Adolescent Adam

Volume 3, Chapter 4 - Fading Borderline

Volume 3, Chapter 4 – Fading Borderline

The closing ceremony for the school term was only a few days away.

They only had morning classes today so they could speak with their teacher about their plans for the future in the afternoon.

Ange was doing that now and Mutsuki was scheduled for three hours later, so he was killing time alone at school.

He had practiced volleyball a bit for the approaching game festival, but he had stopped before long because they had no chance against the teacher team.

Ange was meeting with their teacher, Machina seemed to be avoiding him today, and Lucia had said he was resting in the infirmary, so Mutsuki stopped by the library all alone.

(Illustrated Guide to the Old Testament. Is this it?)

Megutono Academy had an elementary, middle, and high school, so it had a large library.

It was a round domed building near the clock tower at the center of campus. The library filled up both the first and second stories.

It contained approximately eighty thousand books, which was quite a lot for a single academy.

The only real flaw was the lack of a dedicated studying room. That left most of the library’s seats filled with studying students, so there was nowhere to simply relax and read. Mutsuki had also not changed out of his PE uniform, so he was a little bothered by the attention he was gathering.

That was why he took the book up to the third floor. The third floor was a planetarium and was generally empty. The balcony there was a good and little-known spot for reading.

He sat on the sofa there and opened the book.

Genesis Chapter 1.

The Bible story of Adam and Eve was the first thing Mutsuki had thought of when he had heard the term Adam.

However, he did not know much about the Bible, so he was doing some research.

God created the first human from dirt. The first woman, Eve, was made from a part of his body the two of them had been the origin of mankind. That man’s name was Adam. It was apparently Hebrew for man.

He did not know about the original text, but Genesis did not fill up many pages in this book. That likely meant there was little requiring explanation. The contents were more or less what he had already known.

After being created by the god named Yahweh, Adam lived happily in paradise. When he wished for a wife, Eve was made from his rib. The two of them lived in paradise, but when a serpent tempted Eve, she broke god’s command and ate the forbidden fruit*1Adam did the same thing, so they had committed a taboo and taken on Original Sin*2. They were therefore expelled from paradise and sent into the world of man. Their children became the origin of all mankind*3 and that is why everyone is born bearing the Original Sin those two committed.

That much was often referenced in fantasy stories and video games, so even Mutsuki more or less knew it.

But the next page contained a “More Details” section that gave additional information on the asterisks.

*1. The fruit they ate is commonly known as the Fruit of Knowledge. It can be interpreted as the knowledge that creates a definitive division between man and animal, so eating it is what made mankind into mankind.

*2. Eating the Fruit of Knowledge is viewed as the act of threatening god. Paradise contained both the Fruit of Knowledge and the Fruit of Life, and it is said anyone who ate both would become an existence equal to god.

*3. The latest research has traced all human DNA back to a man and woman in southern Africa. There is currently no evidence that these “original humans” were created.

Mutsuki felt like he had heard the terms Fruit of Knowledge and Fruit of Life somewhere.


However, this was not enough to determine the connection between the Serpent’s Eye and Adam. He flipped through the book, but the following pages moved onto the next generation with Cain and Abel. He did not find any more information on Adam and Eve.

What connection was there between the original human and the Serpent’s Eye that ruled all women?

The only possibility was the being that had temped Eve and led Adam and Even to commit the original sin.

“The serpent.”

“The serpent mentioned there is a reference to the corruption that causes man to fall.”


“Vengeful, venomous, a greed so great it swallows all else. It really is the perfect word for ‘her’. I am impressed by mankind’s writing skill.”

Mutsuki nearly dropped the book when he suddenly heard a voice he somewhat disliked.

A man had appeared next to him without warning and he smoothly reached out to support the falling book.

The boy looked up as he thanked the man.

“Th-thanks. …Rapha-san.”

He looked away awkwardly, but the young man said “think nothing of it” and sat across from him.

“Genesis? Quite the studier, aren’t you?”

The way the young man looked at him with a bright smile made Mutsuki’s heart pound even though he was not doing anything wrong. He pushed the book aside.

“Um, uh, why are you here?”

“Don’t let me bother you. I had stopped by for some business and happened to spot you here. Is Ange not with you?”

“She’s in the classroom right now.”

“Is that so?”

The young man grinned and relaxed back in his chair.

He apparently did not intend to leave, but Mutsuki did not like being alone with him.

He had trouble with this young man.

Rapha was good looking enough for any woman to do a double take. Mutsuki was certain of that. He really was an attractive young man.

But Mutsuki had as much difficulty with him as the man’s smile was lovely.

He felt like the man was not smiling in his heart.

He was not showing his true thoughts. Or rather, he was hiding the contents of his heart with that unnecessarily pleasant smile.

He was of course Micha and Ange’s trusted colleague, so Mutsuki knew he was an ally. But that did not help much.

“Genesis, hm? Were you reading the story of Adam and Eve?”

Mutsuki had fallen silent, so Rapha began the conversation. He pulled the book over to himself and flipped through the pages Mutsuki had been looking at.

“A lot of people have been calling me Adam. I didn’t know what that meant, so I thought I would do some research.”

“I see. You seem interested.”

The boy uncertainly looked to the side, but Rapha seemed to have picked up on something. His smile remained, but his lips bent downward for just a moment.

