Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 “Why Didn’t You Take Me Away? (2)”

“Truth is I should hate you, hate you for leaving without saying goodbye, hate you for leaving me alone in the Bai House! However, in the moment when I saw you again, I realized I simply cannot hate you.”

Bai Xiao slowly loosened his clenched fist as he walked up to Bai Yan’s spot.

“Back then, why did you not take me away with you…? Even if I had to roam the world with you and be without a roof over my head, I would have preferred it then to stay here alone!”

The young man’s voice was very emotional to the point that tears were flowing down from the corner of his eyes: “So why did you leave me behind? In this place, I only had you as my family! But in the end even you too abandoned me!”

“Brother…” Bai Yan wanted to explain herself at this moment, but in the end, she ended up with nothing more than a single word, “sorry.”

Six years, during this period she had her son and her three shifus by her side, but Bai Xiao only had himself alone in this place filled with those who wish him ill… She knew that was the case even before coming here today, but it still hurts when hearing it in person.

Its certain now, the debt she owes this boy can never be compensated using this lifetime.

“I don’t need your SORRY!” The youth grabs onto her shoulder, his voice trembling with hysteria, “I just, I just… please, I beg you, don’t leave me behind again…”

In the next moment Bai Xiao abruptly hugs her with a powerful grip like anything less would mean the disappearance of the one he holds dear again without warning.

“Okay, I won’t leave you again.” Sensing the unstable emotion in her brother’s mood, Bai Yan comforts him by patting his shoulder in a soothing motion.

“If you are going to go then take me with you. No matter the hardship, as long as you are with me then I am not afraid! I just need you, my family by my side!” He slowly releases her, his teary face revealing a smile for the first time in six years.

“I won’t go.”

She’s here to get revenge so how can she leave until then?

“Sister.” Bai Xiao makes a hesitant face, “the truth is on the night of your disappearance, grandmother sent someone to come find you. She intended to bring you over to the Lan House but was blocked by Yu Rong’s people. I wanted to tell you the news but I couldn’t make it to you. Then the next day everyone started to talk about how you eloped with a man.”

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A loving and doting face resurfaces from Bai Yan’s mind. Its not that the previous owner of this body hated her grandparents, rather it was due to guilt. Yes, guilt of the sin their mother committed against the Lan House when she gave away the precious dowries to Bai Zheng Xiang.

“How’s Grandfather and Grandmother doing?”

No matter how distant their relationship becomes, Bai Yan can tell the old lady from that side of the family truly does care of herself and her brother Bai Xiao. In fact, there had been many cases where the old lady wanted to take Bai Yan and Bai Xiao away to their side but was firmly refused back then.

Thinking up to here, Bai Yan can only sigh at her brother and her former self’s stubbornness.

“Grandfather is ill and now the Lan House can only rely on Uncle to hold up the roof. They are incomparable to their past self.” Bai Xiao casts a glance at her, “and you know it too. Years ago our grandfather expended the coffer to purchase those Dan pills for Uncle but ended up giving it to Mother instead for her dowry. Even then the Bai House refused to move to the capital city back then.”

There’s a simple reason for Bai Zheng Xiang’s refusal to move to the capital back then, its for fear of letting Lan Yue gaining support from her side of the family. If that had happened, he wouldn’t have been able to sweet talk his wife into passing the pills onto him.

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