Adolescent Adam

Volume 4, Chapter 6 - Fall of a Sanctuary

Volume 4, Chapter 6 – Fall of a Sanctuary

1673 layers of special armor.

200 five-layer anti-intruder Springloaded.

8902 seventy-three-layer annihilation KK railguns.

Even if every nation on earth brought out their full military power, FeTUS’s defenses could protect them for more than three months, but they were breached in a mere eighteen minutes when faced with heaven’s judgment.

“Scramble, scramble. An intruder has entered HQ.”

“Order 6621 received. Exterminating.”

“Fully expanding anti-angel tools. Entering solenoid space. Activating KW.”

The greatest weapons mankind had to offer were loaded with more than eight hundred thousand rounds of ammunition and equipped with weapons that could theoretically neutralize five thousand combat angels. But…


They were easily blown away by the golden flames fired from that red-haired judgment.

The tools created by human civilization melted away.

She finally reached the lowest level. Tiles of various colors paved a hallway-like space.

“You really had a lot waiting for us. I must take my hat off to you humans who ate the Fruit of Knowledge.”

Rapha remained by Ange’s side while showing no fear of the resisting weapons.

He shrugged at the countless doors lining either wall of this space.


Even a cheap but effective smokescreen had no effect on the girl who had become a ball of fire. With a deep growl, golden flames burst from her back and swept across the doors, walls, floor, and everything else.

It did not matter which one was the right door. She intended to burn down the entire space.

“Jiyuuni Ange. I had suspected she wasn’t your average angel, but I didn’t expect this.”

“Poor thing…”

Two people appeared down the narrow hallway.

“I hate to lose an enjoyable opponent, but we can’t let her any closer to the Holy Grail.”

The one in black with a black cat hat was Miss C. The large woman in an apron dress was Miss D.

They were two of the Witches who had greater power than any of FeTUS’s defenses, weapons, or Springloaded.

“It’s time you died!! Shaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!”

Schwarze hissed like a wildcat and leaped forward.


Ange twisted her expression and bared her white canine teeth like a beast. She growled like a wolf that had been grown up in a solitary environment of constant danger.

Just before Black Cat’s claws reached her face, further light entered her hate-filled golden eyes.


That was all it took to divert the fist approaching her face.

The heat coming from the girl created intense air pressure that acted as a shield.

“Tch! So she gets a power up when she’s pissed. Talk about convenient.”

Schwarze’s punch had been sent in the wrong direction, leaving her open to attack. Ange grabbed her throat and slammed her into the melting wall to the side.


The woman was helplessly buried in the metal wall that had grown as soft as clay.

To resist the angel’s flames, her armor was made to remove the heat from anything it touched, so the wall stopped melting and the metal regained its hardness with her embedded inside it.

She nearly got a concussion when her entire body slammed into that steel panel.

“You are…a lot like…me…”



Ange continued to squeeze her hand around that slender neck.

“Let go of her!!”

But she had two opponents. The maid charged in from a step behind to attack the girl who was left wide open while attacking Schwarze.

“I don’t want to lay a hand on a student, but…sorry!”

She raised her fist.

It only remained a “woman’s fist” for a moment. Her entire arm swelled out and grew as thick as a log.

The fist was now far larger than Ange’s head and it slammed against that red-haired head.

This blow used brute force to make short work of the air pressure shield. The girl’s own feet sank down into the floor that had begun to melt from the golden flames.


Miss D did not hesitate to attack again.

Her entire body swelled out like her right arm had. She had been slender at around two meters tall, but her entire body swelled out to give her a height of over three meters. She transformed into a muscular monster.


The giant used her great weight and arm strength to throw a punch.

The wind pressure alone blew off the surrounding doors as a rush of simple yet horribly cruel punches assaulted the girl less than half her height.

While holding Miss C, Ange could only defenselessly take the blows.




“Eh!? Wahhh!”

Even after taking several punches that rivalled getting hit by a large truck, Ange made a counterattack as if the punches meant nothing.

She used the hand not holding Schwarze to reach for the giant who looked ten times her size.

She could not reach the woman’s neck, but she pushed on her stomach to slam her into the opposite wall. Her giant body was also embedded in the melted wall.

“Vgh…! Ohhhhhh!!”



Once she pushed back, Ange’s repelling air pressure shield could be used to attack. The two Witches were squeezed between the intense wind pressure and the metal walls.

“Once Metatron has activated, resistance is futile. I can’t believe you would oppose Ange now that she is heaven’s judgment.”

Rapha shut his eyes sadly as he watched on.

As he had said, Ange was entirely unscathed. Her body was still wrapped in a dazzling divine light and she easily pushed back the two who bore mankind’s greatest wisdom.

“Gh…dammit… Miss D…are you okay?”

“Kah…gh. I-I won’t die…with this body.”

The two Witches raised their heads as all of their bones audibly creaked.

They both knew they were not going to win like this. Miss C was their fastest and she had been captured. Miss D had their greatest strength and her rush had done no damage. Jiyuuni Ange had the attack power needed to break into their headquarters in eighteen minutes, but she also had extraordinary defenses.

She was no longer a living being. She was a weapon.

They both knew they could not win like this.

“I guess…we have to do it!”


They confirmed that they were going to turn themselves into weapons too.

Miss C withdrew her claws and Miss D returned her swollen body to its two meter size. Miss C grabbed her cat hat and Miss D grabbed her maid headdress.

