Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2026 - Woman in White (4)”

Chapter 2026 “Woman in White (4)”

Bai Xiachen’s small face instantly turned white as soon as she said that: “Mother, Father, what if a hundred years had passed? Wouldn’t that make Ling Yan older than me? Will I have to call her my big sister instead? What if a thug comes along and snatch her away by taking advantage of my young age?”

The thought of a little fart coming along and stealing his sister from right under his nose immediately unsettled the steambun.

He couldn’t accept that!

“Let’s go back and see,” Bai Yan also had a worried face, “who knows, we might’ve only been gone for a few months.”

“Really?” Bai Xiachen nearly started crying due to the nervousness he had inside, “Will Ling Yan still run up to me and call me big brother? Will Jin Tian still cluelessly do as I say?”

“Let’s leave.” Bai Yan did not answer Bai Xiachen’s words further due to how grim she felt inside as well.

How could I have let Ling Yan and Jin Tian alone for so long?

What kind of life did they have if that much time did pass?

I’m a terrible mother!

“Don’t worry,” Di Cang placed an arm around his wife’s shoulder and smiled reassuringly, “you need to have more confidence in yourself Yan’er. We would never have stayed here for that long.”

Sure enough, that managed to warm the lady’s heart somewhat: “I hope so.”

Otherwise, I won’t be able to bear the consequences of abandoning those my darlings….

Finally able to follow his parent’s conversation, Bai Xiachen sniffs and holds back his own tears to act confidently, “That’s right Mother, me and Father never would’ve allowed us to stay here for that long. Let’s go home, I also miss everyone. Maybe Dragony and Auntie are home as well and waiting for us….”

“Okay, let’s go home, the place where everyone is.” That said, Bai Yan looked up to the familiar blue sky and felt a flame of hope burning within herself again.


The Celestial Realm.

Outside the Celestial Palace, a dense crowd of invaders had descended from the void and come before the main gate.

The few guards who remained to defend this palace were naturally frightened at the massive force gathered at their doorstep. Especially when they managed to grasp the enemy’s power, which was far beyond their own.

“You people… Who are you?!”

The most veteran of the defenders stepped forward despite his own nervousness. He’s having trouble keeping a firm grip on the sword with his shaky hands.

“Leave none alive!” The old man leading the invasion force coldly orders, not batting an eyelash over the question.


Under the dark clouds, blood stained the walls of the sacred grounds of the palace, eliminating all life that once dwelled here and echoing a scream of terror in the air.

“Elder Yin, Heavenly Flame’s body should be inside the alter here.” A young-looking spy stepped over and respectfully reports, “According to the information we’ve gathered, these people do not know what’s hidden under there so no one had ever disturbed the coffin.”

Elder Yin sneered in contempt at the few defenders who are still resisting, “These people are foolish indeed. They had such a treasure right under their feet and never knew it. Finish them quickly, we will head inside first.”

“Yes, Elder.” With that order, the rest of the assaulting force promptly streamed into the palace, slaying everyone and everything in sight. It didn’t matter if the residents were children or women, none got spared on this tragic day.

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