Adolescent Adam

Volume 9, Chapter 8 - Adolescent Adam

Volume 9, Chapter 8 – Adolescent Adam

Up in heaven, Michael was removed from her mission on the surface.

Ange was allowed to remain the Fujita boy’s bodyguard and Rapha was already working to assist her, so no additional angels were sent in.

Lilith was imprisoned in heaven.

Detaining the mother of all demons would destroy the power balance between heaven and hell, so she would eventually be released, but only after an agreement was reached between those two realms.

Preparations would take a century, so she would not leave heaven during Mutsuki’s lifespan.

Mutsuki was allowed back home that day.

There was not much risk in returning to his family home now, but he returned to that apartment because that was what he was used to. The demons had calmed down, but there was still a chance some stray demon would attack, so heaven and FeTUS had recommended he stay there.

He had returned to his life at the apartment.

The biggest change was Micha’s absence, and…


“This is your home now, isn’t it?”

“Positive. That is correct.” Machina set down her large bag and nodded. “I-I am home.”

“Welcome home, Ibekusa-san.”

Heaven had sent a traitor like Micha, but they still had control of Fujita Mutsuki.

As a compromise, FeTUS had suggested that Miss E, aka Ibekusa Machina, move in with him.

That allowed heaven and the human world to share the boy and placed them on equal footing, which was awfully convenient for FeTUS. Heaven had no choice but to agree after the fiasco with Micha.

Hell was left out of that agreement, but hell had never been one for obeying rules. Lucia was not remotely hesitant about visiting.

The only real change to Mutsuki’s life was trading Micha for Machina as a roommate.

“God, this is why I hate you humans. We make one teensy mistake and you take us to the cleaners over it.”

“Calm down, Ange.”

“Just so you know, Ibekusa, no matter what heaven might say, you have to follow my rules if you’re going to live with me. Upset me and I’m kicking you out!”


Ange was more opposed to the change than anyone.


“That’s so good!”

“Wow, it really is. And it has plenty of vegetables for proper nutrition.”

“…I see.”

Machina made them dinner that day, but…

“I didn’t realize you could cook, Ibekusa-san.”

“I learned the other day.”

For the first meal cooked there in around two weeks, they had a homecooked meal of crab fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, soup, and ginger pork.

Machina made it all.

Ange mumbled quietly with the spoon still in her mouth.

“W-well, we did cause you a lot of trouble and I wouldn’t want that conflict to drag on needlessly. You can stay here.”

“I am glad to hear it.”

They reached an agreement quick.

That was a relief, but Mutsuki was more surprised by Machina’s unexpected special skill.

Since she claimed to have learned to cook “the other day”, she could not be all that accustomed to it, yet her skill was impeccable. Was this some kind of witch’s power? He had the skill built up over a decade of cooking for his family, but she seemed to have surpassed even him.

That may have been the biggest change with her replacing Micha. Whenever Micha was in charge of a meal, she would provide burgers wrapped in paper adorned with the letter M.

“I can do all the cooking. Is that okay with you?”

They had no objection to Machina’s suggestion.

Mutsuki had always been in charge of the housework here, so he was happy for the extra time and the improved food quality. Although he did wonder if he would know what to do with himself during the newfound free time.

“That sounds good to me,” he said. “Oh, but I’ll help out too of course.”

“Yes, I do want to eat your miso soup again.”

The two of them came up with some rules while washing the dishes afterwards.

Machina would generally be in charge and Mutsuki would help if he had the time.

“I’m surprised you eat so much, Ibekusa-san. You only eat a single apple at lunch.”

“That is sufficient if all I need is the energy.”

“So you were enjoying the food today?”


He thought he would be more nervous having a classmate suddenly become a roommate, but the atmosphere was light as they stood side by side washing dishes. It probably helped that the two of them were already close.


FeTUS’s ultimate objective was to impregnate her with his semen, so she had come here for that purpose.

That part of it made it hard to calm down, but…


From Ange’s perspective, they looked like a newlywed couple.

“Um, where do the dishes go?”

“I’ll put them away. Since that requires more muscle.”

“Really? Okay.”

Once the washing was done, Machina returned to the living room alone.


Ange greeted her with a sullen look.

“Is something wrong? Did you not like the food?”

“The food was fine.”

“I really would prefer you tell me if you didn’t.”

“I said it was fine.”

“If my cooking upsets you, then you can ask Fujita-kun to cook for you starting tomorrow.”

“I said the food was fine.”

“I am sure he can cook those inventive but nutritious dishes of his for you again.”

“Wait, no! Don’t make me go back to that!”

That natural contrarian would often refuse to say anything when she was upset, but she had trouble with Machina’s type of honesty. She had no choice but to sigh here.

“Weren’t you going to confess to Mutsuki?”



Then she noticed Machina’s flushed face.

Her usual lack of expression made this change hard to miss.

“Um, well.”



Machina nodded just a little bit.

“N-now is not a good time. I should wait until I have settled in more.”

“Are you scared?”

“Whose fault do you think that is?”

Ange put on a lopsided frown.

She was not sure what she had done to deserve this, so she could only puzzle over it.

Machina had been acting weird ever since the resolution of that incident – when she had been taken into that young man and Ange had shaken off Lilith to bring back Mutsuki – but Ange was not sure why.

She stared at the other girl as she began finding a place for her things.


Ange knew Mutsuki would never reject her if she confessed to him, but she had enough tact to not just tell her that.

And as she thought about it…


She was even more puzzled by the feeling she briefly felt in her heart.

Imagining Machina confessing and Mutsuki accepting brought an uneasy feeling to her.

For a little bit now, she had felt this indescribable emotion whenever she thought about Mutsuki, herself, and his relationship with anyone else. But…


She did not know why she felt it.

She did recall sensing something like an answer when she had her heart taken by that young man during their fight, though.

“Whoa, hey, Lucia-kun.”

“Eh heh heh. I’m here to play. Are you done eating? If so, we can continue where we left off earlier if you catch my drift.”

Ange was lost in thought on that uneasy feeling, but she was interrupted by voices from the kitchen.

“What do you think you’re doing!?”

As usual, Lucia had appeared from nowhere and was clinging to Mutsuki.

“How did you get in here!? No, that doesn’t matter. Just get out! You’re nothing but a nuisance!”

“Oh, c’mon. I’m visiting Mutsuki-kun, not you, so stop interfering.”

“I’ll fry you up!”

“Oh? Are you sure you should be doing that? Will Ibekusa approve?”


She looked over to see Machina had come running over.

Burning a demon would be easy enough, but this specific demon was made from the previous Eve’s body and FeTUS was working to protect him. Attacking him would make an enemy of the humans.

The humans wanted Lucia to continue visiting Mutsuki because it allowed Machina to observe Mutsuki and Eve simultaneously.

That prevented Ange from interfering.

The delicate three-way balance between the angels, demons, and humans remained.

“You should really move out of this noisy apartment, Mutsuki-kun. FeTUS says they’ll give us a place, so let’s move elsewhere. Okay?”

