Adopted Soldier

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

When Alex was training his body by doing one finger push ups his mind was in a total mess . He started reflecting on what has happened in the past four days . This was the first time he has hesitated in a mission, no this was the first time he had hesitated in his entire life, and he did it not only once but more than twice . He couldn’t comprehend what he was feeling and why he was being like this .

Alex intensified his training to distract himself from his current emotional turmoil . So many things had happened in the span of four days, he had gain not only one friend but three of them . Friends . . . The feelings he had when he thought of the word was a bit . . . bubbly? Those were the only words he could think of that could describe his current feelings .

Alex knew he was changing bit by bit as the mission progressed, he was now unsure at what would happen by the end of the mission . . . Will he still be Alexander Samarita? Or will he be someone else entirely, like the time he first met his foster father .

At the beginning he wasn’t Alexander Samarita he was someone else entirely, a somewhat normal boy . Now he was Alexander Samarita, a mercenary, a soldier . . . So then who would he be in the end of this mission? Alexander the student? The bodyguard? The friend?

Inside his room full of guns, swords, and makeshift explosives, Alex felt safe, relieved, but for outside this walls, in that group of happy faces, he felt anxiety? . . . What was he afraid off? Was he afraid that his world might affect their peaceful world? Was he afraid that the mission information might leak and he would be labeled as a liar a traitor? Or was he afraid on seeing her depressed and betrayed?

While Alex was thinking this complicated thoughts he heard his phone ring . It was five o’clock in the morning and it was a Sunday, who could be calling?

Alex had received a message from Oliver stating all members of the Mercenary Circle should meet up in front of the cafe at Elmers street at exactly 08:00 .

Elmers street was the commercial street near their school’s premise . It was a ten minute walk from Alex’s home to there . Still since Rachel was going there Alex must do a proper reconnaissance to see if it was safe for Rachel .

. . . .

Alex after doing a proper recon of the area, was now waiting in front of the cafe thirty minutes ahead of schedule . People were looking at him as he waited for the others . The ones who were looking was mostly girls, since Alex was good looking they thought that he was model waiting for his photo shoot to start .

The reason people were staring more than usual was because of Alex wearing clothes other than his school uniform . At the moment he was wearing a simple t shirt with a leather jacket over it along with a denim pant which is rolled at the bottom, accompanied by military boots with a leather heel, on his neck was necklace with a wolf’s teeth which he hunted down when he was eleven .

Of course this look of his wasn’t designed by him, his father learning that he was having a meeting with friends . . . When Carlo heard his son said the words friends he almost cried on the spot, but held himself back and asked what Alex was wearing, which he predictably answered “my school uniform . ”

Hearing his son’s lack of a fashion sense he decided to be the one to pick out his outfit, which resulted in his current look .

The next one to come was Oliver who was wearing a peacoat over a blue shirt, matched with the tactical boots he always wears .

The next ones to come were a pouting Rachel, a smiling Saya, and even a giggling Eva . Rachel was wearing a grey cardigan, jeans and grey ankle boots . Saya on the other hand was wearing navy ripped jeans and a pretty white top, finished with a nude blazer, and some sneakers . Finally Eva was wearing a woman’s military style jacket and slim tight leather jeans with black military boots . .

Seeing the three pretty girls dress up, made a very refreshing mood . The girls on the other hand saw the boys wearing a more cool casual look was surprised . The surrounding people were looking at the group of good looking boys, and beautiful girls fully expecting that they were filming a drama of sorts .

“Hey you actually look good for once . Who knew you have an actual sense of style . ” Rachel complimented Alex .

“Wow so even you have a fashion sense . . . Still my Oliver looks better . ” Saya rushed towards Oliver who evaded her incoming hug .

“Alex as I thought you look wonderful in anything you wear . So what do you think about how I look?” After complimenting Alex, Eva immediately asked Alex his opinion on her look . She wore this kind of military style outfit that she thought Alex might like, just to get a compliment from him .

“I can’t give an opinion since I don’t understand the question . . . To me you still look the same . ” When Rachel heard those words she sighed . She already knew that Alex might answer like that, so she didn’t bother asking .

Eva on the other hand was still staying as positive as ever . ’So no matter what I wear my beauty will never change is that what he meant . ’ The filter for a girl in love was incredible .

“Hey what are you and Ms . President doing here? Didn’t I say members of the Mercenary Circle only . ” Oliver asked the attached Saya on his arm .

“I was staying at Rachel’s place when you texted about the meeting, I saw it so I decided to come, and I even invited Eva to have fun . The more the merrier right?” Saya said with a bright grin on her face .

Eva on the other hand was feeling a bit guilty . “Was it not alright for me to come?” Eva asked with a bit of a guilt ridden tone .

Not really equipped to deal with sad looking girls Oliver responded as kindly as possible . “No Ms . President it’s alright for you to join . This one here is the only one I wouldn’t invite . ” Oliver pointed at Saya .

“Hey that’s discrimination! I demand fair treatment!” Saya pouted .

“Fine then you can come with us, but this isn’t going to be anything fun . To begin with, I was just planning to have a normal meeting to decide what would be our circle’s next step . ” When Saya heard what Oliver said, she had another brilliant idea .

“Hey what if I quit the kendo club and join you guys instead . That way you get a new member and be one step closer to becoming a real club!”

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