Adolescent Adam

Volume 4, Chapter 2 - Unending Rain

Volume 4, Chapter 2 – Unending Rain

It was the end of the term, so the afternoon classes were shortened. By two, it was already time to leave.

“Fujita, do you have a moment?”

“What is it?”

Just as he was about to leave, his homeroom teacher called out to him.

Both Mutsuki and Ange turned around as they were leaving together. When she realized who it was, the look in Ange’s eyes sharpened.

They both knew their homeroom teacher Katsue Subaru was actually Schwarze Katze, an agent of FeTUS which was opposed to the angels like Ange. It was only natural for her to grow tense.

Schwarze responded to the blatant hostility with a look of pure belligerence, but…

“There was simply a problem with your future plans form.”

She shook her head to show she had no intention of fighting today.

Mutsuki trusted her and said “understood”, so Ange reluctantly ended her hostile glare.


“I’m going on ahead.”


She stomped off.

Mutsuki and Schwarze both watched in shock as she left.

The issue really was nothing much. He had failed to fill out part of the form based on their previous meeting about his future plans. Once they reached the counseling room, they were done in only ten seconds.

After that, their focus naturally turned to their previous surprise.

“I’m shocked Jiyuuni would leave you behind like that. Did you get into a fight?”

“No. Or rather, she always goes back with me even if we do.”

Ange had gone back home on her own.

A bitter look came over both of them as they sat across the desk from each other.

Fujita Mutsuki possessed the Serpent’s Eye and Ange had been sent as his bodyguard. She had always been with him for the two months since she had appeared.

She had stayed by his side day in and day out, even when they got into fights and no matter how awkward it was.

And today she knew a member of an organization after the Serpent’s Eye had contacted him, yet she left him behind.

She almost seemed to have abandoned her duties as bodyguard.

“Ange has been acting weird lately. She zones out a lot and sometimes looks really lonely.”

“Hm. …Maybe there’s something to this.”

Schwarze was mostly just confused that she had suddenly been handed the perfect opportunity to abduct him.

“Jiyuuni is a lot like me. She finds purpose in the duties given to her and pours her entire life into that. I find it hard to believe she would abandon those duties like this.”

“I know.”

Mutsuki felt “her entire life” was going a bit far, but he knew better than anyone how diligent she was after being protected by her for the past two months.

The teacher spoke to her confused student.

“Then again, it is possible she found something else to live for, like I did.”

Her tone dropped and she gave him a damp look.

These were not the eyes of a teacher. They were the eyes of a woman and they sent his heart racing.

“We’re all alone nyow?”

After making sure no one else was watching, she hopped onto the desk with inhuman speed.

As her eyes moved right in front of him, the slightly unnatural coloration of the irises revealed them to be contact lenses.

“Ah, wait… Sensei, stop.”

“Stop? But you haven’t shown me any love since that time. Are you the type that doesn’t feed his pet kitty?”

She licked his mouth.

Mutsuki could act confidently when it came to Black Cat, but he was hopelessly weak when it came to Katsue-sensei. The obedient student simply let his teacher suck at his lips.

Ange leaving had not been completely irresponsible.

She already knew Schwarze would not abduct Mutsuki or do anything else he would not like.

She had attempted to abduct him before, but when she failed, he had fucked her for a full night. She now adored him to the point of abandoning the duty she had previously seen as her meaning in life. Even if she did abduct him, she would likely return him if he so much as kissed her.

“S-something else to live for? But Ange doesn’t have any hobbies outside of fighting.”

Mutsuki smiled bitterly as he freed his lips.

Schwarze was entirely intoxicated now and she shrugged in displeasure.

“It doesn’t have to be a hobby. Maybe it’s a guy.”

“A guy? But there aren’t any guys around her…”

The boy gasped at his own words.

He could think of one man near her: Rapha.

She viewed that angel like an older brother and Mutsuki did not like being around him.


An unpleasant feeling squeezed at his chest and he could find nothing more to say.

With their business complete, he bowed and left the counseling room.

He made his way to the main entrance and found that Ange really had left. She was nowhere to be seen and her shoes were gone. He had been hoping she was waiting for him, so he sighed.