That was the Y Device. In exchange for the threat of death, that ultimate attack circuit could transform them into living weapons. This did not look like a threat they could face otherwise.

Neither one hesitated. Protecting this place was the ultimate task of every FeTUS member, so they were willing to lose their life to that end.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”





A door suddenly appeared down the hallway in which the angel and the Witches were fighting.

It was a generic and old-fashioned wooden door. Shortly after it contacted Ange’s glow, the wood passed its autoignition temperature and turned to ash.

The rest of the hallway did not lie beyond it. The space that had been there before had been cut off.

“You broke into the headquarters far faster than expected. Miss E, D, and C, have all effectively lost. Well done, Maiden of Destruction. Well done, Red Queen.”

A room filled with darkness appeared.

“But I cannot allow you to advance any further or to harm my precious daughters.”

The room contained a giant rabbit.


Ange’s behavior changed when she saw the girl elegantly sipping at a teacup while sitting atop the large clock inside.

She retracted the golden flames pinning the two Witches and had them wrap around herself.

Finally freed from the air pressure, Miss C and Miss D fell to the floor. They gasped for breath as they looked to Ange and the center of FeTUS inside the newly-appeared room.

That angel had suddenly raised her defenses despite only thinking of attack when faced with the two Witches.

FeTUS’s leader seemed to have her defenses entirely lowered despite the mindless living weapon before her.


The girl made sure to gracefully set down her teacup before standing up.

“I am Miss A, leader of the FeTUS Witches.”


“I, Alice Arc, shall be your opponent.”


As soon as she saw her, the ultimate angelic weapon attacked with the intensity of her roar.

She was ruled by her primitive intellect and her wild instincts.

It was kill or be killed. The girl before her now was not just an “obstacle” like the previous walls, machines, and Witches.

This was her archenemy who might just be able to take her life.

She passed through the location of the destroyed door and charged forward with all her might.

But her way was blocked by a golden magic circle just like the one Machina had used.

She had broken the previous one with a single hand, but this one did not break even after a full-body tackle.


“I had wondered what the legendary Metatron was, but I did not expect a life form itself to be the weapon.”

“Gbh!? Gyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!”

Purple lightning burst from the circle and pierced the girl’s body. It did not leave a wound, but the bright electricity wrapped around the girl’s glow, blasted it backwards, and elicited a scream from Ange.

That purple electricity consumed angel fire.

But the girl’s fighting spirit had not dulled, so she struggled inside the magic circle of golden thread. The girl named Alice sadly lowered her eyes.

“Poor girl.”

She then gave a look of scorn to the young man who stepped inside the room.


After a glance toward Ange’s suffering, Rapha looked around the room.

There were no lights inside, but Ange’s glow was enough of a light source to see every nook and cranny.

They were underground, yet the hall was larger than a soccer field.

The stone floor was decorated with the patterns of fifty-three playing cards. The only items inside were the giant rabbit and the large clock. There was nothing else.

However, the rabbit and clock were not what drew the eye.

It was the walls. Rapha widened his eyes as he looked around at all four walls.

“So this is the core of what you humans have developed to prevent a Paradise Lost. This is your sanctuary.”

The walls were covered in thick acrylic, so the hall was surrounded by a tank filled with an unnaturally clear liquid that was not water.

There were no fish swimming and no coral swaying inside.

There were human bodies.

They seemed to be soaked in preservative formaldehyde, but they were not whole bodies. Women’s bodies from the stomach down to the thighs were lined up at even intervals.

Rapha’s eyes shined brightly at the grotesque scene and someone answered him.

“Precisely. Producing the Holy Grail is the one way of saving our civilization from our rivals in heaven. This is mankind’s final fortress.”

“Although the research data has already been removed, so maybe we shouldn’t be calling it our sanctuary anymore.”

It was the two Witches from before. Black Cat stuck her claws below the young man’s throat.

If he moved, she would kill him, but the man’s smile remained.

“Well, that just means we need to dispose of what was removed while we’re at it.”


Struck by lightning and unable to pass the magic circle, Ange stopped struggling.

But she had not given up. The sun-like glow in her angled eyes grew brighter to indicate her unwavering hatred for all mankind.

Her silver wings pendant floated up.

“Her divine sword is manifesting itself! Be careful, Miss A!!”


Miss C shouted a warning just as the girl grabbed the pendant and it transformed into a black sword taller than she was.



The sword only retained its form for an instant.

Flames surged down the center and became the golden flames of Metatron. The heat was so great that the black sword burst and flames spewed from the hilt to create a sword of fire itself.

Not even her weapon could withstand the intensity of the angel of death’s flames.



Miss A, the greatest mind in the world, abandoned her position of absolute advantage and jumped back based on instinct, not logic.

That ended up saving her life. The flame sword sliced apart the inviolable magic circle so easily it might as well have been made of styrofoam.

“Miss A!”

The maid screamed and the girl looked at her left hand with a bitter smile.

Her palm was burned black. Not only had the anti-angel magic circle been sliced apart, but the residual heat had surpassed the heat-reducing circuit.

“So a being who cast aside the Fruit of Knowledge will still use a tool that symbolizes knowledge?”

Miss Alice Arc licked her blackened wound like a tomboy treating a scrape.

“Heh heh. I feel like all my six hundred odd years of supplying witches with knowledge have been denied.”

“Vv…vvvv…! Humans…destroy…!”

“And you have nearly forgotten how to speak.”

The girl brushed up her blonde hair with a bitter smile on her lips.

“O’clock: activate. Apply maximum interference to Jiyuuni Ange’s composition time.”

