Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 “Handsome Man of a Painting (1)”

The decision to steal the Dan pill recipe was made by the three of them, and even the refinement process was done together. Yet look at them now, these two shameless traitors are pushing the responsibility onto his head!

“My precious disciple, let me explain.” Qiu Shu Rong (Old Three) makes an awkward smile as he flung his hands around in the air, unsure where to place them: “I only did this out of curiosity. I was going to borrow it for a bit then return the recipe after giving it a trial run.”

“Wait for you to create the Dan pill? Wouldn’t that mean the whole island would be blown up before you succeed?” Bai Yan’s face took on an ugly expression, “and there’s the matter of my garden you ruined. How are we going to calculate this debt?”

Taking advantage of Qiu Shu Rong’s (Old Three) divided attention, Zheng Qi (Old First) and Ren Yi (Old Two) exchanged a signaling glance and jumped forward to attack their brother. One tightly held the shoulder while the other used his fastest speed to snatch the special storage bag from the waist.

“Disciple, one must take responsibility when they do something wrong. This storage bag here contains Old Three’s life possession. I will now use it to compensate your loss.”

Qiu Shu Rong’s old face immediately went dark. Angrily roaring out at his brothers: “Zheng Qi, Ren Yi, you traitors!’

In response, Zheng Qi (Old First) pats his brother on the shoulder and said: “Old Three, it doesn’t matter anyways when we only have this one disciple. Whether it be now or in the future, all of our possessions will eventually be hers. Am I right or am I right?”

There’s no wrong in that saying.


Restraining his bleeding heart, Qiu Shu Rong mercilessly glares at his brother: “Then how come you didn’t bring out your storage bag instead?”

“Hoho, the one who made the mistake is you, so of course the one to compensate is you.” Ren Yi (Old Two) shamelessly states this like its only right.

Ignoring the bickering going on between the three, Bai Yan activates her spirit force to probe the contents. To her astonishment, everything inside were precious herbs of extreme quality. Not even money could buy these outside!

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Easing her face down, she smiles: “Out of consideration for your sincerity and compensation, you can have that recipe. By the way, I will also hand the paper with the refinement method to you three.”

Following Bai Yan’s sentence, Qiu Shu Rong’s distressed face instantly brightened up to the point that he’s beaming with light in his old eyes.

“Disciple, you are not cheating Shifu now are you? You are really willing to teach us?”

“However, I’m going away for a while so my lessons will have to wait until I get back.” Frost explodes out of her eyes.

Six years already…

It’s been six years since she left the Bai House, allowing those people five years of peace. This time, she intends to pay them all back, the ones who did her harm!

Sinking in their eyes, these old bones all knew about their precious disciple’s past after spending so much time with her.

It was Qiu Shu Rong who spoke up first after pondering the matter: “I heard that five years ago the royal consort of the second prince gave birth to a son, and that the animals were kneeling at the child. According to the rumors anyway. Now that the second prince has taken the crown prince title, that woman is the crown princess now.”

“My dear disciple, it’s not that your Shifu I don’t trust your ability, but those from the Bai House is simply too shameless. I fear they will nauseate you with their foul existence.” Ren Yi (Old Two) thought for a moment continuing, “let’s do it this way. We will send some people back with you. If someone dares to bully you, just have our people directly kill them! With us backing you, you can walk sideways if you want to no one can say otherwise!”

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