Adopted Soldier

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Alex was finally able to leave Rachel’s house, around eight o’clock . The family wouldn’t let him go, and kept on asking him weird questions, like what kind of girl he likes, what type of food he prefers eating, what music he likes listening to and other such nonsensical questions .

While walking home Alex started thinking about the bits of information he got while they were having dinner . Kumiko the wife of Instructor Dan, wishes that his death was just a joke and he would suddenly appear before her smiling that wacky grin of his .

The three brothers of Rachel respect their father very much, and never believed that he was dead . The three always thought that their father had just gotten into a much worse battlefield training his techniques to perfection, that’s why he wasn’t able to contact them . If he ever returns the three would want to show their father the improvements they made while he was gone .

The only one who felt differently from the other members of the family was Rachel . She doesn’t want anything to do with by her own words her deadbeat father . She hates her father so much that, she refused to continue practicing their martial art . Even if he was alive and returns home she might not forgive him .

. . .

Alex after returning home, headed straight to his dad’s study . The moment he entered Alex saw that his dad was talking on the phone . When Carlo spotted Alex he ended the call immediately .

“Alex report everything regarding today’s events . ”

“Sir, Yes, Sir!” Alex saluted and recounted today’s events . Starting from his meeting with Oliver until his dinner with Rachel’s family .

When Carlo heard Alex’s report he was silent for a moment . Carlo was contemplating on how to deal with Dan and his family, but what worried him even more was the so called Shadow Mercenaries . This James codenamed Oliver wanted to meet him, yet Carlo knew nothing of this so called Shadow Mercenaries . If Carlo meets Oliver right now without any information in regards to Oliver and his organization he wont be able to feel at ease .

Carlo contacted Luke the best investigator they had in the squad . Once Carlo sent a message to Luke saying to find out everything in regards to the Shadow Mercenaries, Luke called back almost instantaneously .

“Boss is it true? Are you really trying to investigate the Shadow Mercenaries?” Carlo was surprised to receive a call from Luke who likes to change locations and phone numbers every five hours . Even more surprising was that Luke’s voice actually had a trace of fear as he spoke .

Alex was still standing there waiting for his dad’s next instructions . Carlo signaled him to leave the room for awhile . Alex saluted and left the room .

“Yes it’s true . . . Why is there a problem?”

“Boss how did you even find out about the shadow mercenaries? I’m sure I never reported anything to you in regards to them . ”

When Carlo heard that Luke didn’t report to him in regards to the information of the Shadow Mercenaries, that could only mean one thing this organization was dangerous .

“A classmate of Alex is suppose to be from the Shadow Mercenaries, and it seems like he wants to meet me . ”

“Boss what was the name of Alex’s classmate?”

“He was called James Bourne . ” Carlo could hear Luke stumbling on the other side of the line .

“Boss did you just say James Bourne?!” If the fear in his voice wasn’t evident awhile ago the moment Carlo said the name James Bourne Luke’s voice was now slightly trembling with a higher pitch .

“Do you know him?” Carlo was now taking this seriously . At first he thought Alex’s classmate was a tad delusional and it was just a coincidence that he was able to stop Alex from drawing his gun, but hearing Luke’s fearful voice made him think otherwise .

“Boss that person is one of the most successful agents in the Shadow Mercenaries . James Bourne is just a codename no one know his true name . He like Alex is a young genius of the battlefield . ”

“Ok so he’s like Alex, but what’s making you so scared?” Carlo was confused, so what if he was like Alex? Does that warrant such fear?

“Boss you don’t know since we’ve always been by Alex’s side, but if you face him as an enemy . . . Then you could only hope you die a quick death, cause that’s the best outcome when facing someone like Alex . Still the reason I’m afraid is not because of that, it’s because someone with the same abilities as Alex plus an organization on the same level or above ours backing him, is a real fearsome opponent . ”

Carlo calmed himself and tried to regulate his breathing . “Okay then send me all the information regarding the Shadow Mercenaries . I will see what I can do, but based on what Alex said he and him had form a pact of brotherhood . ”

“That’s our Alex for you, even the ever elusive James Bourne wants to be his friend . He might have decided that they’re on the same level that’s why he initiated the pact of brotherhood . ” Luke was a bit excited at the new information he got about James Bourne .

. . .

In a room full of military merchandises and a bunch of dumbbells scattered around, a boy was resting under his bed . The reason why he was under his bed was because he believed that when an enemy attacks he would think that he was dead after attacking the decoy dummy sleeping in his bed . This was Oliver, he was recording the events of the day in his personal recorder .

“Today I have form a pact of brotherhood with a new comrade Alex . He is someone with great potential, I wish to learn more from him . He even promised to introduce me to his father . I hope his father could teach me a thing or two about survival training . ”

Unbeknownst to him he was being gravely misunderstood by Alex and his father . Coincidentally the name of his made up organization turned out to be real, even the fake name he made was real as well, it was even related to the organization that he made up . Turns out all of his delusions were real the only thing not real was he himself wasn’t James Bourne .

He who was just an a bit above average high school student was being feared by two of the greatest mercenaries that ever walked the battlefield . If he knew what kind of misunderstandings were ensuing no one knows if Oliver would’ve been excited or scared .

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