Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2027 - Heavenly’s Body (1)”

Chapter 2027 “Heavenly’s Body (1)”

The altar of the Celestial Palace was considered the most mysterious place in all of the Celestial Realm. In fact, not even the keepers themselves knew what this sacred spot meant to the world. All they knew was that because of the altar’s existence, the Celestial Palace was able to grow by leaps and bound to become the number one power.

Deep in the altar, an ancient coffin similar to a sarcophagus of the western style laid there silently. It’s giving off the impression of those resting tombs hidden in those old catacombs under a church.

However, unlike the decrepit state that one would expect of something old, this one had been sealed tight with no room for air to seep in. Apparently no one had ever thought to open it since its inception despite the constant stream of energy radiating out from the surface.

“Open it, we will destroy Heavenly’s body.” Elder Yin waved his hand and commanded in a cold voice.

“Yes, Elder.” After hearing this, the spy in charge of information gathering stepped over and slammed down with his fist. It made a loud impact, but the sarcophagus remains intact and spotless.

Elder Yin frowned at this sight, “Get out of the way, I’ll do it myself!”

The spy hurriedly gave way, afraid his hesitation would enrage the old senior.

Unlike the youth who couldn’t make a dent, Elder Yin was someone much stronger in terms of power. By gathering all of his energy into the palm, the very air around the room had warped when smashing down. Despite the incredible force, the results were the same, albeit with a heavier tremor in the room, nothing’s changed.

“It seems even I can’t open this coffin with my strength,” Elder Yin smugly smirked, “everyone who is at the Demi Divine Lord level come assist me, we must pry open this thing!”

“Yes Elder!” Without delay, all of the masters who came to participate in this invasion had stepped over and surrounded the coffin.

Elder Yin took a deep breath before making a solemn expression, “Okay, let’s start now. The plan is to converge all of our power onto one point and make a breakthrough. The seal will naturally shatter once a hole is made.”

He must determine whether the corpse inside was Heavenly Flame’s body.

At this moment, all of the Demi Divine Lord’s began gathering their powers onto a single point in the middle of the sarcophagus. It’s suffocating for anyone unable to bear this heavy atmosphere, forcing the subordinates to flee the room before they die under this weight.


A loud roar resounded across the sky, and the lid, which had been firmly immobile, was finally overturned under their assault.

There’s a man silently slumbering there. Handsome, yet proud in his contour. Indeed, this was a man of high stature without doubt, just that he’s been dead for who knows how long based on that pale complexion.

“There’s no mistake, this body is indeed Heavenly’s!” Elder Yin’s pupil tightly sharpened on that face and grinned darkly upon confirming the features.

“If his body gets destroyed, does that means the seal around the domains is gone?” Another mutters without directing it to anyone.

Does that mean the conquest of the main worlds is upon us?

Perhaps it’s the wonderful image of their future, but some of the Demi Divine Lords were already laughing wildly like some evil villain from those typical movies.

They had been staying inside the Frost Domain for who knows how long. They’ve long grown tired of such a life. Now the time to conquer and taste the fruit was upon them so how could they not be happy?

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