With that order, red light filled the eyes of the giant stuffed rabbit that had been just been sitting there before.

A mysterious phenomenon occurred inside the large clock it held. The seconds hand had been accurately keeping the time, but it began to shake as if its axis had shifted.

The seconds hand shifted out of place. First one second, then two.

“Here I go.”


With no other apparent change, Miss Arc ran straight toward Ange.

She had no new weapon outside of the magic circle in her hands.



She suddenly slammed on the brakes and stopped her charge. A moment later, Ange swung her large sword through where she thought that great enemy would be.


Ange was shocked that her slash had been so easily dodged. She was wide open, so another golden circle captured her. Purple lightning pierced the red-haired girl once more.

“Gh…! Gbh…! Corona!!”

The golden wings on her back attempted to resist, but by then a solenoid had already snuck up behind her. The spiraling fabric wrapped around the flames and sent them up toward the ceiling like a tornado, keeping them away from the angel’s enemy.

She instead forcibly swung her Prominence Nova to break free of the magic circle.

“Too slow.”

Miss A outdid her. Without letting go of the magic circle pressed toward the girl’s face, she made a quick leap to dodge the sword. All the while, she continued firing purple electricity into the angel’s glowing body.

Even Rapha’s usual cold smile vanished as he watched.

The purple electric current was a special electromagnetic wave called a Kühler Welle and it had been used in all of the defenses thus far. It robbed anything it touched of heat and was thus the most effective weapon against angels who were made of fire. Intensity aside, it was not strange for Ange to be taking damage.

The unusual part was how easily it was hitting her.

Ange had angelic battle senses and the speed and power of Metatron, yet she was losing in combat.

“To prepare for this day, I spent three hundred years training myself until I could defeat a ball of fire great enough to obliterate this planet.”

As Ange struggled, Miss Arc dodged each and every attack while remaining on the offensive.

“Every possible disaster an angel could bring was part of my calculations from the beginning.”

A hint of hesitation appeared on her young face. She felt some pity toward her enemy who had chosen to fight even if it meant turning herself into a bomb.

But emotions and actions were separate. She made her move to reap that girl’s life with a machine-like lack of hesitation.

“I will slowly wear away your life before you reach Judgment.”

“Gh…! Gwah!!”

“Farewell, pitiable girl born to a cursed destiny.”


“What an energetic boy. I can see why Ange had so much trouble.”

The raindrops that had resumed falling on the park were blown away as two people clashed.

Lucia repeatedly swung his scythe with great weight as well as speed. Ange could have matched him, but Micha could not keep up with his speed and was forced to fight a defensive battle.

But that was all. All he could do was keep her from moving.

“Heh heh heh?”


Lucia could not get a decisive blow in on his defensive opponent. Plus…



The holy flame Micha used for defense also acted as the most destructive counterattack against a demon like Lucia.

Demons could not defeat angels. Even without Ange as his opponent, that rule of compatibility still applied.

The flame wings brushed against him and he was burnt black and blown away. He could regenerate right away, but the exhaustion was building up and his shoulders were rising and falling as he gasped for breath.

“Lucia-kun… Micha-san! Stop this, Micha-san!”

Mutsuki ran over to him and tearfully pleaded with Micha.

He knew they were enemies as an angel and a demon, but he loved them both and had done his best to keep this day from coming.

He had thought of that woman as an older sister, a mother, and a lover, but he did not even know her real name and she seemed unmoved by his desperate plea.

She slowly approached to reach attack range.

“What a pain. The old lady’s trying to look cool.”

Despite his casual insult, Lucia had taken a lot of damage and he could only stand while using his scythe for support.

“Are you okay?”

Mutsuki lent him his shoulder when he noticed the demon boy’s knees about to give out. The demon boy seemed delighted even now and winked at him.

“I guess I can’t overpower her. Honestly, the elderly should stick to drinking tea on the porch.”

He brought his face to Mutsuki’s ear.

“So let’s cheat a little. …Open, Eye of the Serpent! Reveal the symbol of your dominance and pass judgment on this foolish woman who dares oppose you!”


On the demon’s command, an itching throb raced through Mutsuki’s right eye for the first time in a while.

But he quickly realized this was the ideal method of escaping this situation, so he turned his right eye toward Micha.

The Serpent’s Eye ruled over all women. As a woman, Micha could be neutralized if he used this. And they would not even need to harm her.


“Ah!? H-huh?”

The throbbing left him. He could not see his own eye, but Lucia stared at it in shock.

Micha alone laughed.

As soon as the Serpent’s Eye had activated, it had vanished again and did not seem to have robbed her of her ability to fight. Lucia’s smile stiffened.

“Looks like the composite seal I spent two months constructing is working.”

“Did you rewrite the mutual link seal for heaven’s exclusive use? You’re thorough, I’ll give you that.”

“It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of work every night after Mutsuki-kun fell asleep. And every time I messed with it, the Serpent’s Eye would affect me, so I was stuck being horny 24/7. I couldn’t even calm down or get to sleep. I would have gone crazy if I hadn’t had alcohol to distract my mind at least.”

Micha sounded indifferent and narrowed her eyes as she laughed.

“Monopolizing a powered individual is a violation of the Demon-Angel Détente, isn’t it?”

“This is the ultimate power. Even if it’s against the rules, any warrior would want to make it hers. Don’t let Ange know, though. She can be hard-headed, so she’d probably get mad?”


