Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 “Visitor from the Lan House”

“So…” Bai Xiao’s gaze gradually turned cold, “Out of worry, Grandfather and Uncle, they gave all of the precious Dan pills to Mother! But then Mother… she did the unthinkable and gave it all to Father!”

In order to buy those Dan pills, the Lan House not only depleted their coffer, they also used many of their properties as collateral for the loans. If their uncle could’ve used those pills to make a breakthrough back then years ago, then the Lan House would never have fallen so far!

In the end, they paid the high price only to benefit the heartless Bai Zheng Xiang…

“And how did Grandfather get sick recently?” Bai Yan makes a slight frown as she asked this.

When it came to this topic, Bai Xiao’s face turned even colder to the point a flare of anger could be seen in the irises.

“Of course it’s caused by Bai Zheng Xiang!”

This time the boy didn’t even use the word “father” and directly used the man’s name, indicating how angry he was.

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“Ever since the death of our mother, Grandfather’s health has been getting worse and worse. Then six years ago you disappeared too, worsening his condition even more due to worry. Finally, some time ago our cousin(girl) got into a quarrel with Bai Zhi. They both got hurt, but Bai Zheng Xiang indiscriminately rushed over to the Lan House and made Grandfather accountable for the incident. Unable to withstand the anger, he fainted away by the end of it.”

According to Bai Yan’s memory, she remembers her grandfather was already in poor health when she left. If what Bai Xiao said was true, then these repeated blows to the spirit and mind can definitely cause enough harm to make the elder sick to the bed. Otherwise, Bai Zheng Xiang wouldn’t have the audacity to make trouble in the Lan House if Grandfather was in perfect health.

“Considering the Lan House’s wealth, purchasing some Dan pills shouldn’t be an issue. So why did it take them so long to recover from that financial blow?” Stroking her chin, Bai Yan finally revealed the doubt in her heart.

Towards that question, Bai Xiao can only shake his head: “The specifics are unknown to me. Why don’t we go see Grandfather and find out?”

Unlike back when they were young, Bai Xiao didn’t continue to distance himself from the Lan House during these six years, rather he would often visit their grandmother daily.

“Okay, let’s do that,” Bai Yan nodded.

As coincidental as it seems, just when they are about to head for the other place, the Lan House too sent a person over after getting wind of Bai Yan’s return.

At this very moment, an old granny sits in the main hall of the residence. Gently placing the teacup down, she spoke: “My old madam is after all her maternal grandmother, are you people so shameless that you are going to stop their reunion?”

Stern and strong in her voice, the old granny’s statement causes Bai Zheng Xiang to gently furrow his brow.

Truthfully, it’s as the old woman said. He does not want his children to mingle with the Lan House too much, or at all for that matter. Because of this issue, he had had beaten Bai Xiao once before for visiting that side on a daily premise a while ago!

“Bai Yan has just return, I fear she won’t be able to leave with you for…” Before he could even finish his last word, the magnificent figure in question had waltz into the hall, pushing whatever he wanted to say back down his throat. This obviously left Bai Zheng Xiang in a very embarrassing position.

“You were sent by our grandmother to pick me up? If so, then let us go. I wouldn’t want her to wait.”

As if not seeing her father’s very existence, Bai Yan bypasses the man and walks up to the old granny’s side, startling the old woman in the process.

This wasn’t the first time this old granny of the Lan House had come to pick up the girl, but every time in the past she was firmly rejected unlike today. So why the sudden change of heart?

“Bai Yan!” Bai Zheng Xiang flew into a fit of rage, “don’t forget, a married daughter is a splashed-out water. Your mother married me so she is my wife! And you and Bai Xiao are of my blood, making the Lan House outsiders you hear?! Without my permission, you’re not going anywhere!”

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