Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 “I’m Back (2)”

Prince’s Manor.

Sitting in front of his desk, the lord of the house appears to be in a foul mood despite his lazy demeanor: “The person I ordered you people to find is still nowhere to be seen?”

The guard on the receiving end trembles at the question, “Your Highness…” His back soaked with sweat that it made the environment awfully chilly, “Your Highness, the woman you mentioned has no description nor name… We are unable to follow.”

Gradually straightening his back, the man behind the desk becomes stern in his voice: “I will give you another half a month. If you can’t locate her by then, all of you can bring your heads back instead.”

“Your subordinate shall comply.” Slowly getting up from the ground, the guard swiftly left the premise with his legs shaking heavily with each step.

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It’s always been like this. Whenever he came to report to His Highness the Sovereign Prince, it would require great deal of courage to simply just speak, let alone raising his head to look up.

Note: I’m gonna use Sovereign Prince as his title since he’s technically a king with a different surname. Easier to differentiate.

Once the room empties again, the dangerous man narrows his eyes and recalled the disgraceful scene from six years ago.

Suddenly, the cup in his hand snaps and shatters into pieces at the grip. Despite the hot burning tea pouring down his skin, no reaction ever came like the pain didn’t register at all in his mind.

“You got the guts to rape me! Then you got the guts to flee! Just wait, even if you run to the ends of the world I will personally drag you back out!”

Six years ago when he had just left the demon realm and came to these lands, a time where his strength became limited and his body unconscious, it was that bloody woman who brought him back!

Unfortunately, because of the forceful breakthrough of the seal, his eyesight became a blur and could only see the approximate shape of the woman’s appearance. He intended to get even with the perpetrator after he recovered, but who would’ve guessed. After the despicable act of eating him, the woman immediately pulled up her pants and fled, leaving no chance for him to catch her!

“Your Highness.”

Just then, a guard hurries inside to report: “The sixth princess is here again. She wishes to see Your Highness.”

Sweeping his bone chilling gaze across the guard, Di Cang causes the poor man to shrink his head back in fright.

“Such small matters and you still need to come report to me? Send her away.”

“But, the sixth princess said if Your Highness doesn’t meet her then she won’t leave the manor.”

Originally Di Cang wanted to leave, but when he heard this sentence, he halted in his step: “Then have her thrown out!” His voice cold and unquestionable.

The guard trembled all over because he knew only this man would dare treat the royal family so poorly. Yet, His Majesty the King continues to turn a blind eye to the act!

No, the correct saying should be the king doesn’t dare to intervene.

Ignoring the guard and his inner thoughts, Di Cang pats his sleeve and stepped out the doorway and into the open sun. His purple robe dazzling to the eye under the morning light.


On the end of a street in the capital, Bai Xiachen was currently eyeing his surroundings with curiosity as Bai Yan led him around the ever so lively city.

“Mother, are we going to see Uncle now?”

Over the years, the only one his mother would ever talk about was his uncle Bai Xiao. Therefore, the little guy had long been anticipating this meeting.

“For now, no.” Bai Yan stopped in her footstep, “I’ve changed my mind and won’t be taking you back to the Bai House. Instead, I’m going to buy a house here first and get someone to take care of you.”

Turning red in the eyes, the boy tightens his grip on his mother’s hand and pleaded: “Please don’t be angry mother, I promise you I won’t be naughty anymore. So please mother, don’t leave me behind. I will stop asking you to find me a father anymore. Is that not good?”

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