The faces of Ange and Rapha spiraled around and around in his mind.

(It doesn’t matter to me if she likes Rapha-san.)

He shook his head.

Machina, Micha, Schwarze, and even Lucia.

Whether angel, FeTUS, or demon, he had a variety of relationships with people who had reason to target him and he had even slept with them, but he had no such experience with Ange (as far as he remembered).

So in his mind, they were only friends. There should not have been any problem if she had feelings for someone else.

But even that reasoning failed to suppress the feelings roiling in his chest.

“I need to get home.”

He sighed again and changed into his outdoor shoes.



He filled with a different sort of anger when he looked to the umbrella stand.

An unfamiliar umbrella with a broken frame was sitting in his spot.

“Oh, honestly.”

He could have used his cellphone to call for someone to get him, but he could not bear to do that when it might be Ange who came.

He gave up on the stolen umbrella issue and decided to run home.

He realized it must have been the night that the typhoon was supposed to arrive. The rain and wind were so strong he thought he would be blown away.

He began cursing the school’s location atop a hill as he held his bag over his head and ran down the slope while making sure not to slip.

The waterproof bag worked as an umbrella, but it was almost meaningless in this heavy rain and he was quickly soaked from head to toe.

“Ha ha…”

He gave up on avoiding the rain and stopped running.

That was when he remembered that rain and heartbreak always went together in old dramas and manga. It always started raining right when the protagonist’s heart was broken.

He felt like he was in one of those scenes.


He realized the feelings in his heart concerning Ange and Rapha were an awful lot like what they called heartbreak.


He heard a voice so quiet the rain almost drowned it out. He blinked his eyes to get the water out of them and turned toward the voice.

He saw Machina looking puzzled with an umbrella in hand.

“Are you sure this is where you want to go?”

“Yeah. Thanks, Ibekusa-san.”

He was soaking wet, but he had moved under her umbrella until finding a place to get out the rain.

It was a run-down little house that Mutsuki and his roommates had used as a hideout before. They had since moved back to the apartment, but the gas and water were still on and the roof did not leak.

“Ah ha ha. Thanks for taking me here. You got pretty wet too, didn’t you?”

He had spent a few days here, so he stepped inside like it was home.

Even after moving, the bare minimum like towels was still there. He grabbed two, kept one for himself, and handed the other to Machina.

She had stepped into the living room too and she took the towel, but she used it to help dry off Mutsuki who had gotten far wetter than her.

He smiled bitterly as the girl patted at his neck and upper arms.

Sharing an umbrella on the way here had made him blush, so he was glad the stuffy warmth after being so wet gave him an excuse for his red face.


A sudden thought occurred to him, so he searched through his breast pocket.

The handkerchief, home key, and cellphone inside were all a little wet, but that did not really matter.

It was when he pulled out his student handbook that he frowned.

The rainwater had soaked the inside, including the photo booth stickers on the inside of the waterproof cover.

“Ahh, now I’ve done it.”

He sighed.

He was not the type to throw out any photos he had taken, so he still had all of the ones he had taken with friends since elementary school. When they came out especially well or were with an especially good friend, he would carry it around inside his student handbook.

The ones with his sisters and with Sakae or his other friends since elementary school were starting to come off.

As was the one with Ange.

In it, he looked nervous and her eyes were sparkling at getting her first picture taken.

Most anyone who saw it would assume they were a couple.

Mutsuki frowned.

“Did something happen with Jiyuuni-san?”

Machina peered at the handbook while holding both soaked towels.

“N-no. Nothing happened.”

He tried to get by with a bitter smile, but he was clearly shaken by the photo with Ange. Machina also would have noticed that his bodyguard was unnaturally absent today.

His smile froze over before he could say anything else.


Machina frowned as she looked at the boy and girl smiling on the photo.

The rain grew even stronger and sounded so loud Mutsuki thought the raindrops would break the window.

This drove the two of them even quieter. Mutsuki fell silent and Machina was her usual silent self. The silence was far more unpleasant than the rain was loud.

Machina was the first to move.


She lifted his head and stole his lips.

The poorly ventilated living room was horribly stuffy and filled the scent of damp tatami mats.

