Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 “I’m the Big Miss of the Bai House (2)”

“Then you can beat them, beat them until they are dead!” Bai Yan pricks her brow, apparently forgetting her own lesson just moments ago. “If you kill them in the end then you got mommy here to back you up, and you still have your grandshifus back at the Holy Land to rely on!”

Who dares to bully her Bai Yan’s son?

A flicker of light filled the boy’s eye for he’s relieved to hear those words.

In his interpretation, he’s only restricted to actively meet the members of the Bai House, never did she say he can’t take the initiative to make trouble for them.

If I don’t give those evildoers a taste of my POWAS then I’m not Ba Xiachen!

“Mommy, I will be in the house waiting for you to come back. You mustn’t forget me just because you found Uncle.” Bai Xiachen pulls at her sleeve, his face pitifully sad.

Going dark in the face, Bai Yan thought, is my memory so bad that I would forget my own child?

“Mommy, your memory is universally recognized as bad.” With only a glance, he could already guess what’s on her mother’s mind, “you could even forget my father so it’s not unthinkable that you will suddenly one day forget me too.”

Giving her son a hard knock on the head, Bai Yan ignores the last comment: “Don’t spend so much of your time fiddling about these minor details. Little Rice, you watch him.”

This wasn’t the first time she had left her son alone before. Back when they were living in the Holy Land, Bai Yan had periodically departed by herself to cultivate her own powers and influences out in the world. However, this time’s different from the past, they are out here. There’s a clear distinction between the two so of course Bai Yan would be worried.

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In her eyes, she would rather trust a white tigerling than to trust her own son to behave.

Making a woohing sound to confirm the order, Little Rice then pats his furry chest to make a confident gesture.

With everything set, Bai Yan departed by herself, leaving the two youngsters alone in the manor.

“Little Rice.” A shred of yearning filled Bai Xiachen’s gaze as he watched the disappearing back of his mother: “Uncle will like me when I’m this handsome right? I say, what if I bring Uncle some gift, would that be better? If anything, I can share half of the Dan pill snacks Mother made us.”

He hasn’t a clue regarding the precious value of the snacks in his possession, but Bai Xiachen do know his grandshifus would often fight among themselves just to get a single one when possible.

Rolling his tiger eyes, Little Rice jumped out of the boy’s arm and found a warm place for himself to bath in the sun.


After so many years, the Bai manor in which she fled from remains the same.

Standing there, the memories from back then floods back to her like a wave. “Six years, and I’m finally back here again…” Bai Yan murmurs.

Whatever they owe me, I will make them pay me back in full and more!

“Who are you?” The guard standing at the door showed astonishment at first, then replaced it with disdain: “This here is the Bai House, not just anyone can go in, especially a dirty woman like you!”

What’s that saying again, ah yes, a dog looking down on others!

That sort of saying was the perfect match for this snobbish guard here.

No wait, calling this man a dog was an insult to such an animal known to be loyal.

“I am the first miss of the Bai House.” Her tone slightly cold, “you say, am I qualified to go in?”

First miss of the Bai House? Then that means this woman in white is the same girl who got pregnant and then eloped with another man?

“You think I will believe you just believe you say you are the first miss of the Bai House?” The guard quickly recomposed himself and started to laugh mockingly, “If you can’t come up with proof then scram!”

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