Adolescent Adam

Volume 9, Chapter 7 - Avalon and Lucya

Volume 9, Chapter 7 – Avalon and Lucya

Ten days had passed.

Ange and the other angels had all stopped their work and returned to heaven due to Adam shutting everything down and the necessity of a punishment hearing regarding Micha and Lilith’s actions.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki was in FeTUS’s custody.

He ended up living in that grassy underground field with Lucia who had refused to leave his side.

As usual, tea was being prepared at the white wooden table there.

“Have a seat.”


He generally shared tea with Machina, Lucia, and…

“Phew, this new body’s shoulders get so stiff. It’s getting to be a real problem.”

…a voluptuous woman he had never before seen.

She was an adult beauty with narrow, angular eyes, an icy musk, and full lips that seemed wet with lipstick. She was mostly slender, but her bust and butt were noticeably curvy and she only ever wore a thin robe which gave glimpses of those curves when she moved.

“Um, are you really Alice-chan?”

“I am. Well, I am technically a clone given a backup of the original’s memories to avoid any chaos within FeTUS if anything were to happen to me.”

He never would have imagined that little girl could look like this. His heart pounded and he reached for the tea to help calm himself.

She gave him a wink with her lyrical eyes and she wore a cheap bear-print ribbon on her belt. Mutsuki had given her that ribbon before.

“They could not repair the original body, but that isn’t too surprising since it was 600 years old.”

“Is…that so?”

Apparently the original – that young girl – really was dead.

The boy’s shoulders slumped because his memories told him that was his fault.

“That body was nearing its telomere lifespan anyway, so it makes little difference. Don’t let it get you down.”

“I see. But still.”

“I had kept that body so young because everyone recognized that as the manager of FeTUS, but I had wanted a proper adult body for a while. This finally gave me the excuse I wanted.”

She actually held her chest out happily.

“Heh heh heh. Check out these titties. Miss D and the others can’t lord it over me any longer.”


“Spending centuries as a child seems to have left her with some deep-seated issues,” said the rabbit doll.

“Quiet, you.”

The look she gave her rabbit friend looked much more liberated and bright than the scowl she had shown as a child.

Mutsuki still felt bad, but if she said she was happier this way, he would try not to let it bother him too much.

“And it seems that body was the only real loss throughout this whole affair.”

FeTUS had spent the last 10 days investigating and it seemed the side effects of that few hours of turmoil had been unexpectedly small.

Everyone who had their Fruit of Knowledge taken had lost all memory of it happening and the world simply saw it as everyone zoning out for a few hours. Since all memory of it had been lost, only those who had been monitoring the time closely for their job had even noticed something was amiss. FeTUS’s primary job over the past 10 days had been to lock down that minority of people and alter their data or memories as needed.

Some people had a lingering feeling of unexplained happiness, but that had faded with time and people had stopped talking about it by now. Since everyone’s safety had been guaranteed throughout, no one had been lost. Those who had been on their deathbeds had apparently managed to pass away feeling fulfilled, but they were barely even a rounding error in the total numbers. Online, there were theories that some country had tested a psychological weapon, that a solar flare had been used to hack the brains of the earthlings, or magnetism had messed with relativity to alter the flow of time, but those were all being treated as absurd urban legends at this point.

Japanese TV was entirely ignoring the strange phenomenon to instead focus on how Deputy Prime Minister Ookura’s ship had been carried to a certain academy and destroyed the clock tower there. Investigation of the ship had uncovered suspicions of him misappropriating tax money, so the news was full of adults in suits speaking into microphones with concerned looks on their faces.

Most everyone online and on TV was enjoying watching the scandal play out.

So in the end, Miss A really did seem to be the only thing that had changed.


Feeling like it had all been meaningless, Mutsuki took a sip of the tea which had gone cold by now.

“Are you unhappy with this result?”

The witch seemed to see right through him, so he smiled bitterly.

“I am, even though I would only have more regrets if things had changed more.”

But with nothing changed, he could not quite figure out what he had even done at all.

Was what he had done wrong?