“It probably would be hard to understand with the knowledge of the human world,” he said. “Do you know the conditions for a bearer of the Serpent’s Eye to appear?”

“Micha-san told me one is born every few hundred years.”

“Correct. Now, why would that formula exist within human DNA?”


(Come to think of it…)

Mutsuki hesitated because he had not once considered that during his two months worrying over all this.

Why did the Serpent’s Eye exist in the first place?

“The Serpent’s Eye is a sign placed inside Adam by the cunning serpent. It was made so ‘she’ would know immediately when he appeared. However, the possibilities for that array of chromosomes are nearly infinite. In the long history of mankind, some are born with something much like the Serpent’s Eye because their DNA just so happens to be much like Adam’s. It happens with a frequency of a few hundred years. Meaning…”

Rapha paused and swept his narrowed eyes across Mutsuki’s body.

“The Serpent’s Eye bearers over the past millennia are nothing more than those who happened to have DNA much like Adam’s. Every last one of them.”


Intentional or not, his explanation was somewhat indirect and Mutsuki’s understanding failed to keep up.

The young man continued regardless.

“You wanted to know what Adam is, correct?”

He set down the book and leaned forward.

“Just as this book says, Adam is the name of the one who bears Original Sin. He is also referred to as the source of that sin. He is the partner of Eve, the original woman. He is the perfect man.”

More than just lean forward, he brought his face in close. The boy found himself somehow unable to escape, so they looked each other in the eye from a distance of less than twenty centimeters.

“Sin inevitably brings punishment. Your existence is a clear sign from god that unavoidable punishment is coming to mankind. It is…”

Rapha reached out a hand and stroked Mutsuki’s cheek and chin. It was filled with kindness and affection, yet he also seemed to be searching for something. His hand moved from the boy’s ear to the nape of his neck.


He finally stroked the boy’s throat and shallow Adam’s apple.


Mutsuki’s broke free of his paralysis and scooted backwards.

Rapha’s thin smile remained to the end and he returned the book while standing up.

He pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from Mutsuki’s brow. It was a calm motion.

“I frightened you, didn’t I? Sorry about that. I will be leaving now.”

He brought the sweaty handkerchief to his mouth, narrowed his eyes in an unfathomable sticky look, and turned around.

He walked away.

Mutsuki’s heart pounded from an instinctual sense of danger, so he could not move for a while.


Just before Rapha moved out of view, he called after the young man.

“Wh-what was that about Eve and ‘her’?”

He summed up what he had heard and pursued his additional questions.

The young man looked back with a gentle expression.

“Eve is by your side and always watching you. You may yet choose her again, after all. As for ‘her’…”

But due to that smile of his…


It was obvious when he had trouble deciding what to say.

“You should probably be careful.”


“ ‘She’ seems to be doing oddly well today. Please be careful. As that book says, ‘she’ is very closely linked to corruption. ‘She’ will enter your heart through the smallest crack.”

With that said, he quickly descended the stairs.

Left alone, Mutsuki sighed at the fact that he had not answered any of his questions.

Mutsuki did not feel like staying in the library and Ange had yet to leave the classroom. He searched for Rapha in hopes of asking some more questions, but he could not find the man anywhere.

He decided to visit the infirmary next.

He had remembered Lucia was there. The demon boy may have already left, but he wanted to check on him since he had not seemed to be feeling well today. And…

“It’s just…that woman seems to be doing well.”

Mutsuki remembered Lucia saying something a lot like what Rapha had.

If they were referring to the same person, then who was it that was doing well? He might be able to get Lucia to tell him.

“Excuse me.”

He had not been in the infirmary for two weeks.

Doctor Shiromiya, the school doctor, was not there and it was deserted except for the one bed surrounded by curtains.


Was he the one using the bed? It might not be him and he might be asleep, so Mutsuki called out quietly and approached.

As soon as he did, he was hit by the same raw smell as the pool locker room on a sweltering day.


But what reached his ears drew his attention even more.

He heard the moans in a seductive boy’s soprano. It was Lucia’s voice.

Was he in pain? Worried, Mutsuki reached for the curtain.

“Lucia-kun? Are you awa-…eh?”


It was indeed Lucia inside. He was curled up in the dirty shorts of his PE uniform.

Mutsuki was dumbfounded.

Lucia’s face was sweaty and he was out of breath, but he did not seem to be sick. A sticky yellow-tinged milky liquid was spreading from between his legs.

“No…wait… Don’t look… Don’t…look…”

Lucia’s face crumbled tearfully when he saw the surprised boy.

However, that expression seemed more masochistic than sorrowful. He did not want to be seen like this, yet that sense of shame had the opposite effect.


A milky liquid sprayed from between his legs and splatted across the sheets.

As a fellow boy, Mutsuki immediately realized he had ejaculated.

Why? What was going on here? A number of questions entered his mind, but he approached out of worry.

There was enough of the sticky liquid to soak half the bed. The situation suggested it was semen, but there was way too much of it. He would have had an easier time believing Lucia had spilled a liter of yogurt.

Lucia was intoxicated by the ecstasy of ejaculation for a while, but he finally looked tearfully over.

“No… This isn’t…what you think.”

He curled up as if to shrink himself down.

“Th-that woman….is arousing me. I-it really affects…my b-boy side…”

“Hm? Um…anyway, what should I do? Tell the doctor?”