Only the angels had the authority to interfere with the Serpent’s Eye now. Their final hope had been sealed off, so Lucia clicked his tongue.

Mutsuki did not know what had been done to him, but…

“Then, Micha-san. When you…did it with me…?”

Something bothered him about it, so he asked an awkward question.

She had slept with him countless times. She was the one he had kissed and had sex with more than anyone else. She had left her indelible mark on at least three parts of his body.

Even if she had just been having fun, he had thought she was showing concern in her own way. He had thought there was love there.

But based on what he had just heard…

Micha maintained her graceful smile.

“Make no mistake, Mutsuki-kun. I really do love you. But…”


“Adults have multiple reasons for everything they do.”

Mutsuki’s face twisted.

Over the past two months, he had thought of her as an older sister, a mother, and a lover, but these words may as well have been a betrayal.

“…I’ll kill you.”

Lucia reacted to the boy’s expression by showing anger for the first time and attacking the woman.

Micha easily sidestepped the blow and shot him down with fire. The boy kept up his attack while continually regenerating.

Which one had the upper hand seemed to switch back and forth, but only Lucia was approaching his limit the entire time.

Mutsuki could do nothing but watch in a daze.

“That’s twenty-six minutes.”

“She’s lasting surprisingly long.”

“But she seems to be near her limit. She’s beginning to accept that she’s fated to become the Incubus’s slave.”

The three angels laughed mockingly.

The slime creature had absorbed the unlimited supply of pouring rain, so now it sat on the ground like a great tree.

The captured girl dangled within the fluid like a piece of art.

Her limbs were fixed in the most defenseless position: arms pulled up and legs spread. She was leaning forward, so her back naturally stretched out and placed a heavy burden on her body. However, several tentacles of black flesh wrapped around her stomach and neck to support her weight.

The prey was devoured with as little a burden on her body as when lying in bed.

“You understand, don’t you? Your body already wants to be mine, Ibekusa Machina.”


The demon entered both ears and licked stickily at her earlobes as it produced a voice directly on her eardrums.

The hideous ticklishness brought tears to her eyes, but the most frustrating part was the truth of those words.


The tentacles of black flesh rubbed at her earlobes, her armpits, and her neck. Over her suit, they rubbed at her waist, inner thighs, hips, knees, calves, and ankles.

The tentacles were modeled after those of an octopus. They were sticky and soft and they were covered in suckers, so they produced a lot of friction.

They were licking all across her body. Her porcelain white skin was covered in goose bumps. The ticklish sensation boiled up almost to the level of pain and continually raced across her skin as a shudder.

“Your nipples have been erect for a while now. You want me to touch them, don’t you? Hm?”

Her twin breasts created seductive bulges in her black bodysuit and the tips poked out so much that even the bulging areolae could be made out though the skintight suit.

The one stroke of luck was that this demon was specialized in seduction and thus had no attack power. And since it was made of water, it could not pass through the waterproof material and thus the tentacles had yet to enter the suit. They only licked at her skin through the suit.

Then again, that was torment in its own way.


Machina clenched her teeth.

This Incubus was a parasite that targeted females with the ability to conceive. It ensnared its host with pleasure and used her to raise its own child.

And this highly-evolved demon had put together a method of making Ibekusa Machina in particular its host.

“Now, drink more of my juices. This flavor should also be tailored to your liking.”

It spoke in Mutsuki’s voice, the wavelength that led her to let her guard down more than any other.


A narrow thread-like tentacle forced its way between her slack lips.

Her teeth relaxed in surprise, so it slipped past them, wrapped around her tongue, and swelled out to become an octopus tentacle, complete with suckers.

The tip split into two or three to cover every inch of her tongue with suckers.

“Ngh…uuhh, bh.”

The girl shook her head in displeasure.

“Do you not like my kiss? But isn’t this just how you like it?”

The demon continued licking stickily across her tongue as if trying to pull it out.

It was true the somewhat itchy and somewhat ticklish sensation seductively provoked the erogenous zone of her mouth. Mutsuki was the only one she had allowed in her mouth, but her mind was shaken by the intensity she would never receive from his gentle kisses.

But more importantly…

“Abh…n, ngh, hh…”

Each of the bumps and suckers stimulating her tongue squirted out a yogurt-like semisolid extract.

It wrapped around her tongue and spread throughout her mouth.

(There it is… I-I can’t let myself swallow it.)

She tightened her throat in refusal to swallow.

The demon did not reject that. It did not force a tentacle down her throat to wash it down her esophagus.

It was confident that any woman was bound to swallow it.

(Uuh…gh. It’s sweet, ahh, it’s so sweet.)

“Heh heh heh. Well? Tasty, isn’t it? You can’t help but love it, can you?”

The carnivorous plant known as an Incubus used this as the bait to ensnare the insect named Machina.

It was made to provide the sweetest possible signals from a human woman’s taste buds, and Machina’s in particular. It seemed to violate her sense of taste just by enveloping her tongue. The sensation of “delicious” raced so sharply into her mind it gave her a headache.

“How about you swallow it? It tastes like sweet honey on your tongue, so it has to be pure bliss passing down your throat, doesn’t it?”


Machina somehow managed to shake her head.

However, this nectar was made so every last one of her genes would deem it “delicious”.

Her body desired it more than a glass of water after walking three days and three nights through the desert with nothing to eat or drink. Her mind rejected it, but her instincts set her throat in motion.

She swallowed the sticky demonic extract. It truly was pure bliss passing down her throat, it slowly arrived in her stomach, and…

“Bh… Nn, nnnnnn!”