He still had the memories of his time mixed with Lilith, but that had been a different person who seemed to make decisions based on fairly different criteria. Anything had been possible for him when faced with intelligent life and he had understood that on a deep level and based his actions on that fact. It had all felt like a sort of arrogance.

Perhaps that was simply how a perfect being thought.

Regardless, that was different from how a human like Mutsuki thought. Now that they had separated, it seemed blatantly obvious to him that taking everyone’s human forms from them was messed up.

But had it been the wrong thing to do?

That he did not know.

It seemed wrong based on human standards, but what about nonhuman standards?

He had thrown out a world where everyone was happy, there was no discrimination or conflict, all discord was gone, and no one would be hurt.

Had that really been the right thing to do?

The Kurosaki facility had been destroyed, but similar facilities apparently existed all over Japan and even more extreme slave facilities were said to exist around the world. The people who enjoyed trampling on others would still be laughing while making toys out of the people who wanted to outwit everyone else.

He had chosen that world.

Had that been the right thing to do?

“Does discord frighten you?”


He was taken aback by that sudden question.

The witch did not repeat her question and instead tossed a large hard candy into her mouth. Unable to ask her to repeat herself, he simply sat there in confusion. Until…

“Oh, the test results are in.”

The entire conversation was cut short when the rabbit doll’s red eyes flashed as it received some kind of transmission.

At the same time, a door appeared on the grassy field.

“Ugh, I’m so exhausted. Oh, there you are, Mutsuki-kun?”

Lucia, who was also being confined here, walked in. Although he might as well have been a guest since FeTUS lacked the ability to restrain him.

He was in his female body today. His brown skin was identical to that of Lucya, the girl who had been Eve for Avalon. Mutsuki had finally stopped dreaming about that Adam from millennia ago.

Miss D, aka Daima Makoto, entered with him.

“He – or she? – is indeed a demonized version of the previous Eve’s body. The genetics and spiritual identifiers are identical.”

“Can we us that?”


Miss D discussed something with Miss A.

Mutsuki was not quite sure what this was about, but Lucia had apparently been told. He (she?) grinned while clinging to the boy. Just like he always had.

“I’m willing to ‘help out’ right away, so could we have some privacy? Could we also have a bed…yes, one made from a pile of straw? The kind that doesn’t prickle.”

“Yes, yes.”

The rabbit must have known what he meant because its eyes flashed and the grassy field hologram changed to the wheat field Mutsuki had dreamed of. A straw bed was roughly laid out at the edge of the field.

“To combat the rivalry, we would like to complete the genetic spiral from your sperm and egg cells. There is so much we can do once we have the genetic pattern.”

“We were hoping to do this in a purer form with Miss E, but humans have a long history of making do with whatever method is available.”

“Um, what does that mean?”

Mutsuki was confused, but the witches’ reluctance to come out and say it gave him a pretty good idea what this meant.

“It means this?”

In the end, Lucia answered while placing his arms around Mutsuki’s neck. He rolled them onto the straw bed and kissed him.

“Heh heh heh heh. They say this will hold off the possibility of humanity’s destruction for just a while longer. Isn’t that what you want, Mutsuki-kun? Heh heh heh heh.”

This had always been FeTUS’s goal.

The rivalry was still approaching, but they had figured out how to stop it.

Mutsuki’s Adam sperm had to be implanted within the Holy Grail, the cloned Eve womb within Machina. Then they would make a copy of that genetic information and send the data around the world to regenerate the Fruit of Knowledge that deteriorated with each consecutive generation until the rivalry occurred.

But now they had a non-cloned version of Eve’s body. That would give the plan even higher odds of success.

However, that would mean…

“Um, you want me to…impregnate Lucia-kun?”

“That’s right?”


Mutsuki was dumbfounded.

He could save humanity by impregnating his male friend. He had gone on quite a journey over the past half a month after seeing the dark side of humanity, but he had certainly never expected it to end here.

Lucia laughed when he saw how shaken Mutsuki was by this.

“Well, that would be best, but those humans say an actual pregnancy isn’t strictly necessary. They say they can manage as long they get some data. Today, they hope to get enough data to help them implant the sperm cells they’ve already taken from you into the Holy Grail.”


