Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 “Fourth Grade Dan Pill (1)”

“Mother.” At this moment the woman standing beside the old lady’s side spoke up, her smile gentle and kind: “Bai Yan had just returned so its best I go prepare the room instead. I fear the servants won’t do a very good job.”

“Okay Ruolan, this matter will have to trouble you.” The old lady turns around again, “Bai Yan, this is your aunt. I speculate you aren’t familiar with her yet since you haven’t visited us over the years. You also have three other cousins so I will introduce them when they come.”

Understanding this, Bai Yan promptly turns to Dong Ruolan to meet the woman’s friendly reception.

“Bai Yan, your grandfather must be losing his patience right now. First let me take you over to him.” The old lady once again pats her hand to reassure the girl.

Not saying anything extra, Bai Yan allowed her grandmother’s trembling body to pull her inside the wing under the guidance of a maid…

Currently inside, a sickly old man now leans against the wall behind the bed, his gaze glaring over to the side where a handsome man now stands: “What, you want to see that stinking lass too? If so then why aren’t you scramming over there yet? My old bones here don’t need you to look after me, humph!”

The man became somewhat embarrassed by the hollering: “I am her uncle, and she is my niece. Now that my niece has returned after disappearing for so long it’s only natural that I go see her. Besides, who’s the one that keeps peeking at the doorway after Granny Sun took off?”

“HAA! As if I would care about that blasted girl. Did you forget that girl never even came to visit our home nor see me all these years? And then she went and got herself pregnant before marriage! OKAY, fine, even if the Bai House don’t want her then she could’ve came to us. It’s not like our Lan House is so poor that we can’t take care of a pair of orphans. But do you see what she did? She left without saying a word to us!” The more he spoke the more excited he became to the point his old face started to flush red.

Alarmed, the man on the side hurries over to sooth the old grandpa’s back with his hand.

“Ohhh what sort of wrong did I do in my past life to have both daughter and granddaughter do this to me. I will be in my grave because of them both at this rate.”

“Father, you have to calm down.” Out of worry that he might really lose it, Lan Yu (uncle) attempts to comfort his old man, “sister was also deceived back then, that’s why she lost her way. Although Bai Yan and I don’t have much contact either, but I know enough about her personality that I can be certain she must’ve been framed by some evildoers!”

“You just try to make excuses for her.” The old lord of the house makes a heavy grunt, his eyes inadvertently moving to the doorway again: “Hadn’t Granny Sun been at the Bai House for some time now, why isn’t the stinking girl here yet? My son, go over and check. Make sure those people don’t bully the people of our Lan House!”

Clicking his tongue, Lan Yu was starting to worry for Bai Yan because not everyone can put up with this inconsistent attitude of his father here.

I hope Bai Yan won’t be frightened by that stubborn temperament…

Just at this moment, Lan Yu’s ear managed to pick up the happy conversing voice of both his mother from the outside: “Father, Mother and Bai Yan is here.” Joy filled the man’s eye as he said this.

Although Old Lord Lan’s face was still the same, calm with a grumpy attitude, those shivering fingers easily gave away his true emotion. Retracting his gaze away from the doorway, he coldly grunts: “So what if they came, do you need to be so excited?”

“Keep acting then,” Lan Yu inwardly thought this about his father.

No longer minding the inconsistent old bones behind him, Lan Yu left the bedside for the doorway to receive his niece and mother only to be stopped by the maid who pushed open the doors in his face.

“My lords, the old madam and Miss Bai is here.” The maid respectfully announces this upon entry, totally unaware of the fact that he nearly slammed the door into the young lord’s face.

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