108 Maidens of Destiny

Chapter 11


Song Clan Village had over a hundred families living in the surrounding area, and it gave Shu Jing the impression of an ordinary village. Dogs were barking and you could hear roosters crowing. Song Lu went to look for the sole physician in the village to heal Shu Jing, who applied a medicine called “Exhaustive Tendons Powder” on his wounds. He was told that he would completely recover after resting for three to four days.

The physician also praised Shu Jing’s resilient body. If a normal person was attacked by a Blossom Steel Tiger, their bones would have been broken to pieces, and some would even be disabled for the rest of their life. Shu Jing however survived with what could be called at best, a flesh wound.

News of Shu Jing’s slaying of the Blossom Steel Tiger quickly spread throughout the village. It seemed like this beast had previously caused no small amount of damage to this village. All the young men and women of the village came to take at look at the strangers while quietly chattering. The entire Song Clan Village would have already collapsed if not for Ling Ying Mei holding herself back from out against these nosy people.

Song Lu suggested that Shu Jing should stay here and rest until he completely recovered. Ying Mei felt partially responsible for this matter, so she did not object.

Shu Jing could only go with the flow.

“Young Master, if you need anything just let me know. My body is now yours to command like cattle and horses.” Song Lu blinked her eyes while smiling flirtatiously.

Hearing her words, Lin Ying Meifurrowed her eyebrows. She did not like the way Song Lu talked one bit.

“Are there any books here? It would be great if you could find me a couple of books about the Liangshan Continent.”

Shu Jing pretended to not see Song Lu’s advances. Currently, there were too many mysteries in this Liangshan Continent. Lin Ying Mei did not own any writings regarding this matter, so she was not suited to teach him. Know your enemy and know yourself and you will be invincible, how could he not understand this principle from Sun Tzu’s Art of War?

“Let me go ask for you.” In the blink of an eye Song Lu had already left the room.

“Master, you must not let your guard down!” Waiting for her to finally leave, Lin Ying Mei unreservedly remind Shu Jing.

“Do you think she is a Star Knight?” Shu jing asked.

“I can sense that her strength is not that high, but there is a possibility that she is very powerful and is simply hiding her strength. Of course, she could also be a normal person.” Lin Ying Mei shook her head, her observation powers were not enough to discern Song Lu’s true nature.

“I think she has many similarities to Star Knights.” Shu Jing smile and said.

Ling Ying Mei was puzzled: “Why does Master say so?”

“Basically, she has this strange leisurely aura to her.” Shu Jing thought about how ever since he has met her, she has never for one moment seemed ordinary. Unlike normal people, she seems to have training and experience, even if she could not take care of the Blossoming Steel Tiger, she seems to be sure that she could escape safely in the end. Being a soldier himself, Shu Jing intuition’s was very sensitive about these matters. Nine out of ten times his suspicions were always correct.

Lin Ying Mei seemed to be deep in thought, with a cold voice she said, “Should we get rid of her?”

“She has no bloodthirst.” Shu Jing has pondered about the reason why the girl was able approach him so closely without causing him alarm. The reason was she did not seem to be hiding a trace of killing intent. No matter who they were, while harboring ill thoughts they will not be able to completely conceal their killing intent, and Shu Jing was the type who could read his opponents well. She did not have ill intents, so he did not hesitate to catch the falling Song Lu.

“This servant really deserved to be scolded.”

“No need to worry, as a man I can take this much.” Shu jing waved his hand. “I also cannot always be protected by you, this was a good opportunity for me train.”

Lin Ying Mei did not disagree, as the Majestic Star Panther Head, the words Shu Jing spoke were truly worthy of the rightful master of Lin Chong

In a moment, Song Lu came back into the room, carrying with her several bags. Looking at her dragging so many heavy bags, Shu Jing shouted “Song Lu, don’t tell me you have taken every single book in the entire village!”

“That’s right! These are all books that have been in our village since ancient times, some of them were even given by the village chief, and all of these are for Young Master to peruse.” Song Lu’s cheeks revealed shining dimples as she smiled.

“You didn’t actually steal all of these right?”

“Of course not, hearing that Young Master wishes to read books, everybody in the village all stood up and put together what they can. You are this village’s savior, so it is only natural.” Song Lu laughed. “I heard there there are even some ancient hidden manuals in here, but many people in our village have already tried and failed to comprehend them.”


Hearing this, Shu Jing’s eyes brighten. Currently his biggest problem that he lacked cultivation manuals. One must know, if a Star Cultivator had the help of a powerful Soul Technique or Martial Technique, their strength would greatly increase.

But then Shu Jing thought about how Song Lu casually said she had found some cultivation manuals, and suspicion grew in his heart. How could he be so lucky to randomly run into some top-notch cultivation manual?

Finished reading the “cultivation manuals” Song Lu has brought him, Shu Jing felt like a bucket of cold water was splashed all over his head. What kind of legendary cultivation manual is this? What the heck are “From Heaven to Earth Lone Supreme Technique”, “Annihilating Brainless Palm” or “Overturning Oceans and Rivers Wave Unleashing Tactics”? The names were crude enough, but the contents themselves were even worse. In order to practice the Lone Supreme Technique, one must first castrate themselves, the Annihilating Brainless Palm requires one to annihilate their own brain first, while the Wave Unleashing Tactics is just a damn lecher technique. What’s more, there was one called Indestructible Nine Revolving Golden Body, which requires one to die first to cultivate it

But he did found something that interested him. The Chaotic Tail Escape Technique, whose author is the Golden Toad Spiritual Master. The name sounds quite mysterious, but more importantly the manual was comprehensive and clearly explained the training process step by step.

At a glance one could tell that this manual was very useful, it was ordered logically in a standardised format. Especially important is that it lists Star Qi as a requirement for cultivating it, furthermore according to the manual, this escape technique was truly powerful, it could make even gods and demons weep.

This was against the heavens, even if the user’s body was incomplete and they are barely hanging on to life, as long as one still has a glimmer of consciousness, they will be able to escape. Even a powerful enemy can only stand back and sigh.

This escape technique requires strong willpower to completely resist the surrounding interference, or it will be all for naught.

Shu Jing found that this manual was very suitable, so he asked Lin Ying Mei and Song Lu about the Golden Toad Spiritual Master. Song Lu was not clear on who he was, and even after half a day of thinking, Ying Mei could only say that it seems the Spiritual Master was most likely a wandering expert who had recorded down his findings for the later generations. This was enough to reassure Shu Jing, no matter what, he will just give it a try first.

According to the book, one’s body must be injured in order to train this technique. If the body is completely unharmed, it will always fail. Shu Jing was still determined to try it out. Luckily, his legs was still wounded.

Next Shu Jing began to train following the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique manual. First, he must gather all his Star Qi and use it to attack his injuries. Being wounded is the most major requirement of this move, and once he had gathered all his power at the right place, he must then force it to ravage his body from inside and out. The Star Qi in his body began to sharpen as they head towards his leg and attacking it ceaselessly, causing him to experience unimaginable pain.


Shu Jing’s eyes widens as he gasped for breaths.

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