That meant impregnating Machina with his child was still the plan.

“Stop thinking about it all so much, okay?”

Well-tanned arms wrapped around his neck.

“Let’s start by testing out this body. Hee hee hee. I still haven’t tried out sex as a girl.”

That was apparently Lucia’s reason for being so cooperative here.


Miss A and the Witches were telling him to do this too. It felt too soon to have a baby, but he was not opposed to providing them with some data.

Lucia opened the front of his dress shirt to reveal a few electrodes attached to his stomach. Since they only wanted some data, there were apparently no restrictions for Mutsuki.

He agreed that the rivalry had to be stopped, so he leaned back into the straw bed.

“Mutsuki-kun, how much do you remember about Lucya?”

“Hm, that she was a cheerful person who smiled a lot.”

She had been blonde and dark-skinned, although he was pretty sure her hair had been a bit longer than Lucia’s was right now.

“So a lot like me?”

“Not that much, really.”

Lucia was a bit too toxic to match that innocent smile.

“Hm, that’s too bad. But it makes sense. I only got Lucya’s body, so I don’t have her Fruit of Knowledge and thus don’t have her memories.”

“Makes sense. But that’s fine.”

They did look a lot alike when disappointed, so Mutsuki laughed a little.

“Avalon-san loved Lucya-san, but we’re different people from them.”


They kissed.

Mutsuki had done it with him a few times in his male body, but as a girl, his lips were a little fuller and softer. Was there really that much of a difference between the sexes? He wondered how it had been while he had a female body.

It felt weird being watched and having data recorded, but he was used to having sex with girls.

Between kisses, he gently placed his weight on the body lying on the straw bed.

Lucia’s body was now genetically identical to Lucya’s. Instead of tanned skin, his skin was naturally brown, just like Micha’s. The exotic charm grew as more skin was bared and that caused Mutsuki’s heart to race.

“Eh heh heh?”

Lucia laughed bashfully once he was stripped bare.

The growth of the body was apparently based on Lucia’s normal body, so he looked really young, although not as much as Ange. His chest was a B-cup or maybe a little bigger and the lines of his stomach had just enough fat to be cute.

Mutsuki rubbed at his waist.

“Nh…that tickles.”

“Because I’m tickling you. …Okay, spread your legs.”


His lower body looked more mature with the length from his thighs to ankles looking especially healthy and sexy.

The inner thighs and butt tended to not have as much color for someone who was tanned, but his skin remained brown everywhere.

Which was why the light pink color stood out so much.

“Does it feel weird to have a pussy?” asked Mutsuki while rubbing along those healthy thighs.

“I wouldn’t say weird, but…how to describe it? It’s just different, I guess.”

“Yeah, it was the same for me. But…”

Then he touched the entrance.


“When someone touches it, it sends a jolt deep inside you that lets you know you don’t have a male body anymore.”

“Ah ha ha. It kinda does. …You really know your stuff.”

“Because of you.”

That part of Lucia had already heated up and was melting on the inside, but the outer lips remained stiff and somewhat hard. His clitoris was larger than Ange’s and the others’ and looked big enough to simply grab, but maybe that was the result of living as a boy for so long.

Mutsuki decided to gently rub that clitoris.

“Nh, ah…nhh.”

The straw below stirred as Lucia’s body bent backwards.

“The clit is great, isn’t it? The pleasure from there is the most familiar.”

“Nh, ah, ahhhhn, I-it is, but…ahn.”

He rolled it around lightly enough to not hurt and then moved his face in.

He pressed his tongue against it.


Lucia sounded a little scared of that pleasant sensation softer than a finger.

He seemed to understand just how much pleasure was coming.

“Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Ahhhh, yes, ahhhh, my dick, my dick is meltiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?”

Mutsuki moved his tongue in a circular motion.

Stimulation to that “dick” was the most effective for someone who normally lived as a boy. The surge of pleasure from the clitoris would be exploding in Lucia’s womb. Sure enough, his childlike body was convulsing on the straw.

Mutsuki kept the base of his tongue on the clit while he stuck the tip inside the vagina.

“Nh, hh, hhhh, ah, i-it’s entering me.”

