Adolescent Adam

Volume 2, Afterword

Volume 2, Afterword

Hello. It can’t be helped, but since the story is set in summer, half of the sex scenes were in school swimsuits even though this is being released during the winter. This is Sakakikasa.

This is the second volume of Adolescent Adam, or Adolescent Adam 2: The One Who Attacks from Behind. Did you enjoy it? I finally introduced a villain-like enemy with Black Cat. Of course, based on what happened at the end, you can see she’s another heroine.

On that note, Black Cat sure is cute. When I first conveyed my image for the character, I knew I was asking for a lot and even wondered how they were going to draw that, so the finished design was a pleasant surprise. I may have drawn out Amagoi-sensei’s true abilities. I’m going to ask for a lot in the future too.

Now for the thanks. First, to my illustrator, Amagoi Yukino-sensei. Thank you again for the attractive illustrations. Also, to all of you who supported the first volume. I somehow managed to get a second volume out and I hope you keep supporting me.

Now, until we meet again in Volume 3.

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