It passed through her digestive organs with incredible speed.

As soon as it dissolved into her blood, her mind was shattered. Her blood vessels carried the extract to her head and her brain began pumping out endorphins.

(Here it…comes… Here it comes…!)

It was an orgasm that skipped straight past the process of pleasure. Her vision grew white and her bound limbs writhed about.

“Did you cum? Heh heh heh. Feel free to drink some more.”

“G-gh…gulp…gulp, gulp.”

Her blank mind could not restrain her instincts. She swallowed more and more of the yogurt-like liquid in her mouth.

That alone sent waves of delight through her tongue, throat, and esophagus. Her nipples stood tall through the skintight suit, she could not focus her mind, and she begun rubbing her throbbing inner thighs together without noticing.

“Good girl. This is what turns you into a horny slut. Before long, your horny body will throb and yearn for this so badly your mind will be unable to fight it.”

The demon continued squirting the extract onto her tongue. It had only had her in its grasp for thirty minutes, but it had already evolved its own bodily fluid into the ultimate aphrodisiac for Machina.

Machina belonged to FeTUS, but her body was human and she was far too helpless in the face of a creature with superhuman knowledge.

“Mfh… Nh, nhn, nhn.”

“My juices are delicious, aren’t they?”


The joy rushing back from her climax was filling even the marrow of her bones.

When the suckers began producing less of the extract, she started sucking at the tentacle. She forgot everything and became something like a baby clinging to its mother. Nevertheless, her hips wiggled impatiently as the tentacles licked across her lower stomach in an obscenely sensual way.

“Look at her suck at that thing so selfishly. I wish I could show that Adam boy this.”

The angels laughed mockingly as they watched.

(Uuh… Fuji…ta…-kun…)

The tentacles covered her eardrums, but these angels were chanters and their laughter slipped past the demon.

She felt ashamed, but at the same time, the reminder of the Adam boy – that is, Mutsuki – brought her back to her senses.

With her sense of taste conquered, her tongue had started caressing the octopus tentacle as if returning a kiss. That fluid that would violate her mind more than any drug was still filling her mouth, but she resisted the desire to swallow it and spat it from the corner of her mouth.

“Oh? Even after swallowing the saliva I made just for you, you’re still preserving your chastity for another man?”

The demon spoke in a frighteningly sweet and kind voice that wore down her defenses.

“Out of the seventy thousand female humans my 135 generations of ancestors have used to reproduce, this is a first. Heh heh heh heh.”

At the same time, the tentacles rubbing at the surface of her body slipped inside her clothing. They entered through the sleeveless shoulder and licked across her armpit as they moved further in.

“I really don’t like this as it feels like rape. I have no interest in tormenting sluts. I simply want a womb-carrier to receive my seed with the ultimate joy.”

“Y-you’re going to rape me even more? …Fwah!”

The tentacles used their unique flexibility to invade the gap between her skintight suit and her skin. They quickly spiraled around to wrap around her lovely bowl-shaped breasts.

“Such wonderful breasts. There is a nice firmness inside the softness. …Hm? I sense a powerful resiliency deep inside. Heh heh heh. These breasts must have received a lot of love.”


The tentacles created waves under her suit as they kneaded the youthfully perky mounds. The demonic creature had already realized that her bust was sensitive.

The tentacles dug in to send the sensation deep inside her. An erogenous zone even more sensitive than her vagina was hidden deep below the thick fat of her breasts. That was what it thoroughly kneaded.


And it was not just the breasts. Tentacles moved down from her armpits, along her sides, to her back and spine, to her flat stomach, and to every other part of her body. Their sticky suckers stimulated her all over.

The usually stoic girl could not help but utter some complaints.

And that was proof of just how much that stimulation was rubbing at her sexuality.

The tentacles were touching her breasts, yet she felt like they were tormenting her womb. The narcotic fluid had already violated her body, so she felt an intense longing deep inside her stomach.

“There’s no need to hold back. C’mon, I bet you’d like it here best.”

The tentacles wrapped around those mounds finally reached the tip.

Their tips split apart, but they created more than just three branches like the one on her tongue. They branched out ten or twenty times and those thin threads wriggled around intensely. The tentacles now looked something like sea anemones.

(Ah…no. Not…not there…)

All of that enveloped the nipples that swelled out from the hemispheres.

The slender tentacles rubbed against that boiled egg-like resiliency.

(Ah, hh, hh… It’s reverberating through me…)

Those light pink tips were directly linked to the erogenous zone deep inside her breasts. She forcefully shook her head at the sensation of her bust heating up from the roots.

Her messy hair shook back and forth in protest, but her womb throbbed and caused her hips to wiggle in desire.

With those bewitching buds in its grasp, the sea anemones squeezed down on the areolae and pinched the nipples.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

The parts that had broken down to a thread-like width entered the extremely narrow milk ducts at the tip of the nipple.

(It can’t be, ah, inside. They’re going…inside…)

They entered deep within those milk ducts that had of course never been stimulated by Mutsuki.

She had never thought about this inside area or even that there were holes there at all, so when they were forced open, it came with fear and pain.

(What…what is this…?)

But even greater was an unbelievable sensation. The demon’s refusal to bring any displeasure to its host truly frightened her now.

Every time the tentacles moved inside her nipples, a sharp electrical current rushed out. That was not surprising, but that current felt horribly sticky.

“Ahh, ahhhn.”

The sexual threads inside wriggled around as if to pinch at the contents.

