Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 “The So-Called Father (2)”

They had thought that Bai Yan only kept herself so destitute because of her mother’s death, but now it seems there’s more to what’s shown on the surface.

“Don’t you listen to her nonsense!” Bai Zhi couldn’t care about her disguise anymore and stabbed her fists onto her hip while she shouted in protest. “What a waste of my kindness in protecting her. How can she frame my mother like that? No wonder she can do something so immoral back then!” She glared viciously in the direction of the departing figure.

So what if you came back? My sister is now the crown princess, and the crown prince is also very doting towards her. There’s no place left for you here now!


Bai Yan did not deliberately hide her return, instead, she made it as high profile as she can so everyone knows she’s back!

By this point Bai Zheng Xiang also became alarmed by the matter and hurried back as a result. Upon his return at home, he immediately convened a clan meeting and sent for Bai Yan. But no matter how he waited, the familiar figure never appeared, that was until his patience ran dry anyways.

Under the brilliant light of the sun from the outside, the beautiful red dress only made the owner even more exquisite and enchanting. Seeing this, Yu Rong (stepmother) that was sitting next to her man couldn’t help but grip her hands from jealousy.

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Yu Rong herself had given birth to two daughters, but not a single one of them could compare to this bitch’s appearance! Fortunately, the heavens are fair and just. By giving this cheap wrench a magnificent outer skin, it also deprived the girl of any talent in cultivation, making her trash in the public’s eye.

If it were not so, there’s no way her eldest daughter Bai Ruo would be able to marry into royalty.

“Bai Yan, you are back.” No matter how unwilling she was, Yu Rong continues to don that false smile of hers: “It’s good that you are back. Do you know how worried your father has been since your disappearance? Hurry and admit your wrong so he will forgive you.”

“My dear, you don’t have to speak for this unfilial daughter.” Snapping, Bai Zheng Xiang immediately roared out, “Bai Yan, immediately kneel down in front of me!”


Bai Yan coldly smirked at the demand. Even back when she became her shifus disciple, those three elders never even dared to ask her to kneel. So, based on what qualification can this man ask her to kneel?

“I’m not wrong so I don’t need to admit anything.”

She only came here to see her brother Bai Xiao, not to win the hearts of these people. In her heart, there’s only hatred left and nothing else for this bunch.

“Impudent!” Bai Zheng Xiang thundered and slammed the table. Standing up, he made a pained expression: “Do you know how much shame you brought to our family when you left? If not for your mother here speaking up for you, I would’ve already expelled you from the clan book!”

“My husband, don’t say anymore.” Yu Rong rushed over and pulled at the man’s sleeve, her face looking pitiful, “I am only her stepmother after all. No matter what I do, it will never be good enough. On the contrary, I will only be blamed for meddling in her affairs.”

Apparently Bai Zheng Xiang was still in the midst of his rage and couldn’t see through the simple act. Throwing the stopping hand away, he roared again: “She don’t even know how to admit her wrong, what use is there for you to fend for her? Bai Yan, do you know your grandmother fainted from grievance and that your mother here also wept daily for you?! Yet you! How can you be such an animal! From today forward the clan book of the Bai family will no longer have room for a cold-hearted wolf like you!”

Against the series of accusation, Bai Yan only snickered a humble laugh: “May I know which one from the Lan House are you referring to? As for the one present here today, how come I haven’t been inform of her becoming my grandmother? As for my mother, she’s already in the afterlife!”

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