Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 “The So-Called Father (3)”

Old Madam Yu did not expect this girl to be even more stubbornly hateful after six years of absence. Immediately, she broke out into a cry. “What have I done to deserve this, to have worried for this cold-hearted wolf for so many years! Zheng Xiang, since your own daughter won’t allow me to stay here then should I leave?”

Bai Zheng Xian had always been very filial towards this aunt of his to the point that it’s no different from a biological mother; therefore, hearing the old lady’s crying voice, his temper immediately flared open.

“Kneel before your grandmother!” He stomped at his daughter’s knee in an attempt to make her bend, only to miss completely when Bai Yan sidestepped to one side.

Coming up empty, the rage only grew doubled: “Bai Yan, you don’t have to apologize to me today, but no matter what, you must give your mother and grandmother here an apology. I want to see you kneeling on the floor until they forgive you!”

“Bai Zheng Xiang, if I say six years ago its they who framed me and nearly sold me to the old chief of the Qian House as a concubine, would you still force me to apologize?” That’s deliberate, she wanted to see how ruthlessly cold this man can be and to what extent.

But the reply Bai Yan got next only realized the old cruel saying of a “stepdad will come once there’s a stepmom”.

“Bai Yan oh Bai Yan, I am too disappointed in you. How can there be such a vicious person like you in this world? Yu Rong is so kind yet you have the audacity to say she framed you? They loved you like their own, like their own daughter and granddaughter, but in the end you repay them with this ungrateful attitude!”

Bai Zheng Xiang’s eyes were full of disappointment. To tell the truth, when he heard Bai Yan had returned today, his heart did have a glimmer of hope.

If only she kneeled and admitted her mistake, he would’ve forgiven her.

Unexpectedly, this girl not only refused to repent, she also wants to frame others as an excuse!

“Someone come, go get me the disciplinary rod!” His face dark as he sternly spoke, “Bai Yan, I’m hitting you for your own good, otherwise you will never know how to repent!”

Bai Yan’s gaze turned icy cold, “I like to see who will dare touch me.”

Her imposing aura causes even the guards to stiffen up at the doorway, let alone Bai Zheng Xiang that’s closest to the epicenter of the pressure. The man almost couldn’t breath there for a moment!

“What are you people lagging there for, go and get me the disciplinary rod. I’m going to teach this ungrateful girl a lesson today!” Only after much struggle did he manage to shout this out.

Just when the guard wanted to carry out the order by retreating, a snowy-white dressed boy blocks his path.

“Bai Xiao, why did come?” The man was still angry, but his expression clearly became better upon the boy’s entry into the hall.

The youngster didn’t reply, only walking silently inside to Bai Yan’s side like his entire being was shrouded inside a layer of frost. “You stated before that you would expel her from the Bai House. That means you can’t use the family disciplines against her.”

Ever since her brother appeared again in her life, Bai Yan’s gaze have never wavered by the boy’s location. In her view, the young naive boy from back then had changed. He’s colder, and more distant…

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