“N-now, now.”

Mutsuki could not support any one side either, so he only ever gave vague answers.

Ange walked away because staying here would only piss her off more and Machina stopped observing them as well.

Lucia happily pressed up against Mutsuki.


Mutsuki, on the other hand, did not look delighted.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Mutsuki-kun?”

“Well, um, uh.”

The body pressed up against him now had brown skin and feminine curves.

Lucia was being especially aggressive with the chest. Unable to relax, Mutsuki rubbed his head and…

“Um, I get that you’re also Lucya-san, but to me you’ll always be Lucia-kun.”


“I guess what I’m saying is that Lucia-kun and Lucya-san are two different people, so, um.”

He had not said this earlier since FeTUS had needed their data, but he felt like he had to say it now.

Lucia blinked his eyes but seemed to catch on from the bitter smile on the boy’s face.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

A moment later, that brown skin was back to its usual pale tone.

His hipline and shoulder width were male once more too.

“It was Avalon who loved Lucya, not you.”


He had felt love toward the girl named Lucya he had seen in his dreams. It had also turned him on when he realized that was Lucia.

But that had never been more important to him than what he felt toward his friend Lucia.

Mutsuki smiled, happy his feelings had gotten through, and Lucia smiled back with his usual mix of friendliness and mischief.

“Then we can have sex with this body next time. We might discover something new.”

“Eh? Ehh!?”

Whether his feelings had indeed gotten through or not, Lucia quickly ended the conversation and grabbed his hand.

Mutsuki could be strong when it came to Ange, Machina, and Lucia, but he was still weak when they came at him by force. Lucia easily dragged him back to his room.

He did such an impressive job that the two girls could only exchange a glance as Mutsuki was snatched away.

“Wait, Lucia-kun…nmhh.”

Lucia forcibly kissed him and pushed him into the bed.

He noticed anew how different male lips felt from female ones and the pleasant sensation on his own lips drained all resistance from him.

A tickling heat grew in his lower stomach and he twisted his body.

Thanks to the way Micha took his virginity, it always turned him on when someone forcibly kissed him like this. He had a switch inside him that was not quite the same as masochism.

“Nh…Lucia, nh, are you sure you want to do this?”

He made sure to ask.

Although asking that when Lucia was being so forceful was like saying he wanted to do it too, so Lucia laughed.

“What we did today felt realllly good, but being in a girl’s body just didn’t feel right. My body might be Lucya’s, but I’ve always been a boy and that’s what feels right to me.”

Lucia stripped off his clothing with practiced hand and removed Mutsuki’s as well.

“I’m so glad you said you prefer this body, Mutsuki-kun.”


Mutsuki suddenly found himself naked after he recovered from the passionate kissing.

Lucia, also naked, climbed on top of him.

“Looks like you’re into it?”


They could see each other’s erections. There was no hiding it with a male body.

“Hm, but it is a shame you’re not still a girl, Mutsuki-kun. You looked so cute that way. I kind of want to do it like that. …Can I turn you into a girl?”

“I-I’d really rather not.”

Lucia’s power could change the sex of Mutsuki’s body at will.

He did somewhat miss the guilty feeling of doing it as a girl and the pleasure he could not experience as a boy, but he wanted to avoid that for a while. It messed with his head and was exhausting.

Lucia smiled as if to say he understood.

“Then gay sex it is. Heh heh heh. Did you know this is called frotting?”


Lucia had pulled back his foreskin to reveal the smooth pink head and he pressed it against the somewhat darker colored head of Mutsuki’s penis.

Lucia’s brighter colored one felt incredibly hot to the touch. It felt as hot as the area near the womb in a girl. And that only when the vagina had heated up in preparation for sex.

“Nh, nh, this feels really good, nh, hh.”

“Nh…ah, nh.”

Feeling another boy’s hard thing poking at his penis reminded Mutsuki of when a penis had massaged the area from his vagina to his clitoris while in a girl’s body.

It embarrassed him it felt so good, so his face grew redder and redder.

And the look on his face…

“Mutsuki-kun, you have the same look as when you were a girl.”

“And whose fault is that?”

Even he was not happy when his friend acted like he had not played a role there.

He could almost look back on it and laugh now, but those five days as a girl had been full of trauma and experiences he never should have been through.

Lucia shook his head to say sorry but also put on a mischievous smile.

“Then this isn’t your first time to do this either, is it?”


Lucia rotated himself around 180 degrees on top of Mutsuki.

They took the sixty-nine position, which brought their hot and swollen erections in front of each other’s faces.

Mutsuki knew exactly what Lucia was asking for and he looked somewhat troubled.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun. Okay?”


More than his usual willingness to do things like this with Lucia, he was motivated by the lack of unpleasantness on Lucia’s face.

When someone so innocently desired him, he had trouble resisting.



He took the penis into his mouth.

He tightened his lips around the shaft and sent his tongue crawling along it.

Lucia had never actually been given a blowjob before, so he accepted it happily but also like he was unused to this pleasure.

“Ha ha ha. You were taught how to do this, weren’t you?”

“Nhh…Yours is a lot easier to suck.”

He had been taught exactly how to give head during those 5 hellish days as a maid, but Lucia’s was a much more manageable size compared to Shuntarou’s enormous one.

More importantly, the mental hurdle was a lot lower, so it did not even feel weird to him to be sucking dick as a boy. That was very different from when he was sucking that enormous thing that gave off such a powerful hormonal scent that filled him with feminine pleasure. That pleasure had been enhanced by the hands massaging his breasts and butt. The space deep within his stomach had throbbed from it all and he had asked to swallow the man’s load without being forced to while achieving orgasm. That had all messed with his sense of identity, so this felt downright normal in comparison.

“I’ll give you lots of oral pleasure…nhh.”


This was only pleasuring the cute friend he loved so much, so it was so much easier.




This was undeniably gay sex.

It was easy to forget that distinction mattered to some people, but Ange and Machina had been in the living room and they had seen the two of them go to his room. Of course they would be able to peek in through the cracked door.

And then they would see him eagerly sucking a dick.

“A-Ange. Ibekusa-san. About this…”

He panicked.

The other boy clicked his tongue. He had finally gotten Mutsuki into it, but filling him with embarrassment would ruin the mood.

The demon boy’s mind raced to find a solution.

“Perfect timing, Ibekusa. Look how hard Mutsuki-kun’s dick is. Help me deal with that, will you?”


“Look, I’d prefer to hog it to myself, but, hey, I’m trying to get along with FeTUS right now, so I figured I should probably share it with you.”

He punctuated the offer by running his tongue along its manly length.

The action caused Mutsuki and Machina’s hips to jerk.

What they had done earlier that day would have been shared among the FeTUS Witches.

That meant Machina would have the data of Mutsuki planting his seed within Lucia.


Fighting spirit colored her usually expressionless face.