The two intertwined bodies only increased the humidity. Seemingly driven onward by the unpleasant heat, the young boy and girl pressed their lips, skin, and entire bodies together.

They were both soaked with sweat and what remained of the rain, so they had difficulty removing their clothes. Before removing their necktie or ribbon, Mutsuki pulled out his fully erect item. He slid her striped panties aside and lowered his hips.

Lips sought lips and penis sought vagina. It was incredibly selfish sex. It could hardly be called “making love”. It was sexual intercourse void of all enjoyment or happiness.

That said, it was not a pointless endeavor. Machina’s body was the ideal. Her breasts were too large to fit in his hands and her waist was notably slender below them. Her body tickled at his male desires whenever he saw it.

Some slight sweat seeped from her fine skin. The unique sweet and sour scent of a girl rose from her and the boy naturally lost himself in the intercourse.


Finally, he indulged in the kind pleasure by releasing his magma inside her magnificent tightness. The flow was weak, but he still pumped a large quantity of sticky fluid inside of her.


The boy trembled as the pleasure of ejaculation slowly spread through his body.

A somewhat dark feeling had led to this sex, but his body was honest. Once he released what needed releasing, he felt emotionally refreshed. The two of them kissed while lying in the missionary position.

“Sorry, Ibekusa-san.”

She had offered her body to him when he was feeling down. He felt a mixture of gratefulness and guilt, so he could not look her in the eye.

Half to distract her and half to indulge in her, he embraced her warm and nice-smelling body.

She said nothing and simply accepted him while rubbing his head.


The awful feelings in his heart were clearing up.

He had confirmed once more that Ibekusa Machina loved him.

He had been interested in her since spring. At the time, he had simply thought of her as a vaguely mysterious person, but that had changed to definite love.

He was relieved and he had reconfirmed even his own feelings, but a different worry welled up inside him.

He loved her and she would comfort him so kindly, and yet his thoughts were still focused on Ange.

He hated himself for that.

“Sorry,” he repeated quietly. “Sorry.”

That was all he could say. No other words would leave his mouth.

As the boy made sure not to let her see his face even though they were close enough to rub their cheeks together, the girl remained as expressionless as always.

She never let any expression show.

“Please don’t apologize.”

She simply rubbed his head.

“This is what I want. I am doing this because I want to.”

Even if he could not read her emotions, Mutsuki alone could tell whether she meant that or was simply comforting him.

And the fact that she really meant it made it all the more painful.

“But that’s not why I’m doing it. I just wanted someone to comfort me.”

He felt pathetic even as he said it, but he forced out the words as if confessing his sins.

“I just wanted someone to comfort me because I was in pain. I used you like you were a tool.”

“That’s fine,” calmly replied the girl. “If that is what you need, I am fine being a tool.”


Mutsuki looked up with a slight dampness in his eyes.

“I have always existed for your sake. So…”

She closed her eyes.

“I am fine being a tool. No, I want to be a tool.”

This girl had few expressions and had trouble speaking, so she expressed her emotions in the best way she knew how.

She begged him to kiss her.

“As long as you are the one that owns me.”


He did as she asked.

She had said it before, but he still did not know what she meant when she said she existed for his sake.

The rain showed no sign of letting up.

The two of them gave into that fact by forgetting about the time and trying out a variety of positions.

They moved from missionary to facing each other in a sitting position so they could kiss more easily. Then they changed to the cowgirl position. The tatami mats had soaked up their sweat, so faint human outlines could be seen there.

After they finished the third time, Machina’s strength gave out and they shifted to doggy style so he could do all the work.

Mutsuki rubbed all over her slender body while stickily rubbing their connected lower bodies together.

“Nn. Have your tits gotten bigger again, Ibekusa-san?”

“Kh… Only because you grope them so much.”

“Heh heh. I can’t help it. I like them way too much.”

He scooped up the weighty mounds from behind.

More than just being large, her bust accentuated her slender waist and was one of the leading factors behind her intense sex appeal. She was on all fours, so gravity pulled them down and even the smallest movement caused them to bounce around quite dynamically and seductively.

This was a huge gap from her usual self that drew so little attention to herself that she seemed invisible. Any boy would have lost himself in her body.