The shock was like an extremely concentrated version of what she felt when the fat of her breasts was squeezed from outside. Not even she could believe how sweet her moaning voice sounded.

“Ho ho? Now these are the tits of a slut. I didn’t have to mess with them long before you revealed your true colors.”

“Wh-what are you…ahh, ah, ah.”

“Heh heh heh. Act tough if you like, but it isn’t very convincing when you start moaning and drooling all over yourself.”

The demon did not seem to care about the mental displeasure brought by its mocking. However, the stimulation from her milk ducts felt like a seductive fire running through her and she had her hands full simply keeping herself from passing out. She could not hide her obscenely heated expression or damp eyes.

“I bet you could cum from your tits alone. Very well. I will give you everything you desire. Climax as much as you like in this pleasure that no human can ever provide.”

The demon raped the inside of her sensitive nipples, but it remained gentle enough to prevent any pain.

If the caress Mutsuki would give her breasts could be likened to a gentle stroke along her outer pussy lips, then this was like hard sex that filled every contour of her vagina until it began to melt.

Tears spilled from her eyes as she tried to fight the humiliation, but as time passed, the look in those eyes grew sweeter and more lustful.

The body tightly contained in her black suit wiggled seductively.

“You keep saying you don’t like it, but your hips tell a different story. I’ll show you some love down there once you cum from your tits, so there’s no need to shake your ass so sluttily.”

“Uh, uuhhh…”

It did not help that the demonic fluid had already loosened the door to orgasm.


The surge of pleasure was great. The pulse did not pass through the cushioning of her rational mind and instead transformed into a desire to reach climax.


In the final moment, she felt an especially large tear fall from the corner of her eye.

“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?”

She lightly bit the tentacle wrapped around her tongue and gave herself over to the crucible of pleasure she had been trying to force down this entire time.

Her mind was dyed white. Her body gave up all resistance against the pleasure and the melting joy shook her entire body like an earthquake.

“Khah…ah, ahyah…”

Saliva mixed with the demonic fluid dripped from her mouth as the ecstasy intoxicated her.

The conquered nipples at the tips of her bust squeezed their milk ducts shut as if to bite down on the tentacles inside.

She felt pathetic and frustrated that she had reacted in a way she never had for Mutsuki.


“Now you are my slave and my wife.”


She no longer had the willpower needed to fight those words.

“Heh heh heh. …Look at that face. She’s completely fallen.”

“Forty-one minutes. Isn’t that a record for a human? She really put up a fight. But…”

“There’s no escape now.”

As the intruders rubbed at the insides, the nipples had grown red and swollen to clearly show off this pitiful disgrace.

But Machina no longer showed any sign of anguish.

The fine tentacles wrapped around the nipples were providing a gentle massage on the outside. That allowed the ones violating the milk ducts to pump stickily in and out without producing any pain.

(Ahhh… I-if it does…that…)

The girl had already fallen for the Incubus’s ability to ensnare its host.

Her mind was fuzzy and she could not focus her thoughts. She felt like her very being were melting as she became a part of that amorphous slime.

She could not remember anything. She had a feeling being raped like this had been painful, but she could not seem to remember why.

She had felt guilt when thinking about someone, but she did not know who that was.

“You can feel it, can’t you? Now, Machina, stick out your tongue. I have more juices just for you.”


She only knew the voice clinging to her eardrums was horribly pleasant.

That voice that resembled someone was so very pleasant.

She stuck out her tongue as told. A tentacle slipped into her mouth, split apart again and again like a sea anemone, and licked across each tooth, her gums, the inside of her cheeks, and the entire surface and underside of her tongue.

The girl felt like she was floating as she wrapped her extended tongue around the base of the tentacle as if returning the favor.

“Here it comes.”


The tentacle once more spewed out that nectar that had been evolved just for her and that made her genes its slave.

“Nfh…? Nn, nn.”

As it flowed thickly into her mouth, she happily breathed from her nose, rolled it around on her tongue, and finally swallowed it.

Her body had already been heated by the pleasure in her nipples, but now a shallow sense of orgasm filled her from her blood vessels. Her slender waist hopped rhythmically in time with the movements of her throat.

“Delicious, isn’t it?”


The oddly raw-smelling nectar intoxicated the girl more than any alcoholic drink.

The demon had refined and brewed this sexual fluid just for her, so of course her human mind had no way of fighting it.

“You are truly mine now, Machina. But I want more than just a horny slut. I will remake you into a receptacle for my seed.”

The tentacle raping her mouth with such obscene sounds pulled away.

The incomplete injection of the demonic drug allowed a slight glimmer of reason to return to the girl’s obscenely damp eyes.

As the fluid dripped from the tip, it recombined into a single octopus-like tentacle. Then it moved to the girl’s lower stomach which it had intentionally avoided until now.


Her body was lifted up with the limbs still bound. She floated up into the air while supported by the slime and she was tilted forward with her legs spread. The breasts hang heavily down with the sea anemones still attached.

Her spread legs caused the skintight suit to dig into her crotch. The material was part plastic and part fabric, so it was both somewhat rough and somewhat resilient. A great number of suckers sucked at her crotch through that material.

“S-stop… Don’t touch…me…”

The sensation to this new location produced a weak voice of protest.

“What are you talking about? I can feel the heat even through your clothes.”

Frustratingly, Machina knew better than anyone how that inappropriate location was emitting enough nectar to look like she had wet herself. Warm liquid was dripping down her inner thighs, her knees, and even her calves.