Did she see “Lucya” as a rival because she had a cloned womb within her? Or did she simply see Lucia as a rival because she had feelings for Mutsuki?

She needed no more convincing, but Lucia’s lithe fingers still wrapped around the hard shaft and began gently stroking it. The more he stimulated Mutsuki, the more erect it grew and the more the veins bulged out from it.

Machina could not maintain her lack of expression as she watched that. Her white cheeks grew flushed and she seemed drawn in toward its great size.

“Sharing it is acceptable.”

“Eh? Wait.”

Ange tried to stop her, but she ignored that and climbed onto the bed.

Her face seemed drawn toward Lucia’s beckoning fingers and she placed her tongue on the spot just below the ridge of the head.

That alone made his penis jump like it had grown another size.


That throbbing left Machina truly unable to stop what was happening here.

Any thought of the rules for living here or even basic common sense vanished from her mind. She was only thinking about how she could show her love for Fujita Mutsuki.

Over the half year since she gave him her virginity in the adjacent living room that April, he had been inside her vagina countless times, filled her womb with cum countless times, and cum all over her body hundreds of times. Every cell in her body seemed to be swearing its loyalty to the object in front of her eyes.

She wrinkled her brow as she ran her tongue lovingly across it.

Lucia was half frustrated and half bitterly amused at how she knew how to use her tongue better than him, so he started using his own tongue again.

The softer feeling of the girl’s tongue and the rougher feeling of the boy’s somewhat thinner tongue wrapped around Mutsuki’s penis.

“Ibekusa-san…nh, ahh.”

The girl’s weight on his right leg told him whose tongues those were. The saliva increased the pleasure and he was at their mercy.


Left behind, Ange seemed unsure what to do.

She knew she should probably yell at them for doing this, but it was hard to do that when it was her against three others. Not to mention that the sexual atmosphere had filled her angelic body with a strange arousal.

“Ahn, nhh, Fujita-kun, you’re so big.”

Machina looked just like an animal in heat while lying on the bed with her head lowered.

Her muscles and sweet layer of fat were perfectly distributed to give her a plump appearance. Her white thighs in particular were pointed toward Ange.

Her miniskirt never seemed to flutter out of place like she was always calculating out its movement, but now she was flashing its contents at the angel girl. She must have been recalling what the thing she was sucking felt like inside her because her butt was wiggling like she was receiving a pounding.

It felt like Machina was showing off the contents of her skirt, so Ange’s eyes were naturally drawn to those plain white panties and she noticed a faint pink color. They were already so soaked that the color of the flesh within was showing through.

Even another girl like Ange felt her heart pounding at that feminine eroticism. And Machina’s feminine loveliness and lewdness were both accentuated by the male arrogance seen past her.

An enormous masculine pillar stood tall between Lucia and Machina’s faces.


Ange felt drawn in too, so she climbed onto Mutsuki’s left leg.


Lucia was surprised by this third participant.

Machina must have expected it because she accepted the newcomer like she had been ready from the beginning. She parted the red hair that tickled at her and the two girls pressed their lips and tongues against that flesh in perfect harmony.

When one stroked at the bulging veins, the other gently stroked the balls. Their bodies both pressed against the boy’s thighs. The ease with which they alternately sent their mouths and tongues along the head, ridge, and tip showed they had done this before.

A third tongue attacked the shaft so as not to be left behind.


The jump from one to two and then three people did not just triple the sensation and pleasure.

The satisfaction and fulfillment increased ten or even twenty times over. Mutsuki’s cheeks loosened from the intense pleasure and the joy from his love for the three of them.

To repay them, he bent his legs.



The two girls cried out in unison.

They were different heights, so Machina jumped and tensed while his knee hit her and shorter Ange clung to his thigh while her entire body melted.

And of course…

“Khhhhhn? M-Mutsuki-kun, that’s- ohh.”

He also repaid the thing in front of his eyes.

He softly licked the balls that were pulled up as if to avoid being noticed.

Lucia had never felt that before, so his hips twitched ticklishly and precum squirted from the tip of his penis.

“Your precum gets flowing so easily…nhh.”

Mutsuki caught it in both hands and rubbed it between his fingers. That thick clear liquid had a hint of semen mixed in.

It made the perfect lotion.

Once his fingers were nice and slippery, he grabbed the cute ass dancing a bit above him.


Lucia must have known what he was doing because he looked down at Mutsuki while too filled with excitement and unease to speak. Mutsuki’s slippery finger parted the sphincter and slipped inside.

Lucia’s blond hair jumped as he leaned his head back.

Mutsuki knew firsthand just how good it could feel to be stimulated there.

And as aggressive as Lucia could be, he could not take it quite so easily. Mutsuki massaged his trembling butt and playfully spread the hole.

“Ah, ah, ah…my…ahhh, my buuuutt?”

Once on the receiving end, Lucia’s slender hips were trembling in no time.

He lowered his butt enough that Mutsuki could see the pink internal flesh when he propped his head up on a pillow.

And with his hips lowered…


His balls were back in licking range.

Mutsuki vibrated his tongue a bit as he licked at the base of the boy’s penis. As his tongue worked its way up the shaft, the boy’s hips reflexively rose back up. But…

“Ahhhhhh! My butt, my buuuutt!”

Not only was Mutsuki holding his butt, but escaping upwards helped the finger work its way inside him. He had no choice but to receive that vibrating tongue on the sensitive head.

“Ah, ahh, Mutsuki-kun, Mutsuki…-kun!”

“Cum whenever you’re ready.”

Mutsuki found it adorable how the techniques he had learned over those 5 days allowed him to drive Lucia to the edge while just playing around. He got a little carried away as he poked at that tip dripping with lust.

Lucia’s slender shoulders trembled longingly.

He was obviously approaching his limit.

Meanwhile, Ange and Machina’s tongues danced across Mutsuki’s penis and the head spread out even wider. His ejaculatory urge was rising as if synchronized with the demon boy’s.

Noticing that, the two girls each brought half the head into their mouth.

After waiting for those two to finish their preparations, Mutsuki moved his finger.


He pushed on the slight swelling he felt deep within that hole.


The milky liquid erupted out with incredible force and quantity.

Some of it got on Mutsuki’s tongue since he was currently licking that penis, so he licked up that unique flavor with a bitter smile.

At the same time, he pulled his own trigger.

“Ahn, ahhhhh, ahn.”

“Ahhh, it’s so hot, Fujita-kun…I can’t believe it.”

The hot stuff erupted out below the two girls’ mouths. As a liquid, it slipped through every available gap, so those two could not catch it all and more than half of it got all over their faces.

“Pant, ahh, pant, pant.”

Lucia briefly passed out from the pleasure while his shoulders, hips, and spread anus twitched. He collapsed on top of the other boy.

Mutsuki gently caught him and smiled down at the other two.

“Nh, nh.”


Ange and Machina had performed double blowjobs a few times before and they seemed to have reached an unspoken agreement at some point.

They shared his penis equally without fighting over it.

And they cleaned up after each other.