“…Ah, hh, hh.”

His erection had grown a little soft after cumming thrice, but it grew as hard as steel again once he felt the softness of her breasts.

She grabbed at the tatami mats with both hands and her slender yet curvy body writhed boldly around. Her nectar-soaked sexual flesh also squeezed in on him.

“And they’ve gotten really sensitive.”

He persistently teased her while toying with the lovely pink nipples.

“N-negative. The nerve coefficient has not changed…I think.”

She sullenly bit her lower lip.

However, her heated face quickly melted. With each rhythmical stroke of the penis, she could not help but lift her butt. Her protests lost to the sensation and she stuttered a little.

“Heh heh. Sorry, sorry.”

He pinched and tugged on the erect nipples, stretching her entire bust into a cone shape.

“It’s true it hasn’t changed. You were always really sensitive.”

“Th-that isn’t what I-…ah.”

He let go of her breasts and reached for a different pair of mounds.

“Your butt is really sensitive too, isn’t it?”

“N-no. That’s…too indecent…nnkh.”

Her butt had less flesh than her breasts, but his fingers still sank into it. He used the sweat and rainwater like lotion and roughly rubbed at her flesh.

She shook her slender shoulders and squirmed.

That proved her sensual mood had risen another level. Her lovely spine trembled as if from a chill and it arched backwards.


Her intellectual face melted and she let him do as he wished.

Her slender spine bent, her short and curly hair shook out of place, and all strength left her.


Since she could not see him, he let himself put on a mischievous smile.

He moved both his thumbs toward the center of the two mounds he held, but the girl was too lost in the massage to notice.

A sudden shock sank deep into the central valley.

The lovely flower bud at the deepest part was squeezed tight, forming deep wrinkles, but the two of them were still connected and the hot head of his penis was poking at her womb. She could not stop the sexual pleasure from accelerating and melting even her anus.

She had not realized it yet, but the sexuality welling up from her butt was all focusing in on the center of her anus.


He spread her butt to either side.

The deep red tightness loosened out in an ellipse and the lighter flesh inside came into view. Only when the outside air reached that flesh did the girl realize what was going on, but…

“And you’re especially sensitive here?”


Mutsuki remained on the attack and stuck his long middle finger into the clean indentation.

“S-stop… That’s…embarrassing…ahhhh.”

The girl sounded almost panicked as the finger suddenly entered her up to the second joint.

But he had already massaged that area without her noticing, so it had become a true erogenous zone and obeyed the boy more than her. That bewitching flower blossomed and accepted the finger inside.

“Ah, it’s so warm and sticky inside. Your butt is so lewd, Ibekusa-san.”

While the rosebud-like exterior was perfectly clean, the interior was as sticky as the inside of a carnivorous plant.

It was dark and wet and the flexible sphincter gently bit down on his finger as he touched it.

“F-Fujita…-kun. Nn, nfh…hhh.”

He bent his finger like a claw to dig into that embarrassing hole and Machina had to quickly cover her mouth with the back of her hand.

She held in the sexual moans that threatened to escape her lips as he rubbed at every inch of her anal erogenous zone.

“You’re really reacting now. I bet I can make you cum just like this.”

Even so, Mutsuki resumed moving his hips.

Her vaginal folds had been loosened up by their previous positions and they wrapped tightly around his penis. When he felt that melting sensation, he pounded into her at high speed.

“U-uuhh. No. Not from…not from my butt…”

The girl shook her head at her embarrassment from the anal pleasure.

“But it feels good, doesn’t it? Your entire body is telling me so.”

Mutsuki was certain of that when he felt her sexual slit sucking at his penis.

Their sex organs were a perfect match, so they rubbed at just the right spots even when doing it from behind.

“Khh, ah, ahh, a-amazing…”

Even after cumming so many times, his rod was still as hard as steel and it dug into every part of her vagina with its youthfully swollen head.

He pounded that weapon inside her like a passionate piston. As Machina’s hips grew heavy from an intense sense of intoxication, she nodded her head as if giving up.

“Does it feel good?”

Mutsuki continued rubbing her sticky anus in time with his thrusting hips.

“Yes… Ah, ahhh. But…but it’s so embarrassing.”

