Adopted Soldier

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

It was lunch time and the same group consisting of Alex, Oliver, and Rachel were eating lunch together . When the three were done eating the one who started the conversation was once again the very energetic Oliver .

“Hey my comrades I was thinking about that circle we were about to create, and I decided to change it . ” Rachel was the first to react to Oliver’s statement .

“Change it? Into what?”

“I call it the Mercenary Circle!” Oliver made made some exaggerated hand gestures as he opened his arms wide .

“Mercenary Circle?” Both Alex and Rachel reacted this time, confused as to what Oliver wanted to do . Seeing his two comrades confused faces, was making Oliver grin from ear to ear .

“Yah, I want to create a Mercenary Circle with you my precious comrades . I wont lie to you my comrades, but I want to witness youth in all its splendor and I want to witness it with you two . Yet I do not know where to start, I wanted to be in every club, but you could only pick one club . So I decided to make a club with you my comrades to feel the passions of youth . It was then with you my comrades, we decided to make the self defense circle, yet now I have better idea that could better achieve what I dream off, and that is the Mercenary Circle . Let’s not be humble, the three of us are above average in both academics and Athleticism, in this school we are considered as the Elite, are we not? . . . So I decided, that like Mercenaries in the battlefield we will be bought by the highest bidder, that is of course a metaphor . The whole purpose of our circle is to help other clubs with their problems . ” After saying his speech in an excited and passionate tone Oliver looked at his two comrades waiting for a reaction . Of course Rachel as usual was the first to question the so called Mercenary Circle .

“When you say problems? What do you mean specifically?”

“Good question comrade Rachel . When I say problems, those are something like the baseball club missing some players so we would need substitute, or like when the light music club is down by one lead singer we would replace the lead with one of our own, or if the physics club needs help in an experiment we would assist them to the best of our abilities . ” Oliver answered Rachel with serious look on his face, while Alex nodded his head finally understanding what Oliver wanted to do .

“So then will be like handymen for clubs? . . . I understand the concept of this so called Mercenary Circle, but how will we decide who were going to help? At the moment we only have three members, so we can’t actually help all of the clubs . ” Rachel asked another valid question which did not bother Oliver in the slightest, it only made him smile excitedly even more than before .

“Like I said we will be like a mercenary group, we will only respond to the highest bidder, that is of course another metaphor . We will not be taking money, instead we will respond to the first club that requested for help, a first come first serve basis so to speak . ” Every time Oliver responds to Rachel’s questions his hands would make weird gestures as he explains things . This distracted Rachel for a moment before continue here questioning .

“Ok then how are we going to convince the teachers and the student council president to approve a circle named Mercenary Circle?”

“Comrade Rachel you have so many questions but I’m an experienced mercenary and have been to numerous dangers, do you think I have not planned in advance . ”

Alex felt that Oliver words were trustworthy so he nodded in agreement . ’Even in front of Rachel he still decides to tell the truth of his identity, of course Rachel will dismiss it as part of his delusions but I know the truth . . . Really his way of staying hidden by being loud is inspiring . ’ Alex was admiring the way Oliver hides his true identity with being verbal about it, thus making others dismiss it as delusions of a weird high school student . Even though in truth that identity Oliver had made up was a real identity of another person, Alex wholeheartedly believed Oliver was that person .

Rachel looked at Oliver and could only sigh at how ludicrous he sounds, ’Here he goes again . . . I know he is a good person, but every time I hear him talk like this, I just want to smack him in the head . ’

“So Oliver how are you going to convince them? I hope after all that talk of being experience you actually have a plan . ”

“You hurt me with your words comrade Rachel, its Simple really, I’ll just say that our circle is an advocate of student cooperation . The reason for our circle’s creation is to share a cooperative spirit to all the students of the school . Not only that we don’t really violate any rules that affects the school too much, and finally we are not a club just a circle, we wont get club funding we will only be given an empty classroom to conduct our meetings, so in short making a circle is much easier to be approved than a club . If we ever want to jump from circle to club, then by that time I would have thought of a solution, but for now this is what we need to do . Does this answer satisfy you comrade Rachel?” Oliver looked at Rachel with his trademark serious looking face, but deep inside he was rejoicing on how calm and collected he looked . Oliver was even doing a guts pose in his head . ’Take that comrade Rachel, I’m not someone who gives up so easily . ’

“Fine then, it seems like you thought of everything, so I’ll let you handle all the formalities of creating the circle . ” Rachel felt like a very hectic school life was coming her way . What happened to her casual school life? . . . Ever since meeting Alex it was one thing after another . Everything seems to be going in a fast pace when Alex is involved .

“So Alex are you okay with all of this?” Rachel looked at the silent Alex who didn’t say a word the whole conversation .

“Like I keep on saying no matter what kind of circle is made, as long as you are there then I will be there as well . ” Rachel could only shrugg already expecting this one answer of Alex . Hearing it so many times had given her a bit of resistance to it at this point, and now she wasn’t even turning a tiny bit red .

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