Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 “Old Madam of the Lan House (1)”

Bai Yan fell into laughter at the shamelessness of these words: “And here I was thinking you were my stepfather, to think the blood running through my veins are that of the Bai House.”

“Impudent!” Bai Zheng Xiang slaps the table in a fit of rage, “you treacherous wrench. How dare you call me your stepfather. Today I will teach you what it means to be so lawless. Someone come, bring me the disciplinary rod. No one can save you by pleading today!”

Narrowing her eyes, a vigorous amount of energy hidden in her palm was ready to go when the voice of the old granny next to her cuts in.

“Stop!” Heavily placing the teacup down on the table, “Lord Bai, its bad enough you are ungrateful towards our Lan House, now you are even trying to hit First Miss here too? It seems its time our old madam made a trip to the palace and see Her Highness the Dowager for a good talk.”

The dowager had long been very fond of Lan Yue when she was still alive and had intended for her to marry the king at the time. But since the woman was determined to not enter the inner palace, the dowager can only give up on the idea back then.

If not for the fact that Bai Ruo had become the crown princess, Bai Zheng Xiang would never be so daring otherwise. It didn’t help either when the old queen was focusing her attention to Buddha now that she’s reaching a very old age.

“Bai Yan, if you dare leave with the people of the Lan House then you are no longer of my blood! I hope you will consider the decision well!” Haughty in his face, the man snaps at her with arrogance.

Curving her lips into a smile, Bai Yan replies with a direct answer: “I couldn’t wish for more.”

I couldn’t wish for more?

Staring with wide eyes, the man was aghast with what he heard. Clearly he couldn’t comprehend the words because he was huffing pretty badly.

What the hell did this girl just say? She would rather choose the near ruined Lan House than the flourishing Bai House?

“Scram!” Bai Zheng Xiang roars, “get out of my home immediately. From this day forward I will never have a daughter like you!”

“And you!” His gaze turns to Bai Xiao that’s nearby, his face livid: “You too, stop interacting with a woman like her, lest she turn you into a horrible person like herself! Since you already have a good sister like Bai Ruo there’s no reason for you to associate yourself with someone like that anyways.”

Bai Xiao who was turning away to leave suddenly halted in his step when he heard the statement. With his back facing his father, he replied: “In this world there’s no other person who could compare with my sister. Bai Ruo, as if she’s worth anything.”

“Bai Xiao!” Jolting up from his chair, the man’s fist trembled with rage. “Don’t you dare take a step out of this house, otherwise!”

It’s pretty obvious the boy’s not going to give any face to Bai Zheng Xiang. Without saying another word, his handsome figure in the white gown had taken off from the hall in the general direction of her sister’s tail.

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Unsightly in his face, Bai Zheng Xiang wanted to erupt at this moment. Unfortunately, Bai Xiao was different from Bai Yan. The boy’s his only son, the only heir to the Bai House.

It’s unknown when the old granny took off, but Yu Rong had never once moved her sight from the doorway where the group had taken off. Immediately after they are alone again, a sobbing voice breaks out of the shameless woman: “Husband, I know in the heart of Bai Xiao I am forever an outsider along with my children. In order to calm the tension, please allow me to leave this home by divorcing me.”

He was already full of steam to begin with. Now that his wife was starting to weep again like she’s the one being wronged, the anger inside only grew in large.

“This is all due to Bai Xiao being ignorant in those he meets, this have nothing to do with you. Unlike you and our daughters whose both kind and gentle, Bai Yan is sinister in the heart. Don’t worry, one day the boy will learn how wrong he is!”

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