With a unique and obscene waving motion, the Incubus pressed at and massaged the upside-down m-shape of her mons pubis that showed through the suit.

“Just listen to that obscenely wet sound when I touch it. It might be waterproof, but that isn’t enough to hide the throbbing wetness of it all, you slut.”

“Ah, ahh…no…”

Machina had barely been teased by kind Mutsuki, so toying with her throbbing hidden flesh was quite effective.

Each time the tentacles pushed at her flesh or wriggled against it, pleasure so great it brought a chill soaked deep into her vagina.

“No? Heh heh heh. You’ve already returned to your senses? What an adorable girl. I’m liking you more and more.”

The demon turned over its stroking tentacles for further sexual torment.

The kneading had caused the sexual flower petals to open up below her suit. The technology behind the suit’s design allowed the diamond shape of swollen flesh to show through with almost cruel clarity.

The suckers on the back of the tentacles began a wave-like motion.

“Ahhhhh… Ah, ah~~~?”

Machina was swallowed up by a series of light climaxes.

Not only did the friction rub at her, but the small suckers attached themselves to the hot and melting garden inside those lips of flesh.

They sucked and let go and then sucked again. She had never felt this before. It was like having countless mouths performing cunnilingus by sweetly pecking at every part of her secret garden. The tone of her moaning rose higher and higher.

The throbbing diamond shape spread wider and the surface alone grew hotter.


“Heh heh heh. Well? You can’t stand it, can you? But it isn’t enough, is it? After sucking out my juices, your slutty womb won’t rest until it’s been impregnated, so the entrance alone won’t be nearly enough.”


Machina clenched her teeth and fought the longing of her throbbing lower stomach that brought tears to her eyes.

This was indeed a kind of sexual pleasure she had never felt before and she had trouble hiding the frustration.

The tentacles were only attacking the surface, so there was little stimulation for her throbbing womb or the pathway leading there. The wave-like groping from before had provided some stimulation there, but the sucker attack alone was not enough.

“You want it, don’t you? Your pussy has been opening all on its own to beg for it.”

Her horny pussy lips had spread wide enough to see the hole deep inside. She had not needed to be told and her eyebrows twisted in self-loathing.

The demon decided it was about time and targeted her right thigh instead.

“Now, it is time to choose, Machina.”

The waterproof skintight suit had been unable to protect her upper body because the chest and shoulders were open, but it had not allowed the tentacles into her lower body.

However, there was a seam at the thigh for putting it on or taking it off. It was zipped closed on the inside to preserve the waterproofing, so nothing should have been able to slip in from the outside. But…

“Unzip this. Then I will give you what your throbbing pussy desires most.”


The sucker-covered tentacle crawled along the seam.

Unzipping that would leave her suit defenseless at the point closest to her secret lips. It would mean accepting the demon into her body.

“N-no. I don’t…want it.”

She shook her head. But…



The tentacles attacking everywhere but her secret lips were as active as ever. They wrapped around her entire body and tightly squeezed her slender frame.

Her breasts were squeezed too tightly to see the white skin at the base. The sea anemones sucked at and penetrated the nipples and the vibration in her milk ducts send surges of pleasure sharply up her spine.

She could not stop her hips from wiggling and tentacles approached her butt that already glowed with the slime’s moisture. They transformed into starfish-like palms and squeezed at the cheeks on either side.

After what Mutsuki had done earlier, her anus reacted on its own and a sweet throbbing filled it. The demon noticed and began stickily sucking at it until the ring of the sphincter was visible in the skintight material.

As for her mouth…

“Nn, nn…ahhbh.”

Another sticky tentacle squirted a yogurt-like fluid inside.

She closed her mouth to avoid it, but the raw smell of the sticky facial was sexual enough to melt her brain.


The Incubus had not ordered her to, but her tongue had been trained well enough to lick the extract from her pink lips.

After the first lick, she could not stop. Her small tongue moved in every direction to lick the substance from her face. When the tentacle came in for a kiss, she allowed it inside her mouth and returned the caress with her tongue.

(N-no. I can’t do this. At this rate…)

Her rational mind had returned, but it faded in the face of this demonic drug.

As pleasure danced in her breasts, she was overwhelmed by the masochistic intoxication that Mutsuki had made sure she felt when someone toyed with her anus.

Her mind melted and she could not fight it any longer.

“Now, let me inside, Machina.”


“Truly become my slave and my wife.”


A glowing golden thread appeared along the zipper the tentacle had indicated.

It audibly unzipped and a seam of a few centimeters opened.

“Ah…ah…ah…ah, ah, ah…!”

Definite “flesh” with amazing flexibility and resiliency invaded the girl’s innermost territory.

As promised, it crawled up her white thigh while making no detours and chose to attack her vagina with its sticky suckers first. As soon as it noticed the heat that seemed impossible for human skin, it confidently parted the folds and pushed its way deep inside.

“Ah…ahhh! ~~~~~~?”

“Heh heh. All I did was stick the tip in and you came? What an impatient whore.”

When the long-awaited sensation arrived, only the tip had to push in for Machina to twist her lovely slender waist and send her hips on a lewd dance.

The demon flesh used its flexibility to widen the labyrinthine crucible of folds.

“Hm? There’s another male’s cum inside here. Not that it matters. Your body will soon be made to only ovulate for my seed.”

After relaxing the complicated vaginal pathway, it applied pressure from within that not even a fully erect penis could hope to match.

