A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 642 - About to Leave

Chapter 642: About to Leave

The deans of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy were each standing on their own element-activated creatures. They were heaving and seemed to be in disarray.

It was obvious that the fifty-five meter tall flame giant was beyond the reach of these element-activated creatures. Even though there were Level-3 Sorcerers coordinating their attacks, they still took in some casualties. One of the deans was even wounded and had fled from combat.

Further away, Arcane Sorcerers from all directions were circling endlessly. Their spells caused fiery ripples on the molten armor. They felt more like an itch to the flame giant.

Although considerable damage was done to the flame giant, compared to its previous body which stood at forty meters tall, the fifty-five meter tall flame giant’s True Elemental Body became stronger after consuming a large amount of abominable energy.

“Elemental binding!”

The incantations of the Great Sorcerer on top of the flying disc altar grew louder. A void shadow appearing behind was shrieking hysterically; its face filled with terror.

In an instant, elemental chains were formed around the flame giant. As they intertwined with each other, the chains became tighter as they were about to bind the flame giant.

Instinctively, the flame giant swung its sword. Bam! One of the chains was severed.

Even though the Great Sorcerer’s elemental binding spell that was amplified by the mysterious altar could not do much to Grimm’s True Elemental Body. A few fell swoops later, only three chains were left on the flame giant’s body.

There was a cannon barrel where Grimm once hid underneath the flying disc. The huge energy wave had finished charging up after as Grimm was being tied. In an explosive sound, a surge of energy wave was shot out. For the Arcane Sorcerers, the power of the energy waves was astounding.

Within the flame giant that was put into a temporary bind, Grimm smiled coldly beneath the Mask of Truth.

“Wild Instinct Level One!”

Instantly, dark coriums appeared around Grimm’s body. His normal human body was stretched to a height of two meters, exuding a sense of wild ruggedness. At the same time, the True Elemental Body of the Dark Devourer Infernal Spirit Giant underwent some transformation as well.

The black-gold flame became more apparent. Its fiery body too seemed to be more condensed. Even its broken molten armor was starting to regenerate.

The two protruding eyes of the flame giant that resembled a snail’s stared at the oncoming energy wave fearlessly as it impacted its body. The giant growled in a low moan.

As if it had determined that there was no reason to dodge the attack as it would not cause any lethal damage to itself, the flame giant spent all of its energy to escape from the elemental bind.


The cannon fire of the flying disc landed upon the flame giant’s chest. There was not too much of an impact. The flame giant took a couple of steps back, still determined to free itself from the bind, paying no heed to the fiery ripple that was churning on its chest.

“Tsk… as expected of a True Elemental Body, it’s too strong!”

The eye of the Sorcerer on top of the altar twitched.

The strength of the flaming giant was staggering. It had probably reached the status of a Level-3 creature. Only the strongest Level-3 Demon-Hunter Sorcerers within the deepest level of the Holy Towers in the Sorcerers World could defeat it.

Despite that, the Sorcerer on top of the altar did not give up. Once again, he stomped his feet on the altar and prepared for the next wave of attack.

The flame giant’s eyes appeared to be sarcastic, as if to mock the meaningless attacks of its opponent. The elemental chain had been stretched to its limits.


The flame giant let out an ear-piercing roar. Bam! The elemental chain disintegrated. The flame giant had finally broken free. It paid no attention to the Level-3 Sorcerers that were scurrying away. Instead, its eyes were ruthlessly set on the flying disc altar.

The huge infernal spirit sword swayed as if the flame giant was about to do something. Suddenly, within the True Elemental Body, Grimm’s expression changed underneath the Mask of Truth. It seemed that he was prepared for this. The large flaming giant leapt backward with uncanny agility.


A violet light column pierced down from the sky, hitting just where the flame giant had stood.

Amazingly, the bricks of the square were able to absorb them, forming a great energy loop. The violet ray did not cause any physical damage to the square.

The flame giant raised its head and looked at the great eye on top of the holy tower that stretched over a hundred meters.

Was this the last defense of the Sorcerer Tower?

When he fought alongside the Hydra Wrath Academy, he did not feel much about the Shadow of the Giant Hydra Element as he was on their side. Now, after his enemies had unleashed the final defense of the tower, Grimm could truly experience the terror of this last defense.

Indeed, unless he had the upper hand within the battle, he could only destroy the tower by way of attrition. If he were to launch a direct assault, the Shadow of the Giant Hydra Element would be similar to an immobile Stigmata Sorcerer supported by a Mana Pool!

Realizing that he stood no chance and that he had achieved his goal of completing his part as the concealment Sorcerer, it was time to retreat. He just had to maintain a certain level of threat until the Academy War was over.

As for the rewards?

Other than the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy that had to pay him an impressive sum, when the Academy War was over, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy would surely pay Grimm any amount he wanted to get back the Thousand-Eyed Lamp that was sealed by the Book of Truth!

Among them was something that Grimm had looked most forward to… the Strings of Time.

By actively incurring the cells to evolve using the Strings of Time, he would drastically reduce the amount of time he spent as a Level-2 Sorcerer and let his cells experience the perception of time which is closer to reality.


Another violet ray shot out from the hundred-meter eye. The flame giant could only focus all its attention to retreat. It was helpless against the Shadow of the Mana Pool and had no way of fighting back.

Astoundingly, the Sorcerers who had the aura of the Shadow Argus Academy’s Mana Pool were unaffected by the violet ray. Instead, the ray was like a purifying beam to them.

If that were the case…

The flame giant carried some of the Sorcerers by force and used them as shields. It rushed toward the magic interdiction boundary beyond the three rings. The Arcane Sorcerers and Academy Guardians that were once beyond the reach of Grimm could only cause damage to the flame giant instead of him.

Plop! The flame giant had exited the bubble-like dome of magic interdiction that covered the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower. They now had complete access to Little Myna’s spacetime teleportation.

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