Adopted Soldier

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Alex was surprised by Oliver’s stories he was part of the ever elusive Shadow Mercenaries, while everyone thinks that he’s delusional and that’s what makes it the perfect cover up . Alex thought his comrade has truly became one with normal society .

The two talked about events in other countries battlefields and the current situation of each nation . Alex was thrilled to have this kind of conversation with one his age .

Oliver on the other hand was also having fun since someone actually went along with his scenarios, this new friend of his was very knowledgable about the military .

While the two new friends were chatting in class the teacher couldn’t help but grit his teeth . Yesterday it was clear as day that the Principal was protecting Alex, so that would mean someone powerful and influential was backing Alex . Since Alex was also someone able to answer all of his questions no problem, giving Alex a difficult time was an impossible task .

Even Oliver the so called delusional kid was not as simple as he looks . He always scores at the top 10 in the whole school, and has amazing athletic ability even though he keeps on talking gibberish . The two weirdos were also the the two who were at the top of the class .

In this class the only one who could match up to the weirdos was Rachel, who is also part of the top ten in the whole school . Yet this girl turned out to be the girlfriend of one of the weirdos, it wouldn’t be weird that she as well might turn into a weirdo . The teacher sighed he had no power whatsoever to scold Alex and Oliver for talking in class .

The teacher who had difficulty conducting class was being pitied by the students . The students didn’t understand why the teacher was not scolding the two for talking while in class, but they could somehow guess it was has something to do with weird yet mysterious transfer student .

. . .

The next class was Physical Education so the students were required to change into their P . E uniforms, white shirt and blue shorts . The girls needed to head to the locker room assigned for them, while the boys stay behind the classroom to change .

Oliver who removed his uniform was actually wearing a bullet proof vest, and once he removed it what was shown was a body of pure muscle . Oliver had a case of Chuunibyou or basically he was just delusional, his setting, his background story, everything to do with the fictional character James Bourne was created by him .

Yet Oliver truly wanted to believe that he was a special agent of some secret organization . He trained his body and watched youtube videos of how to fight so he could become closer to his own delusion . Yet in truth he was a boy who was scared of pain, even with the muscles he accumulated he was afraid of getting hurt . Still the boy who had watched numerous videos of soldiers and mercenaries fighting their own personal war was deeply impressed .

When Alex saw the muscles Oliver had, he was impressed there was no scratches in his body not even a blemish of a prick was seen in his palace of muscle . ’For someone who went into dangerous missions on a daily basis he has never been hurt? . . . I thought I was already the best, but here stands before me someone my age who has been to the same, no maybe even worse missions than me and has never been damaged . ’

Alex could only sigh at realizing his own arrogance, as he was changing into his own P . E uniform . The moment Alex took off his clothes everyone stared at him . Alex’s body with the uniform on looked really slim, but what was hidden underneath the uniform was a body of steel . Alex’s muscles weren’t that of a bodybuilder they were that of a fighter, lean muscles with no excess fats .

Yet what truly caught everyone’s attention were the numerous scars all over Alex’s body . There were burn marks, slash wounds, and even something that look similar to bullet wounds . What the hell happened to this boy?

Oliver took a look at Alex’s scarred body and was amazed, ’Wow! Are those real? He really is committed to his own setting . ’ Oliver mistook Alex’s wounds to be something he himself inflicted . One of the boys in class suddenly had the courage to ask Alex about his wounds .

Alex hearing his classmates question started to have cold sweat . He couldn’t possibly say that he got it from being in different battlefields, his identity as a mercenary must be kept a secret . Alex started to think as fast as he could on what to say .

While Alex was thinking deeply, the classmate who asked looked at Alex’s troubled face . “Sorry Alexander, was that question too personal? I didn’t mean to pry I was just a bit curious . ” The classmate bowed his head apologizing to Alex .

Alex shook his head and responded, “No its alright its not a secret or anything . . . I was just reminiscing about how I got them . Well you see my dad is a Martial art enthusiast and a Survival enthusiast, I got these wounds while training . ”

When the class heard Alex’s explanation most of them accepted it, but some felt it was an exaggerated excuse . Those some actually thought that wounds might have been from his father hurting him, but they quickly dismissed the idea and just accepted his explanation as well .

Oliver on the other hand was greatly interested on Alex’s father . “Hey my comrade, can I meet your father?”

When Alex heard Oliver’s request he looked at him dumbfounded . ’What does Oliver want with my dad? Is he going to scout him for the shadow mercenaries . . . But dad can’t fight anymore . ’

“Sorry Oliver, my dad has his left leg cut off . It’s just a prosthetic leg now he can’t move like the way he use to . When you see him you might be disappointed . ” ’Sorry Oliver dad can’t join shadow mercenaries . ’ Alex didn’t say the last part of his thoughts since others might hear .

Oliver’s eyes sparkled in interest, ’I wonder how he lost his leg? Did he lose it while doing survival training in the woods, and a bear swiped it off . ’

“It doesn’t matter Alex what state your father is in . A warrior of his caliber can still go on and fight!” Oliver said those lines trying to console Alex in regards to his father being attacked by a bear, also it was an opportune time to say something cool .

Alex was touched by Oliver still believing in his dad who made a mistake in a mission and lost his leg . Alex nodded his head, “I will inform my dad about your intentions of meeting him . ”

“Thank you comrade, here is my number just call me when he is ready to meet me . ” Oliver threw a calling card at Alex . Oliver was super happy that he was able to act cool twice in a row . He and Alex’s synergy was extremely good .

Alex who caught the calling card looked at it and nodded his head .

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