108 Maidens of Destiny

Chapter 15

Thousand Threads Myriad Silk Binding Technique
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“Lin Chong… she’s the Panther Head Lin Chong!” Recognising the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, Xun Tian Daoist shouted out fearfully.

“Impossible, why would Lin Chong sign a Star Duel Covenant contract?” The two remaining cultivators shook in fear. Even the face of the female cultivator who previously bragged that she could take on even Lin Chong was now deathly pale.

“Don’t panic, let’s kill her Master immediately!” Xun Tian Daoist called out. He was once again the first to regain his composure. His whisk continuously spun, causing several white silk threads to rise, turning into serpents.

“Northern Dipper Heavenly Stars, Immeasurable Earthen Towers, rise!” Xun Tian mumbles, his whisk suddenly coming to life, causing thousands of white silk threads in the shape of serpents to form a massive whirlpool. From inside the whirlpool, countless serpents emerge, their power utterly terrifying.

Seeing that, his two companions also pulled out their trump cards without hesitation. A turquoise bracelet flew out from the female cultivator’s wrist. It quickly expanded in size by a dozen-fold, releasing a bright green aura as it flew directly towards Shu Jing. The man also took out a small metal spear blade. The tiny three-inch blade shot out from his palm, following the wind and expanding its size to that of a large metal spear. Even though they were only low-levelled Artifacts, the weapons have been infused with all of their remaining power and had an immense pressure.

“Ying Mei, be a little careful!” Shu Jing reminded her.

Lin Ying Mei’s lips slightly curved into a cocky smile. Her spear flickered. Chilling beams of cold light radiated as she thrusted forward with her spear, each beam of light releasing a suction pressure towards the Artifacts.

The spear danced like a flower in the wind.

The turquoise bracelet resounded with a crack as the spear shatters it into fragments. The extremely fast blade next to it seemed like it was going to be able to dodge Lin Ying Mei’s attack, but her spear suddenly vibrated, and in the next moment the blade was cut into two by the cold blue spear light.

The two cultivators panicked, even though they knew about the Majestic Star and her indomitable strength that was among the most powerful in the entire world, her impenetrable attacks were beyond their expectation. What’s more, right now she was being limited by the Star Duel Covenant as a contracted star. In theory, she was far from her peak strength. With fear clouding their mind, the only thought they were capable of thinking of was fleeing.

“Friends, please stay!” Xun Tian Daoist called out loudly.

A haunting scream echoed.

The female cultivator who turned around to run revealed a fatal weak point, and Lin Ying Mei took advantage of that without hesitation. Her spear shot through her chest cleanly. When the male cultivator heard the scream, he also turned to flee, but Lin Ying Mei’s second attack was already upon him. Before his eyes could make out the attack, his neck suddenly felt cold, and a sharp blade directly penetrated his throat, taking his life.

Fresh blood streamed out from his mouth. The male cultivator’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe that he would die like this.

Xun Tian Daoist wore an extremely ugly expression. He never thought Star Knights were that powerful. Just a quick confrontation had already cost his three companions their lives. He abandoned all hesitation and unleashed the full limit of his Late Stage Stardust power. The whisk in his hand turned into countless silk serpents, completely surrounding the area.

Song Lu was so scared she scrambled to hide behind Shu Jing.

Lin Ying Mei pulled out the Arctic Star Serpent Spear and slashed at the serpents.

The white silk immediately wrapped around her weapon. No matter how she maneuvered, the spear still wouldn’t move an inch. Suddenly realising that his move had worked, the old daoist grinned: “My Dragon Binding Whisk is a Nebula Stage Artifact, even if you are the Majestic Star, it’s still enough to finish you off!” “Thousand Threads Myriad Silk Binding Technique, go!” The silk followed his commands and spun madly, as if they were all serpents leaving shore, their aura terrifying to behold.

In the blink of an eye, the room was surrounded in white silk.