He did not understand what was going on, but something was definitely wrong with Lucia. He thought about at least rubbing his back, but…

“Run away.”

That caused him to miss the words Lucia barely got out.

Mutsuki’s eyes widened when the ground suddenly vanished from below his feet. His back slammed against something, but it took him a moment to realize he had been knocked back into the bed.


Lucia straddled the boy while breathing so deeply it sounded like a hissing cat.

The way he dug his sharp nails into the blanket and squared his shoulders really was animalistic. How long had it been since Mutsuki had feared this boy? He cowered back.

Lucia’s sweat-soaked blond hair scattered as he bent his head back.

Mutsuki caught a glimpse of fierce, bloodshot eyes he never would have imagined on Lucia.


The dark green irises glittered and released a horribly muddy ochre light. The front of Mutsuki’s PE uniform was instantly torn. The fabric seemed to have melted in a line from his chest to his pants.

“Heh heh. Eh heh heh heh heh. Ah ha ha ha ha. Mutsuki-kun, it’s Mutsuki-kun… You’re so warm.”

He lowered his waist with the drowsy look of a napping little girl.

They had been in an inappropriate relationship a few times before, but this was Mutsuki’s first time seeing “that”.

(He really has one.)

That was his first impression. He had known Lucia was a boy, but it still seemed strange to see one of those on that epitome of cuteness.

The extra object had marshmallow-like young testicles dangling down. The foreskin was closed, but his erection was intense enough to provide a slight glimpse of pink inside the narrowed tip.

Mutsuki’s was exposed and still flaccid, but Lucia began rubbing his hot and swollen one against it. The boy panted happily as he did so.

“I-I can’t resist any longer. Mutsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun’s…?”

Lucia lowered his entranced eyes and grabbed Mutsuki’s legs.

Mutsuki was not sure what this was for, so he did not know if he should be afraid or try to fight it. He was simply confused. However, he did start resisting once Lucia pulled at his legs.

“W-wait… What are you doing, Lucia-kun!?”

While lying on his back, he was flipped nearly on his head, so he panicked.

His own object dangled down above his face, so no position could have felt more humiliating.

But Lucia was not listening and brought his face to the balls that were now at the top of Mutsuki’s body.

“You smell so good… I love your smell, Mutsuki-kun. You smell downright delicious?”

A warm sensation directly targeted that embarrassing location.

“Fwa wa wa wa wa wa! Wait, um…”

A small tongue danced along just behind his balls. The warmth seemed to melt the central line of his body and it soon dripped down from the base of his thighs.

He had received blowjobs from a few people before, but this was the first time their tongue had been focused on this spot.

It was more ticklish than pleasurable. He trembled because it felt like getting goose bumps on the inside of his skin.

He did not feel much disgust since he had enjoyed a few bisexual experiences with Lucia already, but he was still confused by the sudden attack.


But he completely froze up at the stimulus from where the tongue moved next.

It was the anus that was still a little sore from Micha’s teasing the night before. A sensation even gentler than a woman’s finger traced across it.

Mutsuki’s mouth flapped wordlessly for a moment.

“So this is Mutsuki-kun’s flavor… Eh heh. Eh heh heh.”

Regardless, Lucia blinked his double eyelids that were damp with an obscene twinkle while joyfully sucking at the sepia-colored anus.

The sphincter seemed to melt from the massage. A wet sensation far more indecent than a finger filled this weak point, so Mutsuki’s face twisted tearfully.

(I-I can’t believe it. He’s licking at me…l-like I’m a girl…)

He recalled that he had teased Ibekusa Machina in this very bed and nearly brought her to tears. Was this how she had felt back then?

He could do nothing more than squeeze at the sheets.

Was it dirty? Was it all sweaty? Did it smell?

The demon boy ignored all those questions and continued his thorough service.

“Neh heh…meh heh. Ah ha. Your balls are twitching?”

Lucia’s sweetly resilient lips sucked at Mutsuki’s anal flesh and pressed in against the entrance. The tongue stuck deep inside and licked around as if trying to steal his internal organs.

“Ah…ah, ahhh.”

Mutsuki’s confusion and the ridiculous position he was being forced into were not about to arouse him, yet he started feeling the strange pleasure he had felt in his butt the night before.

(No… My asshole…feels weird.)

Unbelievably, the previously flaccid object began to grow before his eyes. He was so embarrassed he turned his head away. Lucia instead showed a smile through the gaps in his orange bangs.

“Ha ha…hahh…hahhh…hahh…hah hah hah…hahh….”

He lowered Mutsuki’s legs with an insane mixture of laughter and panting breaths.

Mutsuki’s thighs were placed on top of Lucia’s lap. Lucia brought his hips in between Mutsuki’s legs and Mutsuki instinctually sensed where this was going.

(He’s going to…violate me?)

The intensely erect object was pointed straight toward his butt and his anus was still spread open and warm from the intense kiss it had received.

A chill ran through his skin when a scorching heat parted his butt cheeks.

The situation had taken a sudden turn toward gay sex. He knew he had to resist, but for some reason, a bewitching pleasure stroked his chest. His mind was numbing over after all his confusion, and…

(It’s Lucia-kun…so I guess it’s fine.)

He relaxed his body.



It was not as thick as Micha’s two fingers the night before, but he still grimaced from the sharp pain of his inflexible anus spreading open.

