Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 3

Chapter 03 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (3)”

When Bai Yan entered the main room, there were already others inside – mainly her step mother Yu Rong and a silver-haired old lady.

The old woman obviously wasn’t of the Bai family; instead, it’s Yu Rong’s biological mother and Bai Zhen Xiang’s aunt.

Ten years ago, Old Madam Yu had intended to let her nephew (Bai Zhen Xiang) marry Yu Rong to increase their family bond, but the man disliked the fact that his cousin couldn’t bring more to the table. To remedy the situation, the man only allowed Yu Rong to enter his Bai family as a concubine while Bai Zhen Xiang took Lan Yue as his main wife.

Then once Lan Yue passed away, the heartless scumbag immediately raised Yu Rong’s status into his main wife. To make things more despicable was how easily he invited the old madam into their house after Yu Rong repeatedly pleaded to him with her tears. Nowadays, Bai Zhen Xiang literally treats the old madam like his own mother. With filial piety and respect.

Like daughter like mother. If Yu Rong was such a heavy spender, Old Madam Yu can’t be all that thrifty either. Over the years, most of the Lan family’s dowry have been expended at their hands, leaving hardly any left at this point.

“Bai Yan, be honest and quickly confess. Who is the adulterer!” Old Madam Yu tilts her head high, her manner of speech haughty and arrogant like someone interrogating a convict.

“And what does that have to do with you?” Bai Yan’s lip curved in a shallow smile, her eyes cold as she gazed at the old woman seated before her.

“Insolent!” Old Madam Yu angrily slaps the table next to her, “I am your maternal grandmother so of course I have the right to know who your adulterer is.”

“My maternal grandmother? My maternal grandmother is in the Lan family right now. As for you, you are merely Bai Ruo and Bai Zhi’s grandmother. Now quit adding gold to your own face.”

“You…” The old woman’s face was starting distort due to anger. Nothing but a wild child without a mother, what qualifications does she have to be so arrogant in front of me?

“Mother, please calm your anger.” Yu Rong quickly came over to sooth her mother’s back. Looking back at the girl, “Bai Yan, the truth is I called you over today to tell you some good news. Someone is willing to take you as their concubine so long as you abort your child.”

“So in your opinion the eldest daughter of the Bai family is only fit you be someone’s concubine?” Bai Yan closes in on the two, her voice carrying a trace of frost.

Grunting, the old madam rebuts her, “you are but a lowly wench who lost her virginity at this point, what right do you have to be picky? I’m telling you, the old one from the Qian family is willing to offer up a genuine third-grade spiritual Dan pill for your betrothal gift! Now that there’s a man willing to take you, what right do you have left to choose?”

Bai Yan narrows her eye, “I’ve heard the master of that Qian family is already over fifty years old, and that his temperament is brutal and ruthless. According to what I know, his concubines are constantly dying under shady circumstances! Are you intent on having me throw away my life?”

The Qian family was also one of the four aristocratic families in the city, but their reputation was mostly gained through their vicious cruelty.

It’s said that if a woman enters the Qian household, the only way out would be as a corpse.

“You stinken lass, our Bai family fed you and raised you for so many years, shouldn’t you at least return some of it? Let me tell you the truth then, my son has reached the lower level of the Earth rank and requires a genuine spiritual pill to break through! So, this time you can only marry into the Qian household as a concubine!”

Bai Yan had long known these people are shameless, but she never expected them to be of this extent. Sneering, “First, your surname is Yu, not Bai! If others hear you they might presume you are the old mistress of our Bai family.”

“Secondly, what does it have to do with me if your son needs a spiritual pill? How does it relate to me, and why should I sacrifice myself for your Yu family?”

“Thirdly, you mentioned about the Bai family having to raise me since I was young, but this Bai household only reached its current status because of my mother. Heck, even the dress you are wearing right now comes from my mother’s dowry.”

Livid with anger, Old Madam Yu starts to tremble all over after being reprimanded so openly.

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