Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 “Handsome Man of a Painting (2)”

“No need, my return this time is not only for revenge, it’s also to clear up some questions I have.” A gleam flashes by her eye, “besides, I don’t just want to Bai House to disappear, I want their prestige to completely crumble as they fall. Whatever benefits they took of the Lan House will be whatever benefits they will spill back out.”

The three elders shared a look at the statement. Through the years of living with their disciple, how can they not know Bai Yan’s personality? Once decided, there’s no changing that head of hers.

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“Grandshifus, don’t worry,” Bai Xiachen pats his chest in assurance, “I will protect mother and not let those villains harm us.”

Going warm in the heart, Bai Yan believes she couldn’t ask for more from a son.

Then next second the baby boy just had to ruin the mood by adding an inconsistent phrase to his sentence: “If I can’t do it then I’ll roast Little Rice.”

Poor Little Rice. He was enjoying such a fine nap in the boy’s arm when he heard this, thus causing the baby tiger to nearly stumble to the ground in a panic.

This… what does the vow have to do with him?

“Then very well.” Qiu Shu Rong exhales a sigh, “do pay attention to your safety though when on the road. If there is anything you need, anything at all, don’t hesitate to come back to us. Oh yes, Young Lord is back. Do you wish to visit him before departing?”

“Godfather is back?” Bai Xiachen’s big moving eyes looked pitifully cute as he tugged at his mother’s sleeve, “Mother, can we go say farewell to Godfather before leaving?”

In response, Bai Yan holds onto the boy’s hand and slightly nods at the elders: “If he’s back then it won’t be right if we don’t see him before leaving. My shifus, take care of yourselves.”

Dropping these words, she slowly turned away with her son and left a picturesque scene of stunning red for the three elders.

“Big Brother, Old Three.” Ren Yi (Old Two) makes a wry smile, “We have really brought shame to our name as the chief alchemists of the Holy Land. Compared to our precious disciple, we are too inferior. All those recipes she has, I never even seen those before!”

Qiu Shu Rong very proudly raised his head: “Hoho, don’t forget its I who brought the girl back here years ago. Now that we’ve kept her hidden for so long, it’s time we let her go out and wow the world. I can already see the shocking faces of those bastards from the Medicine Sect.”

As the number one sect specializing in medicine creation, the Medicine Sect usually held the other alchemists out there in contempt and would often dismiss anyone who doesn’t align with their view. As such, the three elders here intentionally hid their disciple away from prying eyes, just so they can wow the other side for once.

At the moment, Bai Yan had already arrived at her destination in the back of the mountain, totally unware of her shifus intent.

Mountains and lakes in the background, the man she’s seeking now stood with his back against her. There’s no negativity to be found here, only the striking resemblance of an unrealistic beauty found in that of a painting.

“Godfather,” Bai Xia waves his short chubby hands at the man to get his attention.

Sure enough, the man slowly turns around to reveal his divine contour. Though his face can overshadow even the brightest star in the heavens, those eyes remain emotionless that it hurts just seeing them: “I heard from my shifus that you came so I intentionally came to say goodbye to you. I and little Xiachen will be leaving for a while.”

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