“Ah, ah, it’s going inside. Nhah… Yes…yes…”

Lucia gave an insane smile and roughly moved his hips forward. He would occasionally make a small circular motion to relax the hole as it tried to squeeze shut.

“We can become one again…?”

Mutsuki suffered from a fair bit of pain, but the ample saliva acted as a lubricant for the flesh object digging in, foreskin and all.

(Ah… Ah, it’s going in.)

Lucia had focused his tickling tongue at the base of his penis below the balls before, and it still felt as hot as if it were on fire.

(This…might actually feel good…. Just opening the entrance is filling my stomach with warmth. …Ah, nh.)

Micha and Machina had both lost all strength when he started teasing them there, so was this how they had felt? It was an indescribable intoxication unlike that which came from his penis.

But that was as far as it got.


With only the head inside, Lucia reached his limit. His sucked-in stomach trembled violently and he sprayed a thick liquid across Mutsuki’s penis, thighs, and lower stomach.


Mutsuki quickly regained his calm and he raised his head.

His eyes met Lucia’s as the demon boy trembled in post-ejaculatory lethargy.


The situation had grown incredibly awkward, so the two of them took the time to fix their clothing. Lucia put his shorts on, but Mutsuki could only close the front of his PE uniform.

With something sticky dried all over the sheets and the smell of undiluted musk filling the air, they closed the curtain to be alone.

“I’m sorry.”

Lucia had been sniffling the whole time.

Mutsuki was not exactly angry. This demon boy had had his way with him a few times including having his lips stolen when they had first met, so this bout of roughness only felt like an extension of that.

However, he was a little angry with himself for going with the flow and accepting that.

Just because Lucia was special to him was no reason to do that with another boy.

But something else took precedence over anger.

“U-um, Lucia-kun?”

He sat down next to the boy. There was not much space with semen coating half the bed, so their thighs touched.

Lucia looked up. His eyes were tearfully swollen, which only made him look younger.

“What’s going on with you? You’ve been acting weird all day.”

He tried to stay as calm as possible and talk to him like normal.

Lucia hesitated for a moment, but the lack of accusation in Mutsuki’s tone seemed to actually make it worse for him.

“Today is…a day when my ‘male’ element grows stronger. So…”

He pressed his legs together a little. Mutsuki looked down and noticed the next pulsation growing inside his shorts despite how much he had already cum.

“B-but that’s all. It’s only made my lust stronger. I should have been able to calm myself by masturbating…but…but I…I did that to you.”

He hung his head again and sniffled.

Mutsuki scratched the end of his nose.

For some demonic reason, Lucia’s lust was excessively high and that had left him not feeling well. He had been dealing with it on his own, but Mutsuki’s appearance and caused him to lose control and attack. And now he was crying in self-disgust.

In other words…


He called to his curled-up friend and lifted the boy’s head.

He was cute even when crying, but a mischievous smile suited him best.


After a few deep breaths, he stole the boy’s lips.

Mutsuki was not used to being the one doing the kissing and his heart pounded from the guilt he would not have felt with a girl. The tension caused arousal to take root deep in his heart.

Lucia widened his teary eyes in surprise, but then they drooped in intoxication.

(Being cute really isn’t fair. For both girls and boys.)

Just seeing him made him want to love the boy. He forgot entirely about the boy’s sex and felt perfectly natural wrapping his arms around his slender body.

At the same time, the warning he had received quite recently vanished from the back of his mind.

“Please be careful.”


He reached his hand inside Lucia’s shorts.

“She will enter your heart through the smallest crack.”

“Ah…ah, nooo. Don’t stare like that.”

“Why not, Lucia-kun? Just looking at you is making you hard.”

The two of them entwined their tongues while Mutsuki had Lucia play with himself as he watched.

“N-no. I can’t.”

Lucia was embarrassed, but he could only obey Mutsuki when the other boy persistently sucked at his mouth. Lucia was on his knees with the front of his shorts opened. He grabbed the object sticking out, foreskin and all, and fiercely moved his hand up and down.

It was an extremely childlike penis with even the tip covered by the pink foreskin, but his masturbation technique was practiced and greedy.

With each stroke, a sticky sound came from the within the foreskin and the line from the base of his thighs to his waist seemed to convulse.

Mutsuki was watching someone else – and a fellow boy at that – masturbate. It was an immoral sight he would normally have never seen and it naturally stimulated his arousal.

(Lucia-kun looks like he’s really enjoying this.)

He understood how Micha had felt the night before.

Making his partner do it while he simply watched was surprisingly arousing. It seemed to stimulate his masculine aggression with a course paintbrush.

(This shouldn’t be a problem since it’s Lucia-kun.)

He made that excuse to himself as he reached for Lucia’s thighs.

“Neh? Mutsuki-kun?”

“Keep going. Oh, or do you not want this?’

“I-I do. I’m glad you’ll touch me. …Ahh, it tickles.”

His fingers crawled along the boy’s legs and a happy, indulgent, and yet obscene look came over the boy’s innocent features.

Mutsuki ran his fingers along the bottom of the shorts and Lucia’s hips fidgeted as he manipulated his penis.

He moved from the outside to the inside, rubbed the warmer base of the thighs, and then moved to the back.

“Nn… Eh heh heh. Now this is getting more adult?”