Under such perverted conditions, it was hardly surprising her anus had transformed into an erogenous zone. Both her holes twitched and she wiggled her lower body to indulge in their connection.

“F-Fujita…-kun. Ahh, I’m…I’m…”

“Are you about to cum? I can tell. You’re squeezing me almost painfully tight.”

Waves ran through her vaginal walls in every direction. His penis tingled from the tight sensation and the boy thrust all the harder to stimulate that hidden tunnel.

“Kh, ah, ahhnn… A-amazing…”

With the throbbing of her gently teased anus, the rhythmical shocks to her nectar-covered flesh, and the pleasure piercing the butt he held in his hands, Machina twisted her waist and finally arrived at orgasm.

“Ahhhhhn… I’m…I’m cumming…”

Her body convulsed enough for her bouncing breasts to strike her stomach and collarbones.


Mutsuki had cum thrice already, so he managed to distance his thoughts from his lower body and avoided the approaching ejaculation. Instead, he kept his rock-hard spear inside her and enjoyed her climax.

“Akh…ahhn…ahhhhh, ahhhhhh!”

She twisted and writhed as if to wring out her entire body.

She had gained a habit of reaching orgasm while receiving Mutsuki’s sperm, so her womb probably was not satisfied with this. The shallower ecstasy seemed to continue longer than usual.

Mutsuki enjoyed the unique arousal of stopping at the edge of ejaculation and watching this beloved girl’s obscene dance. He grinned as he enjoyed the sadistic luxury.

He could feel the sphincter swelling in response to her pleasure as it sucked at his middle finger.

Continuing any further would have been rough on Machina, so he pulled out.

He girl lay limply on her side and gasped for breath.

They had not fully stripped, so her breasts were sticking out of her uniform, her panties were hanging on her left thigh, and her skirt was pushed up enough to reveal her butt. The state of partial undress only emphasized those seductive areas all the more.

After holding back on cumming, the boy was filled with animalistic desire, so he gulped and resumed his caress while waiting for her breathing to calm down.


He moved behind her as she lay on her side and once more touched the sticky back gate that had held his interested for a while now.

She looked embarrassed, but she must have been aware it had been remade into an erogenous zone. She gave up and did not try to stop him.

She pulled her knees up and held them in her arms. This naturally opened the flesh of her butt, revealing the deep red indentation to the boy.

He could see her anus, so her eyes narrowed in embarrassment.

“Fujita-kun… You really…like that place…don’t you?”

“Eh? Um, yes. It turns me on.”

Having her ask about his fetish was embarrassing for him and reminded him what he was doing, so he pulled his finger back.

The girl hesitated for a moment, but…


She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt up.


Her butt was relatively small, but her slender waist emphasized her plump and round hips. The boy was confused when she held them up toward him.

After a moment, he caught on, but that realization also confused him.

The beautiful anus being offered up to him was swollen after climaxing with a finger inside it, so it looked like it could take something far thicker than a finger.

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes. I want you to own all of me.”

Machina lowered her eyebrows in embarrassment, but she dug her fingers into her butt to show him the shameless valley in the center.

He could sense a will inside her that overpowered the embarrassment.


He did not know what was driving her to do this, but he did know that Ibekusa Machina was tempting him with such an obscene pose. There was no way he could resist, so he moved in close.

After the thorough massage, that bewitching anus’s wrinkles had changed shape to form a sticky ring of flesh. The surrounding skin had been loosened up and the sphincter had lifted up, revealing some of the internal flesh.

“I’ve never done this before, so I might go in too strong. Tell me if it hurts.”

“Not a problem.”

The girl looked unsure how to respond when he said he had never done this before.

While Mutsuki did not remember it, he did have experience with this hole.

He had once violated Jiyuuni Ange like this when under Schwarze’s control.


The reminder of those two and of the previous photograph led Machina to wrinkle her brow and stick her butt out further, urging him to hurry.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki began to blush as the surprise wore off.

He had only meant it as childish teasing to trouble the girl he liked, but now she was tempting him in an unimaginably sexual way. It aroused him to the point that he felt dizzy.