Ange lay back on the bed and Machina leaned over her while they licked the semen off of each other’s faces.

The thick liquid had gotten all over their eyes, cheeks, mouths, and even dripped down to their throats, so they licked all that up. Their clothes were in the way, so they removed those. Machina’s large breasts squished down against Ange’s flat chest.

Neither of them had ever shown any real homosexual desire, but the scene still stirred something within Mutsuki and he grew erect once more.

“Ibekusa-san, I’ll be removing this too.”


He reached for the butt she pointed toward him as if in offering.

Ange had removed Machina’s top, but her bottom remained. He grabbed her skirt and underwear together and pulled them both down. The air reached her white ass and she let out a breath of half embarrassment and half exhilaration.

“You’re already soaked. I can just put it in already, can’t I?”


She still seemed partially embarrassed, but she was also full of delight as she lifted her hips for him.

Bringing her butt up for him to see naturally lowered her upper body, squashing Ange below the weight of her bust all the more, but she failed to notice that.

He had just ejaculated enough to soak both their faces, but his thing was standing tall as if to say the first time was just practice and he was only now getting started. His amplified sexuality had always been too much for just Lucia to handle.

He realized doing all three of them was just about right…and he grabbed Machina’s hips.

“I’m putting it in. Tell me if it hurts.”

She was soaking wet, but she was still as tight as she had been as a virgin. Her vagina had a youthful look to it and the outer flesh only spread on its own once she was down on all fours. The pink within looked so sensitive he would damage it if he was rough with her.

He placed his darker pink tip against it and slowly pushed.

“Nh, hh, hhhhhh. Ahn, Fujita…-kun, it’s so big.”

“Nh…you’re kind of hard to spread open this time.”

That crevice had not received the opposite sex for half a month, so it had forgotten how to do this. It had the same childish build as when she was a virgin, so it had difficulty receiving this foreign object.

It was shut tight and it contained a labyrinth of fleshy folds even when pried open. But that tightness was unbelievably good. Her overall slender build with so much flesh at just the chest and butt was something not found on Lucia or Ange, so it drew out the animal side of the boy.

“Ah…ah, ah.”

As he penetrated her, the usually taciturn girl could not restrain her embarrassing moans.

Whether she did it on purpose or it happened naturally, Ibekusa Machina seemed perfect in every way to Mutsuki.

“I’m in. Does it hurt?”

“Ahn, ahh, I’m…fine. Ahn, but be gentle.”

He obeyed her quiet request by moving his hips as little as possible.

Once inside some of the way, the pillar of flesh changed from being an invader to being her master. The nectar grew even more plentiful and warmed up in her vagina’s heat.

Feeling the flesh around his penis melting, he pushed the rest of the way in.

“Nh, hhhh, ahh, Fujita-kun…you’re…so deep inside.”

“Yeah…ha ha. It’s so calming being inside you.”

Whether or not that qualified as a compliment, he was speaking from the heart.

This felt fulfilling and not simply pleasurable.

Machina similarly gained a peaceful look on her face while also feeling like she had a giant hole being spread open at her crotch.

“Tch. I’ve got the original one, you know?”

Lucia pouted his lips from the side.

The data from earlier in the day said Lucya’s womb was the superior version of the Holy Grail within Machina.

But he was not dumb enough to miss that there was something beyond the data between those two.

“Hey, Ibekusa-san. This way, okay?”


He held her around the slender waist.

She gathered strength in her relaxing shoulders and lifted her upper body. Even that slight movement caused her breasts to jiggle, drawing his eyes.

She twisted her head around to face him.



There was an actual expression on her face as she did so.

This was not her usual expressionless look, so he could tell there was some kind of emotion displayed there.

But her flushed face was melted enough that a child like Mutsuki could not read it very well. Her full lips were hanging open, so he could at least tell she wanted him to kiss her.

“I…love you.”


She seemed to say something as their lips pressed together, but he failed to make it out.


And as soon as she said it, her eyes wandered awkwardly around. Their kiss ended and she got back down on all fours as if to escape.

She did not stop their sex, but Mutsuki saw something clouding the connection between their hearts.

“Ah ha ha. But it looks like she’s got a major weak point.”

Lucia had been unable to get between those two before, but now he sat up. Conversely, Ange gained a somewhat relieved and somewhat disappointed look.

No one could get between Machina and Mutsuki, but it looked like they would have a hard time filling the space between them.

“I’m not holding back now.”


Lucia embraced Mutsuki from behind. He had not gotten hard again after cumming so much, but it still surprised Mutsuki to feel the cum-sticky penis against his butt.


He pushed his hips forward in surprise, causing Machina to moan as he thrust hard against her womb.

Her weight shifted further forward while back on all fours…which meant she squashed Ange even more.

“Hee hee hee? Kiss me now, Mutsuki-kun.”

“Eh? Nh, mh…mphh.”

Lucia was a sub but loved to tease his partner, so he could control everyone else here as long as he was not being teased at the moment. He turned Mutsuki’s head toward him while pushing his still-flaccid thing between Mutsuki’s butt cheeks.

He kissed Mutsuki as if showing off to Machina who had been too embarrassed to do it herself. He started off using tongue as if to demonstrate his own superiority.

Mutsuki had trouble being teased mentally, so he was at the boy’s mercy. He could only receive that tongue that seemed to be sucking out the lingering sweetness he was experiencing with Machina.

“Nh, nhh…kh, Lucia-kun…not so rough.”

And once he accepted it, he was exposed to Lucia’s mind-blowing tongue technique.

“Ah, ahh, so big, nh, it’s getting bigger.”

His hips reacted to the pleasure of that soft tongue attacking within his mouth, so he stirred up Machina inside.

His dick swelled out even more and throbbed while stimulating all the surrounding flesh. It seemed rude, but this stimulation from someone else was making him stimulate Machina further.

“Ahh, ah, nh.”

Of course, the girl did not find it rude, but the fact remained that he was picking up speed within her.

Her hips reacted by wiggling around and sexily shaking her large butt.

Watching the heart-shaped flesh wiggle around was entertaining, but the real problem was the stimulation this provided to his penis. The flesh itself transformed from the movement of her butt, stirring up the male thing within.

The boy reacted to the rhythm he himself had started within her and his hips began to move from the pleasure.

His shaft and her flesh had felt joined together as one, but now they separated.

“Nh, ahhhhhh!”

Machina cried out.

He had already cummed once, giving him some relief, but she had not had that luxury, so the pleasure from each stroke was much greater for her. Her body trembled as she came close to climaxing from that alone and she moaned from each and every thrust.

The invader was as hard as steel, but it bent flexibly since it was not fixed at the base. It hit every last part of her internal flesh and attacked the pleasure nerves packed within every one of her folds.

“Ahh, hh.”

Her cries of pleasure seduced the male no matter what form they took, so Mutsuki began thrusting harder against that attractive ass while the demon continued to suck at his mouth.

“Ahhn, ahh, so rough, ahhhh.”

