked at Shu Jing apprehensively, her eyes full of thoughts, as if she was trying to decide on something. In the end, she shook her head lightly.

Shu Jing couldn’t guess what Lin Ying Mei was thinking about. But he knew how huge and boundless the Liangshan Continent was. Just an ordinary plain was already larger than the Sahara Desert by several times. Trying to find the Relic Blade Sands in a place like this is harder than finding a needle in the ocean.

“Time is money! Right now, there are already 40 contracted stars, if we continue like this we won’t be able to find it before all 108 stars have successfully contracted.”

“What does Master suggest?”

Shu Jing looked at the nearby pond “I’ll go take a bath first, you go ahead and keep thinking about new methods to improve our efficiency. Randomly looking everywhere like we are doing right now is probably not the best idea.”

Lin Ying Mei nodded and said, “Your servant will go and observe the surrounding areas for a bit!”

It had nearly been a month since Shu Jing came to this new world. The biggest impression Shu Jing had about this place was that it was entirely covered with high mountains, large lakes, all around a beautiful and breathtaking scenery. Due to this picturesque and calming landscape, Shu Jing was able to endure the current situation.

Taking off all his clothes, Shu Jing jumped into the pond. The cooling sensation infiltrated his body, causing him to feel extremely relaxed. As he was preparing to close his eyes and concentrate on recovering his body, a loud commotion resounded from the nearby woods!

Shu Jing’s eyes shot open, just in time to catch a glimpse of a girl with slender body walking out from the forest. She was wearing what seemed to be a short blue skirt, only about knee-high in length, which showed off her smooth, long pair of legs which were wrapped in white socks. Seeing Shu Jing, her beautiful eyes lit up.

Shu Jing immediately covered his private part with his hands.

He thought that the girl would be startled and scream, but contrary to his expectations

a sweet and seductive voice rang out, “Young master, save me!”

Before Shu Jing could figure out what was going on, she floated across the pond towards him and buried herself in his chest. She looked up while blinking shyly: “Young Master, please save me!”

I’m the one who needs saving! Shu Jing felt like weeping. She was fast, in a blink of an eye she had already sneaked up on him. If she had wanted to take his life, he would be a dead man already.

Sensing the soft sensation coming from the girl’s body as she snuggled up to him, Shu Jing’s “intimate area” hardened, gently poking her body. The girl however seemed to be completely oblivious about this matter, as she only softly shouted, “Young Master, watch out behind you!”


A fierce roar echoed across the forest, a massive brightly colored tiger shot out, its fangs as long as a forearm. It was a terrifying existence, it’s mouth exuded a foul, bloody stench.

Shu Jing was shocked. What kind of tiger was this?


The tiger roared once more, causing waves to appear in the water. The roar alone almost made Shu Jing slip.

Shu Jing glanced at the area where his clothes and Silver Blade were, as he slowly retreated.

The tiger revealed its fangs and pounced forward.

Shu Jing immediately hugged the girl tightly and jumped backward. He jumped over 5 metres, shocking the girl in his arms. Making it to other side, he quickly headed for his pistol, but the tiger was fierce and rapidly attacked him.

Shu Jing could only use his legs as shield. The tiger ferociously bit down at his leg, causing Shu Jing to suffer unimaginable pain! Shu Jing bit his lips until it bled. Luckily, his will was stronger than the pain. He continued to struggle to reach out for the stone where his Silver Blade lied. He managed to grab it and immediately shot out two bullets.

The shots penetrated the tiger’s skull. Now, it had two glaring holes in it’s forehead. The light in it’s eyes began to dim, as it’s body shook several times before finally dropping onto the ground.

The girl looked at Shu Jing with a pale expression and said, “Are you alright?” It would strange if he was alright! He felt like all the bones in his legs were broken apart. He awkwardly stuttered, “Let me get dressed first.”

Only now did the girl realise that Shu Jing wasn’t wearing any clothes. Her face reddened, but she still hastily picked up the clothes Shu Jing left on the ground and said, “Let me help you put on your clothes!”

“Strange pants.” The girl stared incredulously at Shu Jing’s underwear, she has never seen this kind of clothing.

With his underwear being inspected so closely by a girl, Shu Jing’s heart nearly stopped beating. He quickly snatched it off her and rebuked angrily, “Turn around so I can do it myself!”

The girl giggled cutely.

“What do you think you are doing?” Suddenly a furious voice sounded out. It was Lin Ying Mei who had rushed back after hearing the commotion from afar. Seeing the two drenched people next to the pond, she immediately leapt forward with the Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

The young girl gave a startled cry, but before she could respond, an icy cold spear has already made its way to her neck. When Lin Ying Mei saw the wound on Shu Jing’s leg, her eyes overflowed with killing intent.

“Calm down, I was attacked by that tiger over there”. Shu Jing didn’t want to go through the farce of having Lin Ying Mei kill his damsel by accident right after he finished saving her from distress.

Seeing Shu Jing struggle to put on his clothes due to the pain of his leg, Lin Ying Mei retrieved her spear and walked next to Shu Jing to help him get changed.

The girl breathed out in relief, her eyes looking strangely at Ling Ying Mei.

In terms of fighting, Lin Ying Mei was second to none. But when it came to servicing others, she didn’t know where to start. She really was like a pampered Princess, her hands that could expertly wield the Arctic Star Serpent Spear were currently fumbling to button up Shu Jing’s pants. She really didn’t know where to look. This was the first time Shu Jing had two young ladies waiting for him to get changed, and naturally his “little brother” was affected.

Lin Ying Mei turned crimson red and with no way for her to vent, she turned to the young girl and shouted, “Why did you bring this tiger here? You nearly caused the death of my Master!”

“I’m really sorry, I really didn’t mean to.” The girl clapped her hands together and repeatedly bowed in apology.

“Forget it”. Shu Jing didn’t want to delve into these kind of small matters. Instead, he was a lot more interested in the colorful metallic beast. Are all the animals in this Liangshan Continent this strange?

“This maiden’s name is Song Lu. I came from a nearby village, why don’t you, Young Master, follow me to my village to get treatments for your injury?” Song Lu said full of concern.

Shu Jing nodded, with his current condition, no matter where he went it would be difficult to get anything done.

Lin Ying Mei grunted coldly. She stored the body of the Blossom Steel Tiger inside her bag, and turned around, planning to give her master a shoulder to lean on. But before she could, Song Lu had already made her way to Shu Jing’s side.

“Your Artifact is so impressive, just like that it took out the tiger.” Whether intentionally or not, Song Lu’s soft and firm chest was repeatedly brushing up against Shu Jing’s arm as they walked.

Shu Jing looked at Song Lu’s shy expression. He suddenly remembered his earlier conversation with Lin Ying Mei about the Leader Star. Suddenly, a strange thought occurred to him, could she be… Song Jiang?

“Young Master, what are you thinking about?” Song Lu whispered.

“My name is Shu Jing, my partner is Lin Ying Mei”. Shu Jing answered.

“She is so heroic!” Song Lu said with reverence.

Shu Jing nodded.

“Did Young Master save my life because you want me to repay your kindness by devoting myself to you, as a faithful servant?” The girl softly asked.

“I don’t have that kind of intention.” Shu Jing shook his head.

“Well, if Young Master needs a special ride, this maiden is available for you.” Song Lu shyly continued.

“What kind of horse is it?” Shu Jing frowned.

The girl blushed even more. She laughed coyly as she whispered: “Well, you can ride me.”

This damn succubus is the legendary Song Jiang? No way in hell!

Shu Jing’s eyes twitched in turmoil, his stomach began to ache ceaselessly.

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