Lucia had yet to recover from the jolt from his clitoris when this new vaginal pleasure reached him.

“What?? Ahh, what is this!? Mutsuki-kun, you’re so good at thiiiiis???”

Lucia’s female body was extremely sensitive, but more than that, Mutsuki was incredibly skilled at oral sex.

“Heh heh. Enjoy it all you want.”

After a mischievous smile, Mutsuki kept using his tongue.

This exact technique had been used on him during his 5 days as a girl, so he knew just how effective it was.

He remembered how incredible it had felt when Shuntarou had done this to him. He had always cum dozens of times. More than simply feeling pleasure, he had never managed to remain in control of himself. He would suddenly lose track of what was going on while being licked and he would suddenly find himself kissing the man while saying how much he loved him.

By the end, simply hearing that Shuntarou was going to do that had melted his mind, caused his clitoris to throb, and made him cum just from imagining it while blowing the man.


It was terribly embarrassing to think back on.

In fact, thinking back on it had left his dick rock hard, so he decided he needed to seal off those memories.

And to avoid talking about that…


He lifted up Lucia’s lower body.

That made it easier to lick and easier to send his tongue into the vagina.

“Ahh, Mutsuki-kun, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

“Then cum. As many times as you like.”

The unfamiliar female pleasure swallowed up Lucia in no time.


His lifted legs twitched in Mutsuki’s grasp.

Mutsuki could feel his vagina squeezing at his tongue.

“Ahh…ah, ahh.”

Lucia seemed dazed by his first ever orgasm as a girl.

As for Mutsuki…

“Hyah! M-Mutsuki-kun?”

He pulled his tongue from the trembling vagina, but he did not pull his tongue away altogether.

The training he had received from that terribly persistent man had made Mutsuki just as terribly persistent, so his tongue attacked at Lucia’s anus this time.

He stroked at the tightly-shut hole and Lucia’s eyes widened at more of a ticklishness than pleasure. Meanwhile, the fingers on his thighs crawled upwards.

And they captured his clitoris once more.

“Ahh? Ah, ahhhhhhh! I’m cumming again! I’m already cumming again!”

Mutsuki’s tongue returned to the trembling vagina.

His tongue tip coiled like a snake and rubbed at everything inside, so Lucia could only cry out in pleasure for a while afterwards.

“Um, the purpose of this is for you to cum inside me, okay?”

“R-right, sorry. I got carried away.”

“I can’t believe this? Now my girl body can’t live without you either?”

When Lucia had started to convulse after climaxing a few times, Mutsuki had finally returned to his senses.

They lay on the bed next to each other to calm down some.

“If I leave you in charge, you’d keep going until I passed out, so you just lie there, Mutsuki-kun.”


He could be aggressive when it came to oral, but Mutsuki was a lot more submissive in conversation and he simply did as Lucia said. It was now his turn to be lying down.

Lucia stripped Mutsuki’s clothes off and the manly thing at his crotch stood straight up.

“Heh heh. I bet that beast would destroy my ass, but maybe this hole can handle it.”

Lucia had initially simply been curious about sex as a girl, but after experiencing female ecstasy a few times, he was completely into it. He smiled happily and hopped up with the sound of sliding straw to straddle Mutsuki’s body.

If she lowered her body now…


Mutsuki frowned at the pronouns that had come to mind just now.

“What’s wrong?”

The change in his expression was slight, but Lucia was good at picking up on such things.

Mutsuki could not find the words and simply stared at the visual above him. A brown-skinned girl was eagerly straddling him with her blonde hair fluttering behind her.

“Did I just remind you of Lucya?”

“Eh? N-no.”

That question brought him back to his senses.

Lucia was in fact mistaken because Mutsuki had been reminded of something much more recent than his past life.

He had simply recalled a similar situation when he had lost his virginity back in April.

“Hee hee. I don’t care who I made you think of as long as you’ll love me here and now.”

Lucia really did not seem to care as he lifted one of his legs.

This was his first time to do it as a girl, but he straddled Mutsuki’s hard cock without any hesitation and then lowered his hips. His entire weight bore down on the somewhat hard entrance of that flesh tunnel.

