Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 “The So-Called Father (1)”

Being stopped at the door by the guard, Bai Yan did not get angry; instead, she took two steps forward and raised her pressure.

“Zhang Yao, the son-in-law of the Bai House’s housekeeper. Through your father-in-law’s connection, you fished an errand here and will only obey Yu Rong’s mother. If I’m not mistaken, the reasoning for you to stop me here is also an order from that old woman.”

Following every word from her mouth, the guard would turn uglier by the second because what the young woman here said were all true. Its no secret he’s the son-in-law of the housekeeper, but obeying the old madam wasn’t. Not even the lord of the house knew about that!

“For fear of other women coming to seduce Bai Zheng Xiang once the Bai House grows, they had you stationed here to stop any possible threat. Am I correct?” Bai Yan points everything out, her face a smile the entire time.

Prior to coming here today, she had done all that’s needed to dig up the background of every member of the Bai House, including the servants here too.

If not for a strong backing, this guard wouldn’t be so daring and pompous in his attitude.

“Eh?” A disbelieving voice abruptly breaks the quiet atmosphere here.

Just as Bai Yan followed the sound and turned around, a pair of shocked eyes were already pinned to herself from behind.

“You are… big sister?”

Watching the delicately sweet maiden in front of her, Bai Yan uttered a lamenting sigh in response.

Would this be the so called the inevitable clash between enemies?

I have only just returned and already I’m running into Yu Rong’s youngest daughter. Heck, I’m not even pass the doorway yet!

“Big sister, is that really you?” The girl makes a delighted face, “do you know that after you disappeared years ago, my maternal grandmother became worried sick for you while my mother would constantly dream of your safe return day and night. It’s so great now that you’ve returned.”

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“Bai Zhi, so this is your family’s infamous first miss of the Bai House? The one that got pregnant before marriage and then eloped with the man? Gee, to think a woman who lost her chastity would dare come back still!”

The group of young girls following behind Bai Zhi sent a sweeping glance at Bai Yan, their eyes filled with obvious disdain.

“You mustn’t say that about my big sister!” Bai Zhi started to flush red from her supposed anger, “even if this matter is my big sister in the wrong, she’s still my blood relative! My mother have always loved her the most! Even if me and my elder sister Bai Ruo are wronged, we cannot wrong my big sister here! If you bully her then you are going against our Bai House!”

Bai Yan slightly narrowed her eyes at the statement. From her impression, this Bai Zhi have been the kind or naïve sort of person.

Back in the beginning, there had never been a lack of cases where these two sisters would unite to bully herself!

As such, she was just wondering why this Bai Zhi would start defending herself, now it turns out dogs never change. Dog shit was still dog shit****!

“Your mother indeed treated me very well.” She sweeps her gaze at Bai Zhi, “she was afraid I would be fat so she didn’t feed me and made me starve. She was afraid I would squander away my mother’s dowry so she so kindly took them all into her custody. Oh yes, she also thought I might be too extravagant in public so she never had me wear any jewelries after my mother passed away.”

After her series of spilling the beans in front of the girl’s groupie, Bai Yan successful witnessed the snobby brat going from angelic to hideous on the face.

“So yes, I really have to thank your mother for all these years of love she gave me!” Hers lips curved into a smile.

With everything said, Bai Yan tilts her head high and proudly walked into the residence after six years away from this place.

While in the back, the crowd watching her back broke out into an uproar.

Though Bai Yan from back then had the title of being the number one beauty of the kingdom, but her development had always been very thin with hardly any flesh on the chest. Furthermore, most didn’t pay attention before due to her exquisite natural face, but never had Bai Yan worn a jewelry in public, or makeup for that matter.

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