He brought his face in close to the stuffy scent of the sweat and various fluids rubbed together in the center of her butt. When his heavy breathing touched it, the donut-shaped ring of flesh opened with a string of anal fluid stretching across.

Peeking inside her body like this filled the boy with an instinctual desire for dominance.

“Here I go.”

He straightened up with a sadistic look in his eyes that one normally did not see in him.

He grabbed the girl’s hips again and spread her plump heart-shaped mountains.


The valley bottom had grown quite sensitive, so she twisted her body just from the hot penis head touching it. Her bust moved about while squished against the tatami mats.

But Mutsuki did not hold back. He rubbed the tip against the sphincter with the gentleness of a kiss so she could grow accustomed to its heat and hardness.

The bewitching anal kiss gradually grew deeper and the anus quickly relaxed because Mutsuki had already taught it how to soften.

“Uuh…ah, ah, ahhh.”

The sensation of the boy slowly sank deeper inside her.

The corners of Machina’s eyes were flushed and she almost seemed to be dreaming as she accepted her second deflowering.

Embarrassment, pain, and ecstasy could all be seen on her face.

“Ah, ah. It’s going in, it’s going in. Wow, Ibekusa-san. It just keeps going in.”

“Nn…yes. H-how does it…feel?”

She looked on the verge of letting drool drip from her lips, but she must have been worried about what he thought since this was the first time with that hole.

“Nn… The entrance is a little hard and really tight, but the inside is really sticky and it moves different from the front.”

While the vagina had layers created by the folds of flesh, this hole was smooth. It felt like being squeezed with soft rice cakes.

The entire head was buried inside her.

“Are you okay, Ibekusa-san? Does it hurt?”

Next, he would be penetrating the fiercely tight sphincter with the much harder shaft, so he calmed his urge to hurry and made sure she was okay.

“Nn…N-not a…problem.”

Small tremors ran through her breasts and butt like water shaking in an earthquake and she shook her head, tossing her curly hair around.

“What about…you? D-does it…feel good?”

“Yeah. Really good.”

“I’m glad. Then…”

Even as she breathed heavily, the look on her face was one of satisfaction.

“I feel good too…?”

She lifted her hips to further offer her spread anus to its invader.

She was undoubtedly feeling pain as the hard object widened that forbidden caliber. Mutsuki could tell just by looking at her.

But with the telepathic sense they seemed to gain when having sex, he understood she enjoyed that pain, so he did not hesitate to bury himself to the base.

“Ah, ahh…ahhhn.”

Machina’s beautiful anus twitched from pain and she sensually wiggled her butt.

The sharp pain of the spreading sphincter and the dull pain of the penis digging into her insides both provided a masochistic arousal.

The hidden garden to the front was beginning to produce plenty of nectar. The three servings of semen pumped inside were driven out and dripped down her thighs to the tatami mats.

“Ibekusa-san, does the pain feel good?

“Nn, n-no. Don’t say that.”

She narrowed her eyes in embarrassment.

That was the look of ecstasy he was used to seeing on her face.

“It’s not that it…feels good. It makes me…happy. Because you…you…”

The words spilled from her mouth.

She may have been trying to say “because you own me”. As her sadistic owner made her his tool, the girl began to awaken to a perverted masochism.

“Ahh, what do I do? …I’m going to…go crazy…”

She twisted her body with enough force for her wet and thus heavy skirt to flip up.

She pressed her small butt against his hips.

The scorching heat parting her sphincter was covered in a strange emotion that transformed into joy.

That emotion was further covered in embarrassment that transformed into an entrancing intoxication. Ruled by that joy and intoxication, she could only become a slave to this anal pleasure no matter how much it hurt.

“Kh…ah, my butt, my butt…?”

Each time he dug through the depths of her anus, hot juices dripped out.

“Heh heh. You’re so cute, Ibekusa-san.”

Mutsuki was drunk on an arousal that went beyond the simple pleasure.

Not only was he having sex with the classmate he had been interested in since spring, but he was even penetrating her anus. He was overcome by a sense of domination as he pleasured even the most embarrassing part of that usually nonchalant girl’s body.

“Nn… You’re really sucking at me. You’ve got such a lewd ass.”

“That’s…ah, ahh, don’t rub like that…It’s not fair.”

