Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 “Old Madam of the Lan House (2)”

He only wanted to give a bit of punishment to this ungrateful girl to make her repent, yet she dares to go frame Yu Rong and her daughters. Just based on this point alone he can no longer allow the girl to be part of the Bai House.


After Bai Yan departed from the main hall, she promptly stopped in her footsteps and allowed the breeze to blow against her dress. “Brother, are you going to stay at the Bai House or leave with me?”

Silent for a good moment, Bai Xiao’s gaze eventually fell onto her body, his eyes firm and decisive.

“Sister, it’s because of my weak self back then that you had to endure such humiliation. But now after six years, I can finally stand on my own inside that house.” From that youthful face, a shining halo seems to be there when he speaks, “I want to take back what belongs to us! I will not let the Bai House that mother sacrificed so much to promote fall into Yu Rong and those people’s hands.”

“And furthermore, I want to protect you so no one can harm you again!”

Skimming his gaze across Bai Yan’s now flat abdomen, his eyes went numb with pain at the sight.

He did not ask Bai Yan about that child, because based on the fact that she came back alone, it’s likely the baby must have been lost during the process.

It should’ve been hard enough to survive back then when she had no strength so how can she protect her own child?

“Brother.” Bai Yan turns around and pulls the boy into her arms, “you do not need to try so hard. If you want, I can take down this whole kingdom for you if I must.”

Smiling at the statement, he didn’t make much of his sister’s words because he only assumed its her form of making him happy.

Even if one can grow exponentially fast within six years, its still impossible to take down a whole country.

“Sister, I have decided, I will use my own strength to protect you. As for today, since there’s Granny Sun here to lead you, I won’t go with you to our grandparent’s place.”

“Okay.” Pricking her brow, Bai Yan closes in on the boy’s side and whispered into his ear, “if you’ve decided then I won’t stop you. But first, you need to find an opportunity to shake off the shadow from the Bai House. Once you do that, I will introduce a person to you.”


Lapsing out for a second, Bai Xiao didn’t know that man had sent someone to tail himself.

Just as the boy was puzzling over why his sister would know about this when he himself never noticed, Bai Yan had already left the yard with Granny Sun that came over.

But before she stepped out the doorway, she made sure to take an extra glance at the tree nearby.

It seems I will need to help brother here clear out these shadows for good…

The man hiding there nearly skipped a beat at the intense glare coming his way. He’s hidden himself so well so it came as a great shock when that girl looked over.

It must be a coincidence!

The man comforts himself, ignoring it as a coincidence. In truth, his death wasn’t all that far away now that he’s been caught.


Six years ago when Bai Ruo still hadn’t married the current crown prince, the Lan House at the time was still crowded with guests from time to time even if the old chief became sick in bed. However, in a few short years, the entire residence appeared deserted from the outside. Occasionally there would be a few passerby’s, but most would rather take a detour for fear of offending the Bai House.

At this moment Bai Yan now stands before this once glorious manor. Looking at the depressed state of her mother’s side of the family, a storm was quickly brewing in her eyes.

“Miss Bai, this way please. The old madam has been waiting for you for a long while now.” Granny Sun made a welcoming gesture, her attitude respectful.

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