The penis slipped inside with a pleasant amount of resistance.

The reactor within had already melted and was soaked with thick nectar. The difference between the outer lips and the inside of the vagina may have been the greatest he had ever felt.

“Nh, nh…nhhhhhh? Wow, this might be even better than doing it in the butt?”

Lucia did not seem afraid of feeling any pain from that thick cock as he slid his hips down.

The untouched female flesh probed curiously at what had entered it, so Mutsuki felt the usual sensation of entering a vagina.

“Ah…hh…this is…kind of similar.”

It felt rude, but Mutsuki ended up comparing this vagina to the others he had experienced.

It reminded him a lot of Lucya’s and…

“Nh, nhhh…ah, this is, ha ha, really good, Mutsuki-kun. I could get used to this.”

“Is that because the body itself has some experience? Or…”

Mutsuki could not tell if Lucia had a hymen or not, but he did not sense the usual tension he felt in a girl her first time.

No matter how hard the intruder was and no matter how rough it was on the soft flesh within, Lucia’s vagina knew it was meant to be inside him. His vagina knew it would bring him pleasure.

That put Mutsuki at ease, so he gathered strength in his lower stomach.

“Ah, ahhhhhh, it just got bigger again?”

Lucia moaned half in surprise and half in delight as the male organ inside him grew even more grotesquely large.

“I-I’m going to move, Mutsuki-kun. Nh, I don’t know if I can do a good job of it, though.”

“Go ahead. Move your hips however it feels best for you.”

Mutsuki pushed gently up from below to help out.


Lucia’s skinny body twisted as the massive member pushed even deeper inside him.

Hot juices flowed out to soak Mutsuki’s entire penis. The juices helped transmit the heat of the penis to the vaginal flesh, making them feel even more connected.

“I-it’s, ahn, too thick…but I think I…like it that way. Nh, ahn.”

Lucia quickly got used to it and began to enjoy it.

He must have been trying to use his hips since his blonde hair hopped up and down while his body awkwardly did the same.

It was an unpracticed movement, but it provided plenty of stimulation at their union. The up and down stroking caused Mutsuki’s face to loosen while the swollen head rubbed at Lucia on the inside.

“Ahhhhhhhh? Ahh, ahhhhhhhn?”

Sweat covered that brown skin, giving him a seductive shine.

His breasts were just about the only soft fat on his skinny body and they bounced along with the up and down movement.

“Hey, ahn? Mutsuki-kun, I’m really close.”

Lucia was apparently approaching another orgasm after experiencing several just a bit ago. He spoke while letting his hips rest and enjoying the sensation of the penis rubbing against his womb.

Mutsuki nodded while teasing his lovely breasts.

“Go ahead. Cum as many times as you want.”

He thrust up from below to help Lucia along.

“Ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn?”

That was enough for Lucia to go limp and collapse forward.

He looked like he was doing a pushup while his lifted brown butt trembled. That was meant to escape the upwards thrusting at least a little, but….

“Ahhhhn, ahn? You’re mean, Mutsuki-kun. So mean.”

Mutsuki showed no mercy as he continued thrusting from below.

Lucia had a different body, but he was still the same person on the inside. He was a strongly submissive type who enjoyed it more the more he was dominated, so Mutsuki prioritized that. He stirred up Lucia’s internal flesh while occasionally adding in a circular motion.

Lucia’s slender shoulders shook and he did not know how to process what he was feeling. Instead of an attack on just his crotch like with a male body, the pleasure spread throughout his body and even filled his mind.


Mutsuki grabbed Lucia’s butt while supplying the finishing blow.

He pulled Lucia toward him while thrusting deep inside to push on his womb.


Lucia could no longer even speak.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh? Ahhhhhn? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh???”

His sweetly damp body trembled while he achieved climax.


He felt an orgasm from his womb instead of from his clitoris like before.

His vagina’s reactions completely changed. The internal flesh squeezed in stages as if to devour the penis within.

Mutsuki experienced it all as pleasure and then he achieved climax as well.

Only as his plentiful cum flowed deep inside Lucia did he recall this had been the entire point.

