Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 “Why Didn’t You Take Me Away? (1)”

His face a slight frown: “In the end of it she’s still my daughter. I only said those out of anger. As long as she’s willing to come back to the right path then I will forgive her for the past mistakes.”

It’s not like Bai Zheng Xiang held no feelings for their bond, but to him, the girl’s behavior had gone too far. Hence the reason for his words back there.

“I will only recognize the part where you said she’s no longer part of the Bai family.” Still cold in his gaze, Bai Xiao slowly turns away, “leave with me.”

Watching the lonely yet proud back of the youth, Bai Yan didn’t refuse and followed suit in the same direction.

Having his own son disregarding his words, Bai Zheng Xiang went livid in his face: “How can Lan Yue produce a pair of stubborn kids like this when she’s so gentle and virtuous?”

“My husband, it’s all my fault.” Yu Rong hypocritically wipes the corner of her eye, “I’m not only incompetent in giving you a son, but also failed to discipline Bai Xiao in your place. It’s all my fault he’s disobeying his elders.”

The grievance in Yu Rong’s voice slightly elevated the anger in his face: “This matter is not to be blamed on you. If anything, the one to blame is that old man from the Lan House. Bai Xiao’s temperament is exactly like his grandfather’s!”

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Over the years, Bai Zheng Xiang not only showed no gratitude for the support he received from the Lan House, he instead blamed his father-in-law for everything bad because it was that old man who refused their marriage in the beginning.

So what if he doesn’t agree? His daughter is already that in love with me, no way Lan Yue could ever leave back then!

“As for Bai Xiao, we do need to educate him some more. I give you permission to scold or beat him if you must. If the Lan House comes knocking then I will block them off.”

As his only son, Bai Zheng Xiang never intervened with the boy’s matter because he’s his only heir. But after today’s incident, he’s come to the conclusion that being too indulgent of his son cannot be good. At this rate, it might even ruin the boy.

And who better was there to teach his son? Of course his wife Yu Rong when she’s given him two fine daughters thus far.

“Husband, you can rest assured that I will teach him as my own son.” Lowering her face, Yu Rong hides away the sinister glow from her eyes.

Lan Yue, back then you took away my position and ruined me, but now look who’s still standing. You are dead and even your children are in my hands now! I’ve won you hear me!


Towards the request made by her father to discipline Bai Xiao, Bai Yan doesn’t it yet, but she will. Until then, she’s quietly walking behind the youthful boy and watching the stoic back right now.

“Brother…” After a long time she finally stopped in her steps, her voice full of reminiscence.

Going stiff at the hailing voice, the youth only stood there under the afternoon sun without turning back to face the woman behind him.

“How have you been all these years?”

How have you been all these years? Clenching his two hands into a tight grip, Bai Xiao slowly turns around, his handsome face already trickling with tears.

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