Adopted Soldier

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

It was during lunch time when the group gathered in the old storage shed, that now looks better than the new one . Someone had clean the place up and now there where new furniture in place . There was a book shelf filled with books regarding all the school related sports clubs, their history and rules . Even a laptop suddenly got into the room . Alex already knew who did this, since he had placed some hidden cameras all over the room . This was the work of Evagngeline Kain, yesterday after the meeting in the cafe, it seems like Evangeline and a bunch of workers where in this room putting new things in it .

“What the hell where did all of this stuff come from!?” Rachel was looking around shocked as she saw all of the new things in the room .

“Yay! We got a lot of free things! Hmm what’s this?” Saya who was happily bouncing around the new couch saw a letter on the table . Alex and the others gathered around Saya trying to read the letter .

“From a fan, hope your club does well . :)” That was it . . . Everyone who read it had only one person in mind who could’ve afford to buy all of these things . Seeing as the group doesn’t know Alex himself is loaded there could only be one suspect .

“Really she could’ve just said that she wanted to give us some things . ” Rachel felt a bit guilty that Eva used her money for their own club, that isn’t even official yet .

“I’m sure she just doesn’t want to look like she was being biased . . . Well now that the Newspaper Club is gone no one will be making weird rumors about this . At most the people will just assume since Rachel and Niel are in this club a bunch of their fans might’ve place all these things here . ” Oliver nodded his head satisfied by the new look of the clubroom .

“No need to think so seriously . . . Eva wants to help since she is kind of part of this club right?” Saya looked at the other club members who responded with a nod .

While the four of them were appreciating the new things in the clubroom, they suddenly heard a bunch of gasping and screaming girls . The group who heard the noise coming closer, started to feel confused as to why their was much noise .

Alex was about to go out, but when he saw through the window the person who was coming, he didn’t move anymore .

The person on the other side of the door knocked first and after that, without even waiting for a response entered the room . “I’m coming in my juniors . ” Niel with his perfect smile appeared surrounded by a bunch of second year girls, while a bunch of first year girls where scattered behind the group .

Niel seeing everyone in the club was here, tried faking a pouting face which with his acting skills looked authentic . “Hey my beloved juniors how could you do this to me? Aren’t I a member as well? Why didn’t you guys tell me that we were having a meeting here? I went to your classroom and you guys weren’t there, good thing these cute little kittens knew where you went . ” Niel pointed at the first year classmates of Alex and gang .

The girls hearing what Niel said started shouting at Alex and his group . “Yeah what kind of club are you?! leaving behind a member?”

“Yeah you should inform all members if you have meeting!”

“Right why did Niel have to join this shitty club, how about joining our club instead? We would never leave you behind there . ” When one of the girls suggested Niel joining her club instead, a more chaotic scene occurred . The girls started promoting their own clubs to Niel, who at the torrent of suggestions could only smile in response .

Oliver seeing the chaotic scene, decided as the club president he must fulfill his duties . He with his large frame stood up from the chair and approached the group of girls, who cowered behind Niel .

Oliver bowed in front of the girls . “I’m sorry it was my mistake as the club president . ” A true man must know when to say sorry, this were the words repeating in Oliver’s head as he continued bowing .

Seeing the sincere act, the girls didn’t know how to respond . Niel seeing the situation of both parties responded appropriately . “Now has everyone calm down? See what you made my Junior do . . . I hope everyone here with apologize to him . It was my fault as well for not asking their contact numbers so that we could communicate better . ” Niel who was claiming a part of the blame, as well as showing his radiant smile and aura that could envelope the whole area . Made the girls who knew that they were also overreacting bow at Oliver and said sorry, after that the group of girls slowly dispersed and what was left were the members of the Mercenary Club .

“Sorry about that, those girls tend to overreact . I hope you didn’t find what they said offensive . ” Niel apologized to the members of the club .

Oliver shook his head, “no it’s my fault I should’ve informed you about this meeting . ”

“No it’s alright . No need to feel bad, I was the one who brought an army of girls and made you look bad . ” Niel with his perpetual smile started looking around the clubroom . “You actually have a better clubroom than most of the clubs . ”

“Hey you did great Oliver . ” Rachel patted Oliver on the back . She really thought that Oliver was going to say some delusional things again, but he responded in an appropriate manner .

“It’s what I should do, I am the leader of this club . ” Alex nodded in approval of Oliver’s statement, he then looked at Saya who he was sure was suppose to be the one reacting the most to this . Yet for some reason Saya just stared dazedly at Oliver .

“Oh never mind that . Lunch break is about to end and we haven’t even started talking about our strategy on how to ask Mr . Lyner to be our club advisor . ” Saya for the first time actually said something sensible which made the group look at her funny .

“What?” Saya blushed making her look so innocent which she wasn’t .

“No its nothing, you’re right we should start formulating a plan . Any suggestions?” Rachel decided to ask what was going on with Saya later when they were alone . For now they needed to formulate a plan to convince Lyner to be their advisor .

“I think asking him sincerely is the best way” Niel suggested .

“That wont work a lot of other clubs tried that already and it failed . ” Rachel responded, which provoked Niel a little .

“Well I’m pretty sure it might turn out differently if I’m the one asking . ” Niel said confidently, truly believing the world revolved around him .

“Hmm let’s keep that as a back up plan . Any other suggestions?” Rachel didn’t bother with Niel anymore, which made him fell shocked and embarrassed, but as a perfect human he didn’t need to feel bothered too much .

“How about we put a bed in here and tell him that he could sleep here, if he becomes our club advisor . ” Saya suggested, which garner the approval of the other club members .

“What is with you today? You’re actually being sensible . ” Oliver asked Saya confused at her current act .

“Did I make you fall in love with me all over again?” Saya asked Oliver while clinging onto his arm .

“Nope, never mind, your still the same as before . ” Oliver answered Saya with a bit of relief in his voice .

“That’s actually good suggestion . How about you Alex do you have any suggestions?” Rachel looked at Alex who was as usual quiet the whole time while looking out the window .

“If you really want this person to be our advisor, I have my ways to make him agree . . . If you leave it to me I could have him agree by tomorrow . ” Alex responded calmly already thinking of ways to threa- to kindly ask Lyner to be their advisor .

“What ways are you talking about exactly?” Rachel and the others looked at Alex suspiciously .

“That is confidential . ” “Then its rejected! Next Oliver how about you?” Alex shrugged not really caring about this topic, since he was more concerned of Rachel safety . Well it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t interested in Sir . Lyner and his background .

“Sir . Lyner didn’t agree to be the advisor of the other clubs since he found it boring and not worth his time right? So if I explain what kind of club we made I’m sure he would surely be interested . ” Oliver answered seriously like usual .

“So the same idea as Niel . . . ” Rachel said a bit disappointed .

“How about you Rachel? You didn’t suggest anything at all . ” Saya slyly smiled at Rachel, knowing her best friend, she most probably couldn’t think of anything and just forced others to think for her .

’You thought you could corner me Saya . I already knew you would try something like this . ’ Rachel sneered .

“I’m good with Saya’s plan as well . . . But seeing as that would cost us, how about we try asking him properly first, like Niel and Oliver suggested . ”

“So in the end the plan you rejected in the beginning will be the one we use . ” Saya sighed at her two faced best friend .

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