The pleasure of each thrust made Machina cry out.


More heat transferred into her each and every time.

Ange mostly did not know how to react to the scene. They were not allies, but she still trusted that classmate to remain calm at all times, yet here she was revealing such a sexual side to herself. The usual expressionless face had loosened with pleasure, the always taciturn mouth was releasing moans, and Ange had to watch it all right in front of her since the girl was on all fours above her.

Ange could feel the incredible pounding Machina was receiving by how the other girl’s breasts would jiggle against her.

And Ange herself had been on the receiving end of that before, so she was reminded of how it felt. She still had her skirt to cover things, but she could feel heat filling her crotch.

She looked up at Mutsuki to see him still being kissed by Lucia.

The demon boy noticed her gaze and grinned as if another idea had occurred to him.

“Hey, hey, Ibekusa. That girl is feeling left out, so how about you kiss her?”


The malice in Lucia’s grin made it clear this was only meant to occupy those two so he could have Mutsuki’s lips to himself.

But before she could snap back at him, Machina did as suggested. Her flushed face made it clear she was experiencing too much pleasure to think straight, plus she had always been an obedient girl. It helped that Ange did look like she felt left out.


“Eh? Wait, Ibekusa. I-”



She sucked at Ange’s lips just like she would at Mutsuki’s.

Ange blinked in surprise, but it did not occur to her to bite or to shove Machina away. The other girl’s mouth tasted dizzyingly sweet and its softness soon prevented her mind from functioning properly.

It helped that Machina looked incredibly sexual lying on top of her and rubbing down against her. Her smooth skin felt nice against Ange’s similar elegant skin.

The soft weight of her incredible bust was also overwhelming. Ange had seen Mutsuki look frustratingly delighted when Micha or Schwartz pressed their enormous breasts against him, but now she understood why.

“Open your mouth.”

“S-stop this…hey, ahn.”

Her words were meaningless. She opened her mouth as told and she gave up on closing it again when that would mean biting the tongue that had entered her mouth. In fact, she offered up her own tongue to tangle with Machina’s.

“Nh, nh.”

“Ah…mh…nhh, Ibekusa…your lips are so sweet.”

“Nhh…taste them as much as you want.”

The two girls kissed just as passionately as the two boys.

A sticky sound came from their mouths and the girl on the bottom finally gulped with some of her red hair plastered to her throat. Machina seemed more dutiful in how she went about it, but Ange was surprisingly aggressive. The large breasts pressed against her seemed to bother her, so she shifted her own body to rub her chest against them.

Lucia grinned at successfully dividing the kissing up along gender lines.

“Nh…Ibekusa-san, let me join.”


But the scene of the two girls making out caught Mutsuki’s interest, so he left Lucia’s lips and leaned forward against Machina’s back.

With him there, Machina of course gave him priority, so she stopped kissing Ange.


She kissed him over her shoulder.

He was still thrusting into her and their union squeezed tight while their kiss naturally dragged on.

“Oh, come on!”

Lucia was not happy about this. He leaned over on Mutsuki’s back and forcibly turned the other boy toward him.

Mutsuki did as asked and began another gay kiss.



Meanwhile, Ange placed her arms around Machina’s neck to resume a sweet lesbian kiss.

But not everything was back to the way it was before. Machina’s focus had been redirected toward Mutsuki’s penis and the different positions of their bodies allowed it to push even deeper inside her.

The pressure on her womb was a constant presence on her mind and the level of pleasure rose once more. She moaned loud into Ange’s mouth and Ange gulped down her sweet breath and saliva.


When Mutsuki felt the harder sensation of the cervix, he recalled what he had been told earlier that day.

Based on the data taken from Lucya…

“Ibekusa-san, this womb is supposed to have my child, isn’t it?”


“So it belongs to me, doesn’t it?”

“Y-yes, ahh, my womb…belongs to you.”

He could hear the arousal in her voice. The tremors of orgasm were beginning.

“P-please impregnate me. I want to have your child.”


He wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

He did not know how she meant that. Was she speaking as a member of FeTUS, or was she speaking from her heart?

But he was satisfied that his long-held feelings for her had come so far and he felt a twinge of loneliness, so he wanted to hold her tight.

He could feel her womb dropping down and pushing back at his penis, so he began thrusting even harder in response.

“Let’s cum together, okay?”

“Y-yes…nhh, please. I want to…cum with you, Fujita-kun.”

As their pleasure synchronized, not even Lucia or Ange could intervene. They had each stolen the lips of one of the pair, but the slapping of crotch against heart-shaped ass was accelerating.

“Ah, ah, ahh, ahn, nhh, ahh.”

Machina moaned weakly as she rose toward climax. She had experienced this several times since April, but she was still not used to it.

The flesh within her squeezed at the penis as tightly as possible.

It was so tight Mutsuki had trouble keeping the thrusting going, so he clenched his teeth.


The penis head pushed against her deepest part and stayed there.

Now that they were ready, they did not even need a cue. Their bodies stopped moving with perfectly synchronized timing and a tremor ran through their bodies the very next moment.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Ah, ah, ah.”

Their voices were synchronized perfectly at the end as well.



The load he fired into her was just as plentiful as the first one.


“Nh…F-Fujita-kun…it’s so warm.”


He leaned against her back while she turned to look back at him again.

“Being inside you really is the most relaxing thing.”


She had a smile on her face for once.

And their lips came together just like they should have from the beginning.

“Okay, okay, okay. That’s enough of that. Mutsuki-kun, Ibekusa is clearly exhausted.”


They enjoyed that sweet time together for a while, but someone interrupted before long. Lucia pulled back on him to force those two apart.

The exhaustion was true, so the girl slumped down on the bed in deep ecstasy. With the hard thing pulled out of her, she could no longer support herself and collapsed onto Ange who gently caught her.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki was supporting Lucia’s weight.

“Hm, I can’t seem to win out of over the girls. …Should I make myself one too? Oh, but on the other hand…”

“L-Lucia-kun? Um, I feel something on my hips.”

“Maybe you could use some shock therapy.”


The situation underwent a rapid change.

Lucia’s thing had resumed growing after releasing its contents earlier. It was not all that large, but it was plenty hard as it tickled at the other boy’s butt.

Mutsuki had a feeling he knew where this was going.

“Heh heh heh. I need to show off the advantage of a partner who can be a boy or a girl?”

Lucia brought the tip toward the center.

“Um, y-you’re going to put it in? Then, um, can I have a moment to prepare myself? And do we have to do it in front of them? Ahh!”

Even discounting his experiences during those 5 days, Lucia had teased that hole a few times before, but he still was not used to it and he felt really embarrassed doing it with the girls here.

But his suggestions were all rejected as the hard tip found the center of the sphincter. Lucia pushed at it to loosen up the muscle.

“Hh, hh, hhhh.”

And those five days had taught it to open up when something wanted in.

“Ahh…Mutsuki-kun, nh, this, ahh, kind of hurts.”