“Ah, ahhh… St-stop. That’s…that’s amazing.”

Mutsuki was the only member of the opposite sex who had been welcomed inside there before and the inner walls were stretched by a thickness much like his. As the manly hardness rubbed against her, sweet juices oozed from the inner flesh.

“How about that? Can’t stand it, can you? …Heh heh. I bet you’re sensitive here.”


The Incubus was excellent at searching out her weak points and it began rubbing against the band of bumps on the navel-side of her vagina.

Commonly known as the G-spot, that was a girl’s greatest weak point. Mutsuki’s penis was a perfect match, so the head would fit perfectly in place to rub against it during sex.

She could not stand how the suckers attached to that spot and repeatedly pecked at it. She moaned in pleasure with a feverishly empty look in her eyes.

The narrow tip finally reached the deepest point.

“It seems your body is already preparing itself for conception. Your womb has lowered quite a bit and your cervix has loosened.”

The demon continued its invasion while confidently pointing out Machina’s horny reactions.

The tip transformed into a sea anemone as it approached the center of the hard donut shape.

“Nn… Nhaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

The same narrow threads of flesh that had entered her milk ducts easily invaded that hole as well.

Invading the womb may have been a normal part of sex for an Incubus, but it was not a sensation a human was meant to experience. The girl screamed for a bit at the feeling of having her entire stomach violated.

But the demon showed no mercy. As the layer of flesh squeezed down on it, it used its unique obscene waves of motion to stroke along that region meant for a baby.

“Kh, hn, nn. …Th-this is…ahhhh?”

An almost pained confusion filled Machina as she experienced this new sort of pleasure.

When the tentacle touched the inside of her womb, she felt like it had captured her entire being.

Submission and slavery. Feelings she could not fight continued welling up inside her.

“Heh heh. Yes, a woman must be tamed through the womb.”

“Nn, ahh…ahhh…”

Thanks to the intensity of the womb rape, her vaginal flesh rapidly grew obedient and accepted the kneading of the tentacle. The flesh even sucked lovingly at the tentacle and squirted out hot and sticky nectar.

“Oh, look at that. You’re about to ovulate. That means you’re accepting me as the master who is meant to impregnate you.”

The slender tentacle stroked provocatively along the inner walls of her baby garden.


This was different from the pleasure surging through her nerves as her vagina was toyed with. It was an irresistible intoxication, as if her very soul was being sucked on.

The reaction spread to the rest of her and horribly sweet breaths escaped from her beautiful nose.

“If I give you one last dose of my juices here, you will become a true slut that can think of nothing but receiving my seed and bearing my child.”

“Eh…? Ah, n-no…”

Her mouth and her body gave the exact opposite response to the idea of bearing the demon’s child.

Her mouth rejected it. She did not want to bear a demon’s child and she could not let her body be used for that.

But her body – her womb and vagina – tightened seductively down on the tentacle inside them as if asking to be impregnated.

“No need to be shy. Everything down here is telling me you want it.”

“No… Ahh, ah, ah… Don’t shake me up inside.”

“Say it. Say you want my juices. Say you want to become my true slave and become a slut that does nothing but bear my children forevermore.”

The entire tentacle made a waving motion starting from the suckers attached tightly to her G-spot.

Her own reaction had narrowed her vagina, so the movement stirred up the flesh all the more intensely.

She thought everything around her hips was going to melt and she arched her back. Her breasts bounce with the sea anemone tentacles still attached.

(N-no. No. Ah…)

Frustratingly, she was trapped by the spirit of servitude emanating from her womb, so the demon’s every word stabbed deep into her heart.

She began to think that bearing this demon’s child might not be so bad after all. And the rational mind needed to shake her out of this abnormal state was melting away from the pleasure of the intense vaginal attack.

This decision was far greater than the one to open the zipper earlier. She wanted to reject it, but she was trapped by a sense of submission and pleasure that far exceeded that desire.


“How about it? Hm?”

The Incubus dug into her nipples, licked at her anal flesh, and soaked her vagina with its demonic fluids.

And most importantly, she was controlled by the womb that was about to accept the demon.


Her hips pulled back with the tentacle still penetrating them. Her upper body leaned further forward, putting her in something like a crawling position.

It was the pose that animals instinctually took when mating.

“I…want it.”

Her tearful voice was weak, but the words clearly left her mouth.

“Heh heh heh.”

The tentacle began spewing its fluids across her womb.

This demonic drug had been developed exclusively for Ibekusa Machina, so its delectable flavor seemed to melt her mind and it led her straight to orgasm when it reached her blood vessels.

(Ah…kh… No, in m-my stomach…it’s so sweet…)

Even when it struck her womb, she could tell it contained the flavor, wavelength, and molecular structure that brought her more joy than any other. When it flowed down her fallopian tubes, she could taste it as if she had a tongue growing inside her womb.

“Ah…aheh, ah?”

The sweet flavor in the genes provided a new level of depth to the womb rape that had already ensnared her. Her usually expressionless face melted in utter bliss, like a young child who had just eaten a superb shortcake.

“Now you are truly mine, Ibekusa Machina.”

The wave she felt at the end of the tentacle produced a tightening and wriggling of her womb, but she could tell the far-too-delicious demonic extract had set the ovulation process in motion. The demon’s mocking laughter rang in her eardrums.

Machina said nothing and simply looked happy as her skewered body occasionally shook.

The angels watched in a daze as the sexual atmosphere enveloped them as well.

The girl was slowly swallowed up by the giant mass of black flesh.

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