Lucia immediately caught on, so he stuck his butt out against Mutsuki’s hand. Mutsuki leaned forward and placed his cheek against the chest nameplate that said Satowa Lucia.

“Ah, ah, not so hard…ah.”

“But your ass is so soft.”

“No, nooo? Ahhhhn.”

His butt was less fleshy than a girl’s, but that made it less elastic, allowing Mutsuki to better feel the pure softness.

Mutsuki excused his sadistic desires in the name of helping the boy play with himself. He followed his arousal by digging his fingers into the boy like he was kneading dough. He pushed inwards and outwards and even pulled.

“C-c’mon…that’s a little rough.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I love it rough, so mess with my body even more.”

Lucia clung limply to Mutsuki and wrapped his arms around the back of Mutsuki’s head.

“And I’ve always dreamed of doing this…and having this done to me. I’ve always masturbated while dreaming of you violating me like this.”

His eyebrows bent into a look of longing.

“A-ahh… From the day I first met you…I’ve done it thinking about you…every single day… And…and…ah, ahhhhhh!”

Unable to complete his indecent confession, his spine arched back as if an electrical current were running through it. His hips began twitching up and down as if jumping up from the bed.

“Ahhhh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! My butt…my butt feels so good…that my sticky dick juices are cumming!”

White bullets shot out with tremendous force, leaving sticky threads behind them.


A smooth, deep pink fruit was visible inside the gathered wrinkles of the tip and the fluids spraying from there soaked Mutsuki’s throat, chin, and face.

“Pant…? Pant…?”

“Well, that was a surprise. …Wah, wah. That wasn’t very nice.”

The substance running in strings from his cheek to his chin dripped onto his mouth.

He accidentally inhaled the smell and he started choking from the raw sweetness that felt like it was rotting his lungs.

But when he looked up, he used his thumb to wipe it off before it got in his mouth.

“I’m going to have to punish you for that.”

He licked it off so Lucia could see.

Even the demon boy found the look on his face shockingly bewitching.

Lucia sat on and spread his legs with the front of his pants open.

His exposed penis was still standing tall after cumming so many times.

Now that he felt no disgust towards semen, Mutsuki felt no aversion toward that object. He wrapped his fingers around it, squeezed the soft foreskin, and massaged the contents.

“Nnahh, Mutsuki…-kunn. If you do that…I’ll…I’ll…”

“Go ahead and cum as much as you want. Give into the pleasure as many times as you want.”

He lowered his fingers toward the balls that were twitching as their contents grew more active. With no pubic hair to speak of, the sensation was passed directly to the testicles.

“Nyaaahhh. N-noooo! M-my balls… My balls?”

“They sure are hot. I don’t touch mine much, so I’d never noticed.”

“Nyaaahh. No, no! Don’t fondle them!”

As a fellow boy, he of course knew not to be too rough here. He squeezed at them enough to not hurt the contents.

He lifted them up from below and dug his fingers into the base the balls grew from.

“Fgh…hhhh… I-if you tease me there…my cum…my cum! It’s going to be so thick. So thick it hurts coming out!”

Lucia grew teary-eyed from a combination of fear and masochistic ecstasy, but that only filled Mutsuki with sadistic pleasure as he moved his entire hand.

He knew what to do here after being teased by Micha so often.

He toyed with the testicles using just enough force to lift them up and he moved his fingertips along. He moved them further back while tickling at Lucia.

This technique had brought him to climax quite suddenly when it had been used on him.


Lucia reacted quite sensitively. Some fear remained on his face, but ecstasy could be seen in the wiggling hips that caused his erect shaft to shake back and forth.

“Ahhhhh! So hard. You’re fondling my balls so hard. If you do that…ahhhh. I won’t be able stop cumming. I’ll shoot out every last drop!”

Lucia sobbed and spread his legs so far that his calves tensed up.

He was pressing his balls against Mutsuki’s palm while also guiding Mutsuki’s fingers further back.

This was of course Mutsuki’s first time caressing another boy like this, but he felt no disgust. In fact, he laughed cruelly with a desire to make Lucia moan even more.

“You like it here too, don’t you?”


He traced his middle finger along the base of the soft cliffs that formed a valley. The overwhelming sense of expectation was enough for Lucia to cry out in joy.

“Ah ha ha. That’s right. Everyone loves it here.”

With a bitter laugh, the boy did as the demon was hoping.

He had been pathetically brought to climax when Micha fingered him there the night before. He perfectly remembered the pleasurable way she had used her fingers.

Lucia was sitting on his legs, so his heels were digging into his butt, making the deeper hole easier to reach. Mutsuki brought his middle and index fingers there and traced them along it while only just barely touching him.

But he made sure to avoid the hottest indentation.

“Nn, nnnhh, hhh, khhn… C-c’mon, touch it…”

Mutsuki was targeting that unbelievably sensitive area, but the stimulation never reached the most crucial spot. The pleasurable yet teasing sensation caused Lucia to seductively wiggle his hips.

The demon boy looked more adorable than any girl and the hot hole right next to Mutsuki’s fingertips was longingly pulsating, so the corners of Mutsuki’s mouth twisted upwards.

He then realized another area had swollen even larger than before.

“Ha ha. I haven’t even touched your asshole yet and your dick is already rock hard.”

