Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 “I’m Back (1)”

“If you need help then I can help you.” Warmth gradually filled Chu Feng Yi’s emotionless gaze.

With a smile more beautiful than the scenic background, Bai Yan casually pinches a falling petal with her fingers before asking: “Feng Yi, do you think the peach blossoms here are beautiful?”

No reply came. To the man, regardless of how beautiful these falling peach blossoms are, they paled in comparison to the woman standing before him.

“Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful these blossoms are, they will eventually wither after falling off the tree. I don’t want to become like that, become somebody that can’t survive on their own.”

As if coming out of a trance, Chu Feng Yi carried a complex feeling in his eye: “I understand your meaning, but… If you ever want to find someone to rely on, I am more than willing to become yours and Xiachen’s reliance. Before that, I will act as a big brother watching over you.”

Getting understanding from her friend, Bai Yan forms a bright smile and holds onto her son’s hand again, “Xiachen, let us go now.”

“Okay!” The child makes a genuine smile at Chu Feng Yi,” farewell Godfather, I will miss you.”

Standing under the peach blossom tree, the unrealistic man watches the departing back of the pair he holds so dear. For an instance, this paradise made up of mountains and lakes suddenly became ever so lonely without their presence…

“Mother, do you not like Godfather?” Bai Xiachen questions Bai Yan after returning to their cabin.

“It’s not that I don’t like your godfather, but rather it’s not that type of ‘like’. I only think of him as family. If there’s no possibility then I don’t want to give him false hope.”

She had always been the decisive kind. Whether it be love or the way she handles things in life, Bai Yan will never drag them out and make a mess of it.

Bai Xiachen nods his small head like he can almost understand the meaning: “Although I like Godfather a lot, but mother is mother, always right.”

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Amused by her son’s silly act, Bai Yan pinched the boy on his soft little cheek: “Come, let us go home.”

“Mother, do you think uncle will like me?”

“Oh, when did you ever care about other people’s opinion?”

“Because mother likes him, so I also want him to like me.”

“Since you are already saying he’s a person mother like’s, then of course he will certainly like you.”

Holding Bai Xiachen’s small little hand, Bai Yan led her son away, leaving only their gradually fading voice in the air.


Six years’ worth of time can’t be considered long nor can it be considered short, yet there have been some drastic changes that took place in the Liu Huo Kingdom.

First was the birth of the royal grandson by Royal Consort Bai Ruo. Due to the massive movement by the animals in the world – including demon beasts – rumor has it that the ruckus was all in worship of the child.

Although Demon Beasts carried the word “demon” in its name, but in actual fact, these creatures are a symbol of strength.

As such, the second prince was immediately crowned the heir to the throne, thus raising Bai Ruo’s status to that of the crown princess.

In addition to that, the most cited matter to involve the women of the world was the appearance of a new sovereign with a different surname in the kingdom five years ago.

The man went by the name of Di Cang. Though his background remains a mystery to everyone, His Majesty remains to be convinced of the man’s ability and allowed him to use the surname “Di” in his title. This gave proof of how highly favored this new sovereign was.

Note: Di in Chinese actually means emperor or king. Since I can’t exactly use king or emperor as a last name, Di will have to do.

Besides, considering how sinfully handsome and powerful he was, no women can resist his charm. That alone warranted a frenzy among the female populous.

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