When he looked down, he saw her heart-shaped butt and the deep red flesh squeezing down on the penis piercing the very center.

When he pulled his hips back, that flesh would loosen and some of the pink flesh would be pulled back with his penis.

Her indecently softened anus only aroused him further.

“You’re so sexy. And really cute.”

And the more aroused it made him, the more he wanted to love her.

She had remade her sexual tendencies for him.

She almost seemed to have been born to be owned by the boy named Fujita Mutsuki.


He bent down over her back and kissed her ear. She realized what he wanted and turned her head.

Their lips naturally met. No matter how much they rubbed their sticky lower halves together, they could forget all about the pleasure and give themselves over to mutual bliss.

“Ah…I’m about to…cum…”

“Ah…? G-go ahead. Cum as much as you want, Fujita-kun.”

Mutsuki had held back last time, so he reached his limit first. They exchanged breaths while kissing and a tremor ran through him.

That tremor shook her anus, so she whispered back to hide the sweet moan that escaped her lips.

She said “as much as you want”, but it was obvious she yearned for his cum. Once the boy began moving even more, she lifted her butt again to press it up against him.

“Nn…? Nn…?”

She bent her back so far that the midpoint between her butt and back sank down. She arched her entire body until the breasts shaking below her reached the tatami mats.

She was taking up a position that allowed her throbbing anus to more easily swallow up the contents of the penis penetrating it.

“Ah, kh…uuh…”

For better or for worse, Mutsuki did not notice and began thrusting in as far as he could, forgetting this was her first time.

“Ah, nnnn? Nhhhhh?”

A sticky sound rang out as his penis pumped in and out of her heart-shaped roundness.

The intense pleasurable friction to her anal flesh elicited hopelessly bewitching moans from Machina. The taciturn girl’s voice echoed even in the small living room.

“I’m cumming… I’m going to cum inside you, Ibekusa-san.”

“Nn, nn.”

Her butt felt too hot to respond properly, so she simply nodded her head like a doll.

When he pulled his penis back, clear anal juices erupted out from the gaps in the wrinkles that were pulled back with the penis.

At the same time, the boy reached his limit. He reversed the motion of his hips and parted her butt as he pushed forward again.


He had made sure the thick flesh of her butt would not get in the way, so his flesh cannon dug in until even his pubic hair almost entered her anus. Machina could not help but give a shrill cry.

A moment later, his thick seed was spewed out into her sticky insides.

The tight sphincter squeezed at the base, narrowing the urethra, so it took longer than usual to ejaculate it all.

Instead of a forceful release over a short period of time, it took its time to flow out. He had an odd feeling he had felt this sensation before and his entire body trembled from the pleasure of anal ejaculation.

“Ah…? Ah…!”

Machina seemed unsure how to react to the warm sensation travelling in the wrong direction for that place.

After a quick moment of concern, her expression bent in a truly obscene way.

“Nnah…? Ah, ahh?”

All on its own, her body filled with pleasure as Fujita Mutsuki’s climax juices filled her as proof that she had satisfied her owner.

All on its own.


Her body filled with an ecstasy unrelated to the pleasure.

The girl could not fight the nearly instinctual joy she felt at receiving his semen. And after that stormy washed her away…

“Ah, ah, ahhhn. Inside…my butt…”

Her obscene anus once more brought her to orgasm.

Her penetrated sphincter, her hot cum-soaked inner flesh, and her penis-filled insides all nearly melted as pleasure washed over them.

The pleasure spread to the neighboring vagina and everything from her womb to the hidden tunnel tightened as if she had just been having sex there. The love juices produced as he had so persistently rubbed at her anus were forced out of her vagina and splattered onto the tatami mats.


First her heart, then her anus, and finally her womb had cum. Experiencing this triple orgasm chain-reaction left Machina lying limp on the floor.


Even after the girl partially passed out, Mutsuki continued his caress.

He had already cum four times, but his erection showed no sign of going away and he pierced her tingling anus once more.

Machina was so soaked in pleasure that she no longer seemed even uncomfortable. Her mind was hazy, but she still managed to respond with a sweet breath from her nose.

“You aren’t a tool. But…”


“You do belong to me and only me.”

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