Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2025 - Woman in White (3)”

Chapter 2025 “Woman in White (3)”

“Hold on!” Bai Yan presses for information regarding the flaming bead after seeing the other her disappearing. Unfortunately, the woman in white had already returned to a globe of light after her words and shot into her body…..


In the darkness, Di Cang had been hugging Bai Yan’s body with an iron grasp during the whole time. He’s worried she would disappear from his world if he lost a single strand of hair from his wife.


A ray of light emanated from within the woman’s body, instantly turning into a pillar of light and pouring upwards to illuminate the darkness.

“Father,” Bai Xiachen nervously grabbed Bai Yan’s sleeve and asked, “What’s happening? Mother, she…”

Di Cang frowned and didn’t respond; instead, his sight locked onto the woman’s body over the changes.

Lower Divine Lord, Middle Divine Lord….

The forced breakthroughs directly allowed Bai Yan to reach the middle level of the Divine Lord stage as per that soul fragment said.

“Di Cang, Xiachen…” Fluttering her eyelids, the demon queen’s consciousness slowly comes to and saw the two males that she so dearly loved.

Subsequently, Bai Yan didn’t wait and raised that pair of arms to wrap around the man’s neck, letting their body and warmth to mingle together.

“Yan’er… You’re back…” Di Cang’s large hand gently wrapped around her back to comfort both himself and his wife.

These days, he could sense Bai Yan’s presence, but that doesn’t mean the ordeal wasn’t any less stressful.

“Mother!” The steambun flew into a yippy jump of joy and threw himself at his mother’s tummy, “What happened before? How come you didn’t answer me when I called? You scared me to death Mother.”

“I heard everything you were saying Xiachen, it’s just that I couldn’t respond to you before.” Bai Yan apologetically caressed her son’s head because she understood how much worry she had caused.

While the family was having their well-deserved reunion, the light had grown so strong that it had encompassed every corner within the visible view.


A crisp cracking sound abruptly interrupted their hug and caught the family’s attention.

Bai Yan’s heart tightened and quickly wrapped her arms around the steambun’s body before scanning the area vigilantly.

It’s at this point that her expression froze in shock.

Reason? The snowy white sky overhead had started to shatter with veins forming in all directions.

In a mere fifteen minutes, the crack had expanded to the level of allowing some of the broken shards above to fall. Then, only then could they see the crisp blueness that they are so familiar with.

“Mother!” Bai Xiachen’s small little mouth made a big round shape, “Can we finally leave?”

“Mhmm,” Bai Yan softly confirms the idea by gently nodding, “unfortunately, we don’t have a concept of time here. Who knows how much time had transpired outside? Maybe a hundred years have already passed for your siblings….”

Bai Yan’s heart shook with horror at the idea. She didn’t want to believe that was possible, but it was a possibility she couldn’t ignore.

Bai Xiachen was equally as stunned by her words. Then quickly looking up to face his mother’s gaze, “Mother, what do you mean by that? How come I can’t understand?”

Without hesitation, the demon queen went into great detail on what her previous incarnation had told her about this world and herself. She did not withhold any information.

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