Mostly just to tease the boy, Mutsuki used his other hand to grab the tip of the small stake that was swaying back and forth like a metronome.

It was only the size of a child’s, but it almost seemed to burn Mutsuki’s hand after the increased blood flow from having his rear flesh teased.

A single touch made it twitch intensely like a living creature all its own. It acted like the contents were squeezed painfully inside.

“I’ll give you some relief?”

“Eh!? N-nooo. Not…not the foreskin…not inside the foreskiiiinnn!”

“No complaining. This is supposed to be your punishment, remember?”

That flesh had likely never before been exposed to the outside air. Lucia grew much more obedient and quickly began squeezing his body.

But that apparent displeasure only tickled at Mutsuki’s sadism. He formed a ring with his fingers, pinched at the foreskin, and slowly pressed down.

“Ah…ahhh… No, not the foreskin. Not the foreskin…”

Lucia must have been afraid because the film of tears around his wide eyes was wavering.

Mutsuki lowered his hand regardless.

He had learned in health class that forcibly peeling back the foreskin was dangerous for someone with true phimosis, but that did not seem to be an issue here. The hard contents pressed up against the wrinkled tip and it readily spread open.

All the semen helped it slip down and the deep pink fruit inside gradually revealed itself.

Mutsuki gradually gathered more and more strength.

At the same time, the fingers around back approached the anus that was wet with anal fluids.

“Ahh…no? My dick…my dick… I’m cumming. My ass is…making my dick cum… It feels so good?”

Lucia gave a look of deep intoxication at the anticipation from that small hole.

But that extreme sweetness coincided with the fear of having his flower bud exposed for the very first time. Was he supposed to feel pleasure or fear? At the edge of his limit, he could only lose himself in the masochistic pleasure as those two hands ruled the entirety of his body.

Mutsuki observed every last change in his expression.

“You’re so cute, Lucia-kun.”

As a final consolation, he brought his lips to the demon boy’s.

Lucia was lost in a world of perversion, but his surprise brought his unfocused eyes back toward Mutsuki.


First, he felt a melting sensation of obscene pleasure in his strained nerves. The fingertip probing through his soft butt had arrived at the sticky hole.

That flesh swamp sank down and pecked at the visiting finger.

“Ahh…ahhhhhh. Ah? Ah? My butt…my butt. Nyaaah. It’s spreading from my asshole to the rest of my body. The pleasure is spreading to my dick?”

The pleasure rebounded in his tensed sphincter and the depths of his anus.

His sperm tank had been full to the brim all day and now he felt pressure on it from the back. He was unable to control himself as the desire to ejaculate was forcibly drawn out of him.

“Hyaaah! From my ass to my dick…to my diiiiiiick! Ah…!?”

His hips hopped up.

The head was already about halfway exposed, so when it shifted up, it left the foreskin behind in Mutsuki’s hand.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??? It’s out! The tip is out! The foreskin was…was peeled back! Ah, ah, ah…”

That flesh was so fresh and hot that it seemed steam would rise from it as the air touched it for the first time.

The surprise nearly held back the pulse of ejaculation, but the way his anus squeezed at the finger only sent more sperm toward the tingling and throbbing head.

Lucia bent his body forward. He took on a dog-like pose while rubbing his butt against Mutsuki’s finger. And then…


Who could say how many times this was, but the milky liquid surged out with the force and quantity of a dog urinating.

Now that the foreskin was peeled back, it caught on the bottom of the head and did not move back up. With nothing in the way, the tip’s opening swelled out and plastered its fluids on the sheets.

“Wow. Look at all that cum.”

“Ahhhhh. No, nooo! It’s your fault, Mutsuki-kuuuuun? My dick…my ass…and my balls feel so good. I can’t stop cumminnnnngggg??”

The pleasure was entirely different when someone else was drawing it out, so Lucia’s eyes even rolled back in his head.

After about twenty seconds of ejaculation, he finally went limp.

He curled up like a turtle, but the sensitive tip must have touched the sheet because he quickly raised just his butt.

The extreme pleasure continued for a while after that, so he breathed heavily through his nose for about a minute afterwards.

“H-hey, Mutsuki-kun… More? Punish me more…?”

He was still coping with the ecstasy, yet the next wave was apparently already beginning. His shorts dug into his white butt as he stuck it out toward his ruler.

The masochistic enticement worked up Mutsuki’s sadistic side more than anything else, so his eyes began glittering.

“Fine. But from here on…”

He roughly grabbed at the lovely sensation of the demon boy’s butt, gathered the surrounding flesh, and massaged the sensitive opening at the center.

“This is a reward, not punishment.”


“Ah…hnnnaahhhh? My butt…y-you’re widening…my butt.”

“The hole is so soft. I can spread it open so easily.”

Lucia’s shorts were pulled down to the base of his thighs, revealing his thin hips. Mutsuki shoved two fingers inside as Micha had done to him the night before.

The light brown anus was made of modest wrinkles like normal, but the more Mutsuki teased it, the more the surrounding area rose up in a ring shape.

That sexual flower bud seemed to invite in all who saw it and it robbed Mutsuki of all rational thought. The fact that this was a boy no longer felt like a restriction, so he rubbed and relaxed that small and melting opening from within and without.

“Hiiin? I-it’s opening up. My…my butt…my asshole is opening up? So…so much??”