Lucia smiled bitterly at how tightly it was squeezing at him.

Mutsuki could not resist too much since he had teased Lucia’s earlier. It felt weird being penetrated again after regaining a male body, but he felt like he had to let it happen.


And as he did…

“Ah, hh, kh.”

“Hee hee? Mutsuki-kun, you’re hard again.”


The odd restless feeling of something in his butt caused his penis to react.

This felt very different from when he was penetrating Machina. His body was reacting in the same way, though, so he found the difference strange.

The prostate stimulation was directly shaking his testicles. This was not the forced pleasure he had experienced during those five days, but an unused hole was being opened and something was stickily moving in and out. It filled him with a strange new kind of arousal.

Lucia clenched his teeth but also smiled happily at how naturally obedient his boyfriend was being.

“Pant, pant…sorry about all the trouble.”

“No, um, it’s fine.”

Machina finally came to.

When she apologized to the girl supporting her, Ange blushed and looked the other way. Ange was unsure what to make of how the other girl’s soft skin had made her heart pound or how much she had gotten into kissing her.

Machina looked puzzled by the look on the angel’s face, but she soon realized the boy she cared for was being toyed with by the demon.

A battle over the Fujita boy was developing atop the bed, but she knew that would be a bad idea, so she worked her mind to find an alternate solution.

“Fujita-kun, do her next. Please.”

“Eh? Ah!”

She pulled up Ange and circled behind her.

Keeping everyone equal was the best way to avoid conflict, so the best option was to give a helping hand to the girl who was unsure what to do and feeling left behind.

“Kh, w-with Ange? Um, okay.”

Mutsuki did not like that the two girls were seeing him get fucked in the ass, but he had no complaint with that course of action and leaned forward again.

“U-um, you don’t have to do that,” said Ange.

“You don’t want to?” he asked.

“I…didn’t say that.”

Ange had trouble being honest with her feelings and she was not the type to take an active role in a foursome regardless.

Her body must have been dying for it, though, because she did not put up much of a fight and she spread her legs herself as the boy approached.

They were joined together while each with someone else on their back.

“Nh, nhhhh.”

She was already more than ready, so the penetration went surprisingly smoothly.

Machina’s vagina had a childishly pure build to it, but Ange’s was not so much young as it was tight. Entering her required paying close attention, like you were weaving through a gap in her pelvis.

But that went with unexpected ease today. Her tightness hit him in full force once he was inside as her hot flesh squeezed and pushed on his penis, but her vagina had been flexible as could be on the way in.

“Ange…ahn, I’m about to reach your womb. Can you tell?”

He smiled bitterly because it usually took a lot longer to enter her.

It sounded like he was teasing her, but that did not affect her pride. Or rather, his words did not seem to have reached her. Her eyes had widened as he entered her and her body was shaking enough to see it in her long red hair.

“I think she is overwhelmed with joy since it is has been half a month.”

Machina explained the other girl’s feelings while supporting her from behind and Ange nodded her head.

“I know the feeling. It was a lot like that for me earlier.”

Machina must have sensed something familiar in Ange’s behavior because she rubbed her stomach and chest to calm her down.

That removed some of the tension from Ange’s widened eyes.

“Doing it too roughly might hurt…so let’s do it like this.”


Mutsuki showed kindness in his own way by holding her small body tight.

He held her so close neither one could move very well and they enjoyed the sensation of him inside her. She had always liked doing it this way. He knew she preferred it, perhaps because she was so sensitive that the strong thrusting brought too much pleasure.

“And it’s the same with me. Got that, Lucia-kun?”

“Yes, yes.”

He wanted to avoid too much thrusting at his butt as well.

Lucia picked up on what he meant and moved in close to the boy’s back while still inside him. He would have had difficulty moving anyway with the powerful squeezing at his penis.

He also used his eyes to signal to Machina who was supporting more than half of limp Ange’s weight. She was cooperative in most things, so she nodded and lifted Ange’s body to allow for a deeper union.



Ange reached out her arms with an indulgent look and he gently held her in his arms.

Her refined appearance and her usual pride made it all the more powerful when her face melted like this.

Plus, she would behave like a child at times like this. When he held her tight and rubbed her head, she would always gain a peaceful look like a child of four.




He knew from experience she would like this.

And she had recently told him why.

But he could also tell she was not the only one happy about it.

He felt the same way when she held him in her arms as if to drag him back even from perfection.


“Ahn, sorry, Mutsuki-kun. Did that hurt?”

“No. Ah, ah ha ha.”

But his thoughts were cut off and he could not think on that any more.

Embarrassingly enough, he was being penetrated at the moment.

He laughed and that made Ange laugh as well.

He decided to focus on this foursome for now. He held Ange, but he did not forget about Lucia and offered his ass to the boy. That must have turned Lucia on because his erection grew a bit harder. That helped it stimulate his prostate better.

Ange must have understood that. In fact…


“Nh, what? …Ah.”

Machina was only supporting the other girl, but the loving scene in front of her was affecting her too.

She began rubbing her body against the other girl’s back like she could not restrain the arousal any longer.

“W-wait, what are you- ahn!”

Ange seemed troubled by it, but she did not reject it.

In fact, her heart beat faster at the seductive softness of those two masses dancing on her back. She looked back as if to say “cut that out”, but…



She found Machina’s melted gaze on her.

Machina’s face was beautiful enough to make even Ange’s heart skip a beat and its usual lack of expression was nowhere to be found. Those damp eyes shattered Ange’s rational mind like they had synchronized with her triumphant angel eyes.

Ange opened her own lips and stuck out her pink tongue as if in offering.



The two girls began kissing each other at the same moment.

The unintentionally-begun foursome was coming together perfectly.

“Ah, ah, anh, ahhh, Mutsuki-kun, your ass is so tight.”

“W-wait, that’s too rough…nhh, ah, kh.”

When Lucia began moving his hips more, Mutsuki’s arousal naturally increased as well. That pushed his penis even harder into Ange’s vagina.

“Hh, ahhhhh, Mutsuki, how big does that thing get!?”


Not much girth was needed to rub at that narrow tunnel of flesh. He only had to push at her womb with the erection while her inner flesh pushed back at every last bit of it.

“Ah, ahhhh.”

Ange realized she was quickly reaching her climax and she lowered her hand without meaning to.

“Ahhhn, J-Jiyuuni-san, that’s my-”

As if to return the favor, she touched Machina’s pussy that was still soaked with semen.

The other girl had not expected this, but she could not reject it and the skinny fingers were a powerful stimulation for her throbbing body. She wrinkled her brow as the pleasure grew inside her once more.

She also kissed Ange, as if to say that was all she could do to repay her. Ange must have grown fond of the sweet lesbian kisses because she swallowed the saliva entering her mouth and sent her own tongue out in response.

Making out with the other girl naturally caused the area around her womb to respond as well.


It was enough for Mutsuki to groan.

He squeezed his ass at the same time, so they unintentionally built pleasure up in all four of them at once.