Lin Ying Mei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear was completely wrapped up. The enemy was both a Late Stage Stardust cultivator and was in possession of a Nebula Artifact, even the Panther Head could only retreat back to her Master’s side. “Young Master, let’s leave!”

“Right now, it’s my turn to protect you.” Shu Jing stared at the overwhelming Silk Serpent with abnormally calm eyes.

Xun Tian Daoist smiled coldly: “Even though you are such a useless Star Master, you still dare to speak such arrogant words? Today this daoist will teach you the meaning of regret!” The daoist hurriedly mumbled his chant, causing the silk threads on his whisk to grow thicker and thicker. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear that was swallowed inside the whisk released a sharp bright light, seeming like it had been weakened by the silk threads.

Shu Jing’s eyebrows perked. His pace forward quickened.

Suddenly, his body disappeared, as if it was made from nothing but mist.

Xun Tian Daoist was shocked still in place.

What kind of movement technique is this??

Even though he couldn’t sense the activation of any movement technique, Shu Jing still disappeared right in front of his eyes.

Xun Tian Daoist quickly chanted inwardly.

At that exact moment, a chilling killing intent appeared from behind.

Not good!

Xun Tian was terrified. From the corner of his eye, he could see Shu Jing appearing from behind, in his hand a silver Artifact. Even though Xun Tian Daoist’s Thousand Threads Myriad Silk Binding Technique was extremely formidable, there was a crucial weakness when used in this cramped space. While the technique could push the enemy to their death from the front, it left his back completely defenseless.

Even a child could stab him to death from behind right now.

Of course, no matter what, Xun Tian Daoist was a Late Stage Stardust cultivator, so he would not fumble just because of such a move. Once he sensed Shu Jing’s strange appearance, the daoist quickly formed a seal with his left hand.

Shu Jing lifted up the Silver Blade in his right hand.


Dead on!

Silver light flashed by, heading directly for Xun Tian Daoist right between his eyes. Sounds of the bullet passing through his skull resounded.

The daoist’s jaws was stuck open, his eyes in disbelief about his own demise. It’s hard to criticise him, Liangshan Continent’s so-called Stardust Artifacts were the lowest of the low in power. This kind of weapon was usually carried by normal cultivators, and only occasionally would there be some sort of rare weapon that could increase their Star Qi, with some even capable of controlling the degree of their power.

These kind of weapons would look impressive, but facing a real Artifact they would be almost useless. For example, Lin Ying Mei’s personal Arctic Star Serpent Spear could easily cut these apart.

From the perspective of Xun Tian Daoist, Shu Jing’s Artifact was completely out of the ordinary. Only a loud sound was produced, then a silver light carrying Star Qi with it would shoot out. The speed of the silver light was abnormally fast. In a moment it was already in front of his eyes. This kind of speed, even Nebula Stage Artifacts would not be able to achieve it.

Xun Tian did not shame his title of being a Late Stage cultivator. Even after he was shot, he still refused to fall down. He screamed out, his limbs moved, waving the whisk up temporarily, shooting out silk threads.


As Xun Tian Daoist was retaliating, another bullet shot through his brain.

It was not possible to clearly detect the speed of such a weapon, and the silk whisk was completely incapable of stopping it.

“I, am, not… satisfied!”

Xun Tian Daoist screams out in tears, his eyeballs bulging. He died with his eyes wide opened.

The moment he died, the stream of energy connected to the silk whisk was terminated, and it promptly fell to the ground. The overwhelming pressure emitted by the Serpent dissipated as it retreated back inside the whisk, transforming into a seemingly normal object.

Shu Jing kissed Silver Blade lightly. He lowered his gun and went toward the daoist’s body.

Lin Ying Mei breathed out softly when she saw that. She picked up the Arctic Star Serpent Spear and also approached the body. Song Lu however remained stunned in place. She was not able to see what happened due to the silk threads blocking the view of whatever happened behind the daoist. There was only a strange loud sound, then the daoist had fallen.

Looking at Shu Jing the fear in her eyes disappeared in a flash. Her clear eyes flickered and a strange smile appeared on her face. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

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