Lucia rubbed his face against the sheets, lifted only his hips up from the bed, and sobbed in obscene pleasure.

The two fingers inside spread to either side.

The sphincter sucked sensitively in around them, but it was quite flexible and the pink walls could be seen inside.

“Wow. Can you feel a draft inside you, Lucia-kun?”

“Y-yes. I can…? My ass…my ass is wide open?”

The pleasure of having his anus opened and the shame of having his insides on display both aroused his masochistic side. He could no longer think straight and his voice was growing hoarse.

His anus alone grew more active. After the hole was widened much as possible, it would try to return to normal, but Mutsuki had his fingers inside.

Sometimes the flesh inside would press together between his two fingers. All that accomplished was forcing the air out in an embarrassing noise.

“Hey, um, Mutsuki-kun… What do you think of my butt?”

“It’s cute. And really lewd. When I open it up, the area around it swells out. Also some frothy juices are leaking out. …The sexual smell is reaching me even here.”

“Noooo? You didn’t have to be that specific???”

The embarrassment and the sense of being dominated by Fujita Mutsuki mixed together, so the intoxicated demon boy rubbed his face against the sheets.

Seeing that adorable face melting like that seemed oddly arousing to Mutsuki, so he began intensely wiggling his fingertips around inside.

“Eyahhh? No…no. I’m going to break? My ass is going to break?”

“Just relax. With the way it’s sucking at my fingers, you’ll be feeling too good to think about anything but your anus before long.”

Mutsuki rubbed the sphincter with a high-speed piston movement and used his bent second joint to tap at the tailbone.

This inevitably caused his fingertip to poke at the internal wall on the penis side.

“This spot right by the entrance is great, isn’t it? You can feel the rubbing reaching into your penis, can’t you?”

“Hyah? Hyahh? Amazing… I’m going to die. I’m going to die it feels so good?”

Messing with his excretory organ so much was causing his stomach to rumble. His sweaty butt bounced up and down in a sea of pleasure so great he nearly lost consciousness.

He squeezed the sheets and cried out while releasing equal amounts of tears and drool.

Mutsuki noticed the pleasure was about to turn into suffering, so…

“No, no. You can’t end this yet. I can make you feel even better. Yes…”

Mutsuki gave a smile very unlike his normal self.

“It’s my duty to guide all living creatures to joy.”


Something Lucia sensed nearly brought him back to his senses, but then…


Mutsuki’s fingertip gently reached a certain spot and a flash of light filled Lucia’s mind.

Lucia’s internal flesh wrapped around Mutsuki’s fingers like a slime, but he still accurately found that spot.

He lightly poked at it as if sweeping with a broom.

The amount of pleasure was off the charts, so Lucia’s back arched in what nearly amounted to a spasm.

Mutsuki at least did not know the word prostate. Nor did he know that was a dangerous spot directly linked to ejaculation.

“Heh heh. Looks like your dick is feeling good.”


Mutsuki reached for the penis that had sprang back to life from the shock and he grabbed the tip that was still freed from the foreskin.


It was more painful than pleasurable. Mutsuki roughly stroked the sensitive head and the sticky white liquid was fired downward as if from a conditioned reflex.

Rather than ejaculating, it felt like the semen was pushed out. Only afterwards did pleasure race through the base of the penis and the urethra, leaving Lucia flapping his mouth wordlessly.

But this time Mutsuki did not let him off so easy.

“C’mon, you need to cum more than that. Your body is telling me you want to cum some more.”

Mutsuki stared at the anal nectar glistening on the back of his hand and reached out his other hand.

He squeezed the reddish head and placed his index finger on the tip that was still ejaculating.

“Ngh? Ngheeeeeee? No, st-stop? Don’t…don’t touch my dick. It’s so sensitiiiiive?”

Mutsuki grabbed the sensitive flesh, rubbed it, and massaged the urethral entrance, so Lucia’s eyes widened from the intense shock.

Normally, he would only have felt pain. The stimulation of the massage drew more fluids from his testicles even in the middle of ejaculating. It continued without end like milk.

“Why should I stop when it’s making you feel so good?”

Mutsuki gave a cruelly bewitching smile and placed the boy’s leg on his shoulder to milk him more easily.

Lucia was positioned like a urinating dog and Mutsuki mercilessly stroked the demon boy’s penis.

“Heeeeeeee! I’m…I’m gonna die. I’m cumming…too much?”

Without even noticing his embarrassing position, the boy writhed in the agony of consecutive ejaculations that scorched his mind red.

A boy’s orgasm was only meant to last a few seconds. He had experienced one for about two dozen seconds before, but this one had no end.

Mutsuki laughed and spread the boy’s anus once more. This time, he added his ring finger for a total of three fingers. The swollen flesh hole sank in like a crater and pleaded that it was at its limit.

“Well, Lucia-kun? It feels good, doesn’t it? You can’t survive without me, can you?”


“Say it. Say you can’t live without me. Say you love me.”

“I-I love you…Ahhhh, I…I…I belong to you. I’ll be your slave…your lover…or whatever you want me to beeeee!”

An index finger poked at his urethra while his anus was spread to the limit.

It felt like having a hole straight through his crotch. A mixture of pain, itchiness, and pleasure pulsed from the base of his penis to his butt.

“I-I…heeeeeeee? Yes, yes? I-I-I’m going…going crazy? Amazing…amazing? Nyaaaaahhh????”

