Adopted Soldier

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

It was now lunch time Alex, Rachel, and Oliver were eating lunch together . It was a weird combination, though the three of them were good looking, had good grades, and high athletic ability, it was a shame that Alex and Oliver had personality defects .

While the others could barely accept Alex eating lunch together with Rachel, the male students just couldn’t accept Oliver eating with her .

They the male population of the class wanted to tear Oliver apart, but every time they thought of attacking they would remember Oliver’s palace of muscle . So instead of them tearing Oliver apart it might be them teared apart by Oliver .

“Do you have any plans with my comrade after school Rachel?” Oliver asked out of nowhere as the three were eating . Rachel knew of the eccentricity of the student called Oliver, so she knew he would ask something like this .

“No . . . Me and Alex have no plans for later, don’t we Alex?” Rachel looked at Alex with a smile that looked pretty, but in truth it was a fake smile .

“Yes we don’t have any plans, but I do plan to accompany Rachel to her house . ” When Everyone heard Alex say those few words (accompany Rachel to her house,) the whole class got noisy again .

“What! There going home together?!”

“Have the parents approve of Alex already?”

“Shit! If you look at him his good looking, is intelligent, and is more athletic than normal people . If you remove his weird eccentric actions, wont he be the perfect guy you want your daughter’s boyfriend to be like?!”

“Damn it! Even if her parents accept him I wont!”

Rachel could only sigh at everyones reactions, since she had an idea that Alex might say this . Even yesterday he was stalking her home, so now that he was in a temporary friend status before becoming the official boyfriend, Alex had a legitimate reason to escort Rachel to her home .

Oliver whistled, “Your doing well my comrade . Yes, those who had already tread the darken path, need to tread the path of light at some point . . . ” Oliver looked out the window while looking as if he was reminiscing something . ’How was that, I look so cool right?’ Oliver thought in glee as he imagined that he looked cool and mysterious .

Rachel looked at Oliver as if he was looking at a dumba*s . ’This guy is obviously trying to act cool and mysterious, but saying something like that as a High School student is stupid . . . Is this really alright? Though I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he might actually be a bad influence on Alex . . . ” Rachel was pondering if Oliver was a good friend for Alex, so that he could develop into a better future boyfriend .

Alex on the other hand found what Oliver said deeply profound . Alex felt like he could understand what Oliver felt, seeing the two of them had almost similar backgrounds . Yet in truth Oliver was just trying to act cool, and it just so happens to coincide properly with everything Alex misunderstood about him .

While the three and the class were having different reactions to the situation, a boy burst into the room . The boy who banged the door open, was a good looking boy with dyed blond hair, wearing blue contact lenses, and he was actually a bit taller than Alex .

The newcomer approached Alex’s group, he looked at Oliver for awhile and scoffed at him . The boy then glared at Alex looking at him up and down . The boy finally looked at Rachel and smiled showcasing his bright shiny white teeth .

“Rachel I’m sorry I wasn’t able to meet you yesterday since I had to go to another town for a competition . How unfortunate the moment I left you some flies came bothering you . ” The boy looked at Oliver and especially Alex with a glare .

“What are you saying Aldrich? I don’t see any flies except for you . ” Rachel answered the boy called Aldrich with an ice cold tone . Alex noticing the weird atmosphere was now on guard .

“Now, now no need to be shy . Let’s show this flies who you really like . ” Aldrich was about to reach for Rachel’s hands but before he could do so, his face was already facing the ground . It happened so quick something was holding his right arm and restraining him .

“Alex what are you doing?!” Rachel said alarmed by Alex’s sudden action of restraining Aldrich .

It took him a few second before Aldrich finally realized that he was being pinned down by Alex . Aldrich tried to resist and stand up but he couldn’t, Alex’s restraining technique made it seem like there was a one ton boulder on top of Aldrich .

“What the hell are you doing you bastard?! Get off me!” Aldrich who couldn’t escape started screaming .

Oliver who had watched the whole thing from start to finish was amazed . Alex’s movements were flawless, there was no hesitation as he restrained Aldrich . He had watched many videos of police officers restraining criminals with a similar technique, but none of those could match the speed and precision of Alex’s move .

“Rachel is this man a threat to you?” Alex didn’t bother to listen to the screaming Aldrich and questioned Rachel .

“No he is not a threat, he’s nothing to me . ” When Alex heard Rachel’s answer he let go of Aldrich, but this time he stood in front of Aldrich and had Rachel at his back . This actions of Alex triggered the whole class once more .

“WHOAH Alex that was awesome!”

“Kyaaa! He’s like a knight in shining armor protecting the princess . ”

“Yeah Alex show that arrogant prick who Rachel’s man is!”

The students of the class were in full support of Alex . Even the boys who didn’t like Alex sticking to their Goddess were siding with him this time . This is all because they always thought Aldrich was an as*hole . He was haughty and arrogant since he was the ace of the tennis team of the school which had won some national competitions . He was even ranked as the fifth most popular guy in school .

Rachel who was facing Alex’s back had her heart beating faster . This scene was like one of her dramas where the boy protects the girl he likes from a rival in love .

Aldrich seeing the situation was not in his favor started retreating, but before he left he challenged Alex .

“Alex I challenge you to a tennis match!”

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