Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 “Not A Very Good First Encounter (2)”

“Also.” Old Lord Lan then turns to his son, his expression serious, “immediately go organize a welcome banquet for tonight. I want my Lan family’s granddaughter to return in full glory! Humph, that heartless Bai Zheng Xiang may be blind enough to miss a pearl, but that doesn’t apply to my house. We will never make that mistake!”

“Yes father, I will go carry it out immediately.” Lan Yu’s voice also carried with it a lot of anger. If he had known that person was such a heartless foe, he would’ve done everything in his power back then to stop his sister Lan Yue from marrying into the Bai House. Now because of his mistake, his niece had to suffer.

“My dear, your auntie should’ve had your room readied by now. Let me take you there for some rest. These years must have been bitter for you.” Old Madam Lan exhales a lamenting sigh. It’s not hard for the old woman to imagine the pain and suffering the girl must have gone through over the years based on the fact that Yu Rong nearly managed to sell her.

But seriously, this granddaughter of hers was simply too stubborn. If she had come to them earlier after being wronged, things never would’ve come to this. As the old saying goes, a broken ship will still have some nails leftover. Their Lan House may not be as glorious as back then, but there are still various means at their disposal.

“Grandmother, I still have some matters I need to attend to outside.”

It was now that Bai Yan became reminded of her son Bai Xiachen. It’s getting late and she’s been away from the little fella for nearly half a day now, making her worry if the boy was adapting to the new environment well. Best she went back to have a check, otherwise she wouldn’t be at ease.

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“Okay, if you have something to do then I won’t stop you. However, don’t forget to come back to dine with us.” Old Madam Lan spoke with care and love in her eyes.

Both elders here knew, unless Bai Yan wishes to bring up the topic, they mustn’t talk about the “baby” from back then. Otherwise it might bring up bad memories. It’s already a great fortune that the girl had managed to survive in such difficult conditions; therefore, they can only assume the baby was lost in the process.

Naturally, Bai Yan wouldn’t bring up the topic either if they aren’t asking. She may be the boy’s mother but that doesn’t mean she can just decide on the matter. She needs to first ask the boy’s opinion on whether or not he wishes to meet the Lan family.

As such, after leaving the manor and saying goodbye, Bai Yan headed straight for the bustling street not far away.


There’s a lot of people here and a lot of chit-chattery going on, but more than that, there’s a certain man walking through this main street. He wore a robe of burgundy, and his looks were beyond compare in how devilishly handsome he was. This became magnified by the attention he was reaping from the female body standing on the street. Though he didn’t deliberately bring attention to himself, that captivating contour left no room for denial.

This man was known as the only Sovereign Prince in the kingdom of Liu Huo, Di Cang, an existence that drives the female sex insane by his mere presence. Like moths drawn towards the flame, women’s will still knowingly try to get close to him despite the cruel and ruthless reputation this man had.


Di Cang stops in his footstep due to the vague scent that skimmed through his nose. It reminded him of that night under the moonlight where his body became entangled with a certain woman…


Bai Yan also heard the hollering order, but never in her mind did she expect the other party to be directing it at her. Disregarding it, she kept going.

But soon, she was stopped…

This was a handsome man like the gods, enough to topple even the world. Bai Yan can say for certain she had never encountered – according to her visible memories anyways – such a man. To say that face was peerless and beyond compare wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Oh beautiful, is there something that you need for stopping me?” Bai Yan gently rubs her chin in a provocative manner, the type usually only found from those scholarly boys ready to hit on a girl.

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