Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 “Fourth Grade Dan Pill (3)”

This biorestoration Dan pill was the homework she gave her three shifus when they first started out.

Although its only for practicing, a successful product was a successful product. She had planned to collect them and sell it all when she came out into the world.

Making a heavy gasp, Lan Yu (uncle) hurried over and grabbed onto Bai Yan’s shoulder: “You really mean it?”

Like her son, Old Madam Lan was also very shocked, but her words were different from her son’s.

“My dear, you mean you managed to become a disciple of a fourth rank alchemist?”

That’s an entity even the royal family would treat as an esteem guest inside the palace!

Bai Yan gently rubs her chin and made a small hum to confirm that question, “sort of I guess.”

As if my three shifus would be some lowly fourth rank alchemist. Its just that the ones here are a bit different to those in my previous world.

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Undeniably, the Dan pills from her previous world were much purer after refinement. Therefore, she had those three elders start from the lowest first level again to fix any bad habits or misconceptions along the way. That’s where these fourth grade pills derived from: homework!

Old Lord Lan weren’t an average person either so his reaction naturally differed from the rest in the room, especially his foolish son that cried out without thinking.

After the initial shock, his old face immediately returned to normal: “It’s an amazing news that you are a disciple of a fourth rank alchemist. Now you can’t just randomly take your shifu’s stuff either, otherwise they will have an opinion of you. Hurry and take it back. Such an opportunity is very rare so you can’t do something as going behind your shifu’s back.”

Though Old Lord Lan’s tone was a little stern, he only did it out of goodwill for the girl’s sake. After all, he already had plenty of interactions with those various alchemists in the kingdom from being ill for so many years. From one of his experiences, he had personally witnessed one of those disciples stealing their shifu’s pill to curry favor from a girl. The result was a beating so bad that it nearly took the disciple’s life.

As a grandfather, old Lord Lan naturally wouldn’t want Bai Yan to go through something similar after going through so much bitterness in life.

Pricking her brow, Bai Yan explains: “My shifu is very doting on me so he won’t have any opinion. Besides, my family’s pet usually takes these pills as candy beans for his snacks.

Originally the old elder wanted to say some more to help persuade the girl, but after hearing the fact that even the pet in the family would take these precious medicines as little candy beans for snacking, his heart instantly tensed up into a knot. His face in absolute distress over the ungodly wasteful act.

“A bunch of spoiled spendthrifts!”

What was a Dan pill? The stuff what dreams are made of in this world, yet this pair of disciple and master would use it as candy beans to feed their pet? Oh the pain, the pain!

Not delaying, Bai Yan passes a bottle over to her uncle Lan Yu: “This bottle contains the biorestoration pill. Have grandfather here take it and his body will recover in a few days.”

Shaky in his hands from extreme anxiety, the man could barely contain his excitement.

Looking at the trembling hand of his son, Old Lord Lan tensed up again because he was very much afraid this foolish son of his would accidentally drop the bottle in one careless move.

Fortunately, Lan Yu’s had kept a tight hold despite the nerve racking shake. Carefully uncorking the top, he poured the content out to reveal the greenish pill inside.

“Father, here, take this.” He hastens his father to take it off his palm like it’s some sort of hot kettle.

Due to his own nervousness, Old Lord Lan didn’t even notice his own hands too were shaking like his son. Like father like son, a perfect phrase to describe this pair right now.

“Stinking lass, I’m telling you now, don’t think you can buy me with this pill! If you don’t give me a good explanation of why you ran away from home then I’m not going to have you!”

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