“I-I’m going to cum.”

Lucia announced his limit first.

He was always down to fuck, but he was also the most sensitive to pleasure. The heat in his devoured penis got the better of him and he started moving his hips even faster.

The intensity of it hurt a little, but Mutsuki said nothing since the other boy was enjoying it.


“Ahh, hh, ahhn. Ha ha, I can feel you inside me…nhh.”

The lessons he had learned during those five days showed themselves here.

His hole was being forced open to a painful degree, but he had learned in that female body how to experience that as pleasure. Once he relaxed the sphincter just enough to allow the penis in and out, the pain vanished and the hidden pleasure rose to the surface instead.

He trembled and feared he would begin moaning like a girl. He held Ange tight to hide that fact.

“Ahn, what’s this all of a sudden?”

The girl was caught off guard since she had been too focused on her lesbian kiss to notice what was happening.

Not only did he hold her close, but the flesh inside her grew even larger and the large head lifted up her cervix.

The sensation was enough for her to arch her back like she had electricity surging through her. She held Mutsuki tight to bear with it.


With the other girl no longer focused on her, Machina reacted to the beloved boy in front of her.

Ange was not the only one feeling horny. The passionate kiss with the redhead had done the same to Machina. She wanted to kiss some more and the witchy kisser naturally gravitated toward the person she had kissed most often.

Her lips latched onto Mutsuki’s.


As soon as his tongue entered her mouth, her milky-white skin reacted in a different way from before. The breasts pressed against Ange were visibly shaking.

“Hhhhhh? Nhhh, ahh, I’m cumming, Mutsuki-kun, I’m cumming, cumming, cumming???”

“Ah? Ah?”

The two on either side of Mutsuki reacted in opposite ways as they approached their limit.

Lucia cried out loud and Machina suppressed moans behind her lips, but they both achieved orgasm at the same moment.

“Kh…ah, Mutsuki!”

“Nh, ah, ahh!”

The pair sandwiched between those two were unsure how to respond. Mutsuki’s hips bent as Lucia pushed at them and Ange felt Machina’s shaking as the other girl supported her.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!”

The girl’s red hair scattered around her as she clung to the boy’s neck. Her erect and upwards-pointing light-pink nipples rubbed at him.

His powerful thrusts hit her inner flesh like scorching impacts. The pleasure was enough to make her dizzy.

“I’m cumming, ah, I am, I’m cumming!”

She shouted in his ear.

Her nude and skinny body wiggled around, rubbing herself against Machina’s skin, making that girl twist in a sensual way.


That extended Machina’s shallow but lengthy ecstasy and she moaned in a troubled way. Kissing someone else was one thing, but she was embarrassed to have been brought to climax by someone other than Mutsuki.


Lucia began to tremble at about the same time.

A hot substance erupted inside of Mutsuki, so the proof of his climax flowed deep inside the other boy.

This caused pretty much the same thing to happen to Mutsuki.

“Ahn? Ahh, ahhhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming?”

He filled Ange with just as much stuff as had filled his own ass.

This was his third ejaculation, but it may have been the most plentiful one thanks to the gentle prostate stimulation. Stars of pleasure flashed in his vision and he held her small form in his arms.

Ange had already achieved orgasm, but her eyes opened wide now.


The four orgasms that had started with her seemed to form a circle that bounced right back at her in the center.


She was launched to even greater heights of pleasure.

“D-don’t get carried away like that, Satowa. That was too much.”

“I wasn’t getting carried away…ahh, but I’m spent. I can’t move a finger.”

“Pant, pant.”

The foursome itself had been fun, but they had lost control of themselves and thus were trying to blame each other for their embarrassment.

Ange was angry but too exhausted to move, Lucia could not work up the energy to even tease the others, and Machina shut her eyes and took deep breaths as if to calmly overcome the repeated pleasure.

Those four were nearly a perfect match when it came to sex, so why couldn’t they get along outside of that? Mutsuki could only smile bitterly.


But he came to realize something while he watched them in silence because he was too exhausted for anything else after ejaculating thrice.

“Drag us into this nonsense again and I’m roasting you,” said Ange.

“I didn’t drag you into shit. You two barged in on us,” said Lucia.


Ange and Lucia always ended up arguing, but…

“If you don’t like it, then just leave Mutsuki-kun and me alone. You seemed to be having fun with her, so how about you go off and be lesbians so Mutsuki-kun and I can be gay in peace.”


Ange panicked when the other girl was brought up.

“Wh-why should I!? Besides, I didn’t kiss Ibekusa because I wanted to!”

“Nh…you didn’t like it?” asked Machina.

“Fweh? I-I didn’t say that. It’s just that it wasn’t my idea and, um…”

The troubled look on Machina’s face was enough to silence Ange.

She could not deny she had passionately kissed the other girl after losing herself in her wonderful figure and sweet lips. The flavor of Machina’s tongue must have still lingered in her mouth because her face flushed bright.

Machina had always been the innocent type, so she was a good match for Ange. And Ange had trouble being honest but was a good person deep down, so she could not bring herself to dislike someone who meant no harm.

They had viewed each other as enemies before, but they had started to get over that and they were roommates now. Ange apparently did not know how to feel about Machina, so she could only fall silent with a lopsided frown on her face.

“Ah ha ha? C’mon, Ibekusa, go kiss her again. This is a lot simpler for me if you two fall in love.”

“I have no intention of falling in love with Jiyuuni-san.”

“Ehh? Then what, do you hate her? She’s gonna cry.”

“I-I did not say that.”

On the other hand, Machina had trouble with Lucia. She was so honest that she was easily deceived by his mischievous way of talking.

“Well, if you don’t hate her, then get on over there and kiss her?”

“Satowa! You’re getting carried away again! I really am gonna fry you!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! No violence!”

And Ange had the upper hand against malicious Lucia.

“Hot! Hey, don’t get mad! Your anger is enough to burn a demon like me!”

“Shut up! I won’t reduce you to ashes cause the humans wouldn’t like that, but I will give you one hell of a burn!”


“What is it, Ibekusa!? Don’t interf-“

“I promise I don’t hate you. Here, I’ll prove it…nh?”

“Ah, wait, don’t kiss me…ah?”

Angel beat demon, demon beat human, and human beat angel.

Even with the fighting over, that dynamic remained in place.

“Hm? What are you smiling about, Mutsuki-kun?”

“Oh? Heh heh. Nothing really. It’s just…”

The boy looked to Ange and Machina who had stopped kissing and to Lucia.

“I’m so glad I have all three of you.”

He felt like he had found something in this imperfect world.


The power of Adam was impressive indeed. After a few more rounds, Ange and the other two were down for the count, but Mutsuki felt like he could keep going.

According to Miss A and the others, his growth as Adam would continue until he was an adult. And sure enough, the Adam within him was growing even with the Lilith business complete. He could sense it clearly.