“Pant, pant.”

He trembled from ejaculatory pleasure so great he saw lights flashing in his eyes.

For a brief moment, he recalled when he had lost his virginity in April.

While holding Lucia in his arms, he recalled how he had been entirely at his partner’s mercy back then. But now he could take the lead.

He was gradually growing up.


Lucia tried to catch his breath and the cords attached to his stomach vibrated to say they had received some kind of reading.

Eventually, it calmed back down.

“Hey, Mutsuki-kun?”


“Were you reminded of Lucya?”

Lucia sounded somewhat worried, but Mutsuki had entirely forgotten about that name.

“Now that you mention it, I guess Avalon-san and Lucya-san must have done this too, huh?”

He grabbed some of the straw they were using as a bed.

Even the situation was the same, and yet…

“I was only thinking about having sex with you, Lucia-kun.”

“Eh heh? Same here.”

Lucia pressed happily against him, so Mutsuki held him close and shut his eyes.

He no longer saw that wheat field.

He doubted he would ever again dream of his past life.

“Did you get the data?”

Miss A and Miss D were using their HQ’s prized supercomputer to process the data they had received.

“Plenty. Even the wavelengths from the deepest part. We should be able to use this to reconstruct the formula and replace the Holy Grail.”

“So the data says we could use this to fight back against the rivalry, does it?” Miss A sighed quietly. “But for all we know, this will be used as an excuse to let the rivalry happen or it will trigger an even more gruesome demise next time around. Still, the more methods at our disposal the better. I feel like we have acquired a valuable tool toward achieving the final step.”

“The final step?”

“FeTUS’s plan remains to have the boy use the Holy Grail. That means he must produce a child with Miss E out of pure feelings of love.”

“It is? …Yes, I suppose that would be for the best.”

Miss D smiled in a soft way that revealed her emotions in a way she rarely did while dressed as a maid. She then gathered the acquired data into a single file.

She included the backups and then deleted the file.

Data was no more than data and there would be no need for this data anytime soon.

When you got down to it, FeTUS’s plan was the terribly romantic idea that love would overcome the rivalry.

The Witches were girls and this was one of their biggest flaws.


Miss D’s expression changed once she completed the work.

They were still receiving data. Those two must have begun a second round and the instruments showed Lucia’s vagina growing hotter.

“Th-they’re still at it?”

Miss D blushed.

“The Fujita Boy is still Adam after all. His excessive sexual desire will remain that way. If anything, it will grow further as he grows up.”

“I-I suppose it would.”

“Wow, he does it rough. He’s pounding that demon even harder than the first time.”

“Y-you don’t need to provide a running commentary.”

The data alone was enough to see how rough the sex was.

The maid breathed a deep sigh and clutched her skirt.

She twisted her hips as if to say what lay below that skirt refused to settle down.

“Come to think of it, he did Miss B and Miss C at the same time in that grownup form.”


“It was awful, Miss A. That version of him was like an incarnation of lust, so he did it with those two until they passed out. I was certain he was going to move on to me next, but he said it would be too awkward doing it with me and moved on!”

“Did you want him to do you?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that! But I didn’t like being the only one he turned down either! …Of course, that was about when we went to the HQ to pursue Jiyuuni-san’s group, so there wouldn’t have been time regardless,” she grumbled. “I really thought I might finally lose my virginity.”

“You could just go over and ask him, you know?”

“I couldn’t possibly! I’m his teacher!”

She had some sense as far as that was concerned, so she shook her head.

But that did nothing to get rid of her womanly desires, so her mind kept turning toward her skirt’s contents.

Miss A shrugged in an exasperated way.


Then she reached for her chest.


She now had a much bigger and adult body and she had just noticed her nipples were erect.

Her adult body was reacting to the sexual situation in a way her child’s body never had.

“Well, this is interesting.”

“What is?” asked Miss D.

“Oh, nothing. Anyway, has heaven contacted us yet?”

“Let me check…oh, they just did. Jiyuuni-san…Ange-san has apparently just returned to earth. I will send Miss E to meet her.”

“I see. In that case…”

“Yes, it is time for Miss E to get to work.”

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