He had already soaked half the sheets, but he released even more this time.

A human’s heart would likely have stopped long ago, but Lucia simply sobbed in the never-ending tempest of pleasure. Even then, the hand rubbing the head of his penis did not let up and the torrent seemingly spewing from his anus and through his urethra continued.

“Oh…? Oh…? Oh…?”

His brain was finally losing its oxygen supply and his mind was switching off.

“Mutsuki…-kuuuuuuuuuuun? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??????”

An extra-large burst of fluids spewed out with enough force to widen his urethra.

His eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed to the bed.

He must have experienced a full-body orgasm because the flesh above the urethra was convulsing as if from an electric current and his cute flat butt was bouncing at the same tempo.

“Heh heh…”

Soaked in pleasure, he seemed to be savoring the ecstasy in a dream. Mutsuki looked down at him with his eyes bent in satisfaction.

Anyone who was watching would have noticed that expression was much like Lucia’s normal expression.

However, it was far more bewitching, fearless, and wickedly devilish than Lucia’s.

What am I doing?

Mutsuki suddenly realized he was sitting on the bed with Lucia straddling him on all fours in an irregular sixty-nine position.

The repeated ejaculations had shorted out Lucia’s mind. With a look of blank happiness, he held Mutsuki’s erection in his mouth and was wrapping his wriggling tongue around it.

Mutsuki did not hesitate to bring his mouth to the butt in front of his eyes.

He had fingered it so much it easily opened up and he brought his tongue to the dark red wrinkles that had sunken in. He licked around until it only tasted of sweat and stuck his tongue in as deeply as he could.

(What a lewd ass. The flesh inside is sucking at my tongue. …Ah…ah ha ha. He just slapped me with his ass.)

The passionate caress was enough for Lucia to subconsciously wiggle his slender hips and rub his butt against Mutsuki’s face.

“Ahahn? Wow, your tongue is so gentle… My anus is never going to close up again?”

For a change of pace from the intense pleasure that felt like a drill to his testicles, this skillful tongue technique caused him to sob like a baby with drool around his mouth.


Mutsuki had managed to calm down, so he realized he had gone too far. He knew he had to stop, but…

(What a cute ass? Maybe just one more time.)

He placed his lips on the sphincter that tightened from the heat.

“Ahaaahhhhn. D-don’t suck on it.”

Instead of forcing it open, he urged it to open on its own. The soft pleasure was the complete opposite from before and the boy let out sweet cries.

The milky liquid sprayed out weakly this time and it was quite thin.


Mutsuki’s trigger was pulled at the same time.

Rather than reaching his limit, it felt like he had timed it. Lucia’s intense blowjob technique usually milked him in no time at all, but today he felt like he had held back until Lucia’s pleasure came too.

“Ha ha?”

The semen of that beloved boy rained down on Lucia’s face like it had a mind of its own. Lucia’s expression was dyed with a different sort of pleasure from the previous climax.

“You really are the one.”

That final blow of happiness captured his body and mind in the bonds of happiness.

I may have been subconsciously, but Fujita Mutsuki had used his power.


For a while afterwards, the two of them soaked in the lethargy of their simultaneous orgasms.

Lucia lovingly cleaned up Mutsuki’s shrinking item with his tongue. Mutsuki came back to his senses first, so he tilted his head and sat up.

He wiped off both their bodies and changed the bedsheets.

After most of that was done, Lucia came back to his senses as well. He sat in a daze for a while, but then he faced Mutsuki with a troubled frown.

“Were you okay?” asked Mutsuki “I don’t really remember what happened for most of that.”

“I’m fine. It felt good and that’s all that matters. But…”

An awkward silence fell as Lucia thought for a moment.

“I really shouldn’t have gone near you today.”


Lucia beckoned him over.

“Be released, seal. I grant you five seconds of freedom.”

“Eh? …Wah!”

A familiar itchiness filled Mutsuki’s right eye and the eye grew dully black like polished obsidian.

His Serpent’s Eye power to rule all women had activated.

It would force any woman into a state of arousal at a glance. Having it opened at school would cause a panic, but…


He faced the boy to have it closed, but what he saw was so shocking that he forgot all about his concern.

Something was off about Lucia’s body. The familiar milky color of his skin was rapidly changing and growing brown.

And more importantly, his chest was…swelling out. His shoulders grew a little more slender. His face did not change, but the lines of his cheeks grew a little plumper.

His penis was sucked into his body.

His balls were also drawn in, attached to his crotch, and finally became a mound of flesh with a vertical line running down it.

“Eh? Eh? A girl’s…ahh!”

Then the five seconds passed. Mutsuki’s right eye itched again and he reflexively closed both eyes.

When he opened them again, he saw the normal Lucia in front of him. He saw white skin, a cute but boyish face, a completely flat chest, and the penis he had toyed with so much earlier.

“Heh heh? I can counteract her power with your Serpent’s Eye. Sorry. I knew I could do that this whole time, but masturbating felt so good.”

Lucia winked at the dumbfounded boy and hopped energetically down from the bed. He readily put on the PE uniform despite the yellowish fluids staining it and he made his way toward the exit.

“I’ll get you a change of clothes.”


He left before Mutsuki could ask anything.

Almost like he wanted to get away from Mutsuki.

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