Someone new might show up to get at his Serpent’s Eye or him as Adam. He was also fully relying on FeTUS for dealing with the rivalry. He doubted he would be able to live in peace for long.

But he did not feel worried.

He rubbed the heads of the three people sleeping around him.

He felt bad for relying on them for so much, but he also knew he did not have to worry when they were handling it.

So he at least wanted to avoid being someone who brought discord to them.

That was the only thing on his mind at the moment.


Except, that is, for the one regret he had failed to resolve.

He slipped out of bed and left the room without waking them.

He was thirsty, so he went to the kitchen and filled a cup with water.

Then he heard a sound from over by the fridge.

He turned around and did not see anyone there, but he had recognized the sound.


That was her sound. Whenever she went to the fridge, her weight would make exactly that sound. He had heard it countless times while living with her for the past several months.

Because she would often try to sneak things from that fridge.

“Ah ha ha. Caught me, huh?”

That was exactly who emerged from behind the fridge. As expected, she held several cans of beer.

She had sided with Lilith and set him up, but he made no attempt to wake the others. He did not even seem cautious.

“You came.”

“To get these. Heaven is nice and all, but the drink selection could use some work.”

She pressed one of the condensation-covered cans against her cheek with a look of bliss.

She had apparently broken heaven’s house arrest command for some beer. That was so like her the boy actually laughed.

She apparently had nothing to say to him because she gave him a wink as if to say “I’ll be going” and she walked toward the window.

They had not met since the previous unpleasantness and it would be a lot harder for them to meet in the future, but she apparently really had only come here for the beer. She always had been that kind of carefree woman.

But then she opened the window and the moonlight shined in.


When they emerged onto the balcony, she noticed something on the boy’s moonlit face and came to a stop.

“What’s wrong?”

She had not said anything herself, but when she cleverly noticed his thoughts written on his face, she took time to address it.

Micha really had not changed at all.


“Heh heh. Did you want me to apologize for setting you and Ange up?”

“N-no. Because I think I understand why you did that.”

He was not trying to attack her.

She had said before that adults had multiple reasons for the things they did.

She had apparently been working with Lilith from the beginning, but she had not taken the lead there. When Lilith had approached, she had taken the most efficient method of protecting the boy she was meant to protect. It just so happened that meant having him reborn as the perfect one.

He also understood why she had conspired with Lilith and stimulated the Adam within him.

Lilith was not the only one who had wanted a reunion with Avalon.


The only thing that bothered him was why she had somewhat forcibly taken his virginity and pressured him into a physical relationship a few times after that.

That had been part of the plan with Lilith to hasten the awakening of Adam, but had she been at all motivated by the simple desire to sleep with him?

He could not exactly ask her that and he knew she would only answer such a question by insisting she had been fully motivated by that simple desire, which would only be a way to dodge giving a serious answer.

“Hey, Micha-san.”


There was something else he wanted to ask.

He had asked Miss A this as well when he was at FeTUS, but she had not answered.

He felt like it was wrong to even ask or wonder about this, but he felt like Micha would answer him.

“Did I do the right thing?”


He leaned on the balcony railing and looked down.

He could so many lights down there. It looked like a sea of lights…or like that pool full of glowing seeds.

“Someone in all that light is probably crying right now.”

Since he still had his feelings, the world would still be full of discord.

As long as there were people left in this world, conflict would never truly end.

He had stopped all that. He had wrapped the entire world in happiness.

But he had let go of it all because he wanted to hold Ange in his arms – because he wanted to be with her, Lucia, and Machina.

Was that the right thing to do?

He felt like Micha would give him an answer he could accept.


The winged young woman looked him in the eye for a while before speaking.

“Yes, there probably are a lot of crying people out there.” She leaned against the railing too. “Some of them will be crying right this very moment. Some people will have died during the past 10 days even. And not just here. You saw what things were like in that Kurosaki facility, right? There are still places like that all over the world.”


She showed no mercy in giving him the answer he had expected, so he bit his lip.

“In fact, that place was tamer than most. The people there were treated like slaves, sure, but they had a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat. Not many places in the human world are that blessed. Most children don’t have enough to eat day to day and shiver from the cold as they sleep. Just between the two of us, the resentment that led Ange to be reborn as Metatron was less than so many others go through. There are plenty of angels who are reborn from much greater tragedy.”

“I-is that so?”

He had honestly completely forgotten about the rest of the world. He felt embarrassed for taking the privileges of Japanese life for granted.


She laughed and rubbed his cheek.

She had him look up toward the city lights he had avoided looking at the first time.

“What about the people you saw in that facility? The ones made into slaves looked unhappy, I’m sure, but what about the ones enslaving them? The ones who were drinking fancy drinks and using those girls as toys? Did they look happy to you?”


His eyes widened at this viewpoint he had not even considered before.

That facility had felt packed full of all the world’s unhappiness and inequality, but had even one person there looked happy to see all that unhappiness?

“Finding happiness isn’t that easy.”


“Happiness isn’t something you’re given by others. You have to create it for yourself. Sometimes you’ll screw it up and cry, get hurt, or even die, though.”


“You’ll understand eventually. …Yes, once you grow up and leave adolescence, you’ll understand at least a little bit.”

When he looked at the city lights again, they looked so much brighter than the golden seeds in the bottom of that pool.

“Genesis tells us the world will always be full of discord.”

She moved her hand from his cheek to his head and patted it like she always did.

“But who says you can’t find happiness in discord?”

When he looked up, she winked and turned her ever-kind eyes toward the room.

She looked toward his bedroom where the other three were still asleep.

Those three had been fighting as usual. Three worlds bringing three forms of discord.

The warm hand left his head.

The next thing he knew, Micha was standing up on the balcony railing. She spread her red wings to depart.

“Micha-san,” he called out without thinking.

She turned back to him with a smile that told him she would stay there as long as he asked her to.

He just about asked if he would see her again, but he decided against it. He could tell that was not the right thing to say.

If he asked that, she would definitely say yes, but that would only be her coming to visit the person she wanted to see. She would be coming to see someone else, not Fujita Mutsuki.

So he knew what he had to say.

“Let’s meet up again, Micha-san.”


He looked her straight in the eye as he said it.

That seemed to catch her off guard, which was unusual for her. She seemed somewhat confused as he continued to look her straight in the eye.

But she really was an adult. She soon smiled confidently – although were her eyes a bit more damp than usual? – and winked again.

“Of course.”

He could tell she was not acting quite as composed as usual since she was about to drop the beers she was carrying. He rushed in to push them back into place so they did not fall away.

Now it was time to say goodbye. She put on the face of the daring young woman so she could hide her true feelings.

“Bye bye.”

“Goodbye. …Remember, only two beers a day.”

“Yes, yes. Geez, you’re strict.”

A red line of light vanished into the night sky in no time at all.

Mutsuki kept watching until the lingering light of the flames fully faded and then he finally let out a lonely sigh.

The person who had forcibly dragged him into adolescence had just left.

After she confirmed that his adolescence was coming to an end.

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