Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 “Not A Very Good First Encounter (3)”

Di Cang’s eye surged with anger. Pressing his arms against the tree behind Bai Yan, he firmly corners the woman against it.

“Do we know each other?” This question of his was made through extreme effort and control.

A fox’s sense of smell was very sensitive, therefore he can tell the scent of this woman had a lot of similarities to that person who raped himself.

Bai Yan blinked and blinked in confusion: “I’m someone that’s known to have photographic memory. If I had seen you before then it’s impossible for me to forget. I fear I don’t know you…”

“Is it now?” At that, Di Cang deliberately lowered his voice into a whisper, “do I need to remind you of the incident from six years ago at Ancient Road?”

Six years ago, Ancient Road?

Startled, Bai Yan recalled that’s about the same time when she happen to pick up the man that night…

Remembering this, her heart instantly made a sinking sound inside. Raising her head up to meet that bloodthirsty stare, no matter how she thought about it, this pair of eyes looked exactly like what’s in her memory.

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“This…” Starting to panic in her heart, she didn’t dare show it in front of the person, “you have mistaken me for someone else. Six years ago I was never anywhere near Ancient Road.”

Tightly pinching Bai Yan’s chin, the man’s big powerful hand forces her to face him head on: “Whether or not its you, we will know once we have a try in bed. I still remember that taste very clearly!”

Will know after a try in bed?

Try in bed?!!

These last three words causes Bai Yan’s blood to gush right up to her head, making her to lose her composure completely. In one heavy stomp, she attacks the man’s feet and angrily shouted: “You damn pervert!”

Making a low heavy grunt at the hit, his hands that were imprisoning Bai Yan loosened itself by reflect, thus allowing her to escape from under his grasp…

“Your Highness.” A guard suddenly descends from the sky at this moment. Beads of sweat could clearly be seen on the newcomer’s forehead because he never expected there to be a being daring enough to hit the lord.

“Do you need subordinate here to bring the woman back?” He hurries to wipe the cold sweat away, afraid his appearance would offend the man.

“No.” Di Cang’s line of sight fell in the general direction of the escaping woman, “go investigate her background and identity. I want to know if she was ever at that place six years ago.”

“Yes Your Highness.” Making a respectful bow, the guard salutes to show he understands the command.

“Oh yes, Your Highness…” The guard timidly lowered his head, “the princess is refusing to leave the estate right now and is making a fuss that she wants to see you.”

Wrinkling his forehead, Di Cang’s voice becomes a cold one: “Didn’t I say to throw her out?”


No matter what, that’s the royal princess of the kingdom. Even if they got more balls, they, as servants, would never dare do such a thing as to throw a princess out the door!

Sweeping his cold gaze across the man, Di Cang makes a displeased grunt: “Go to the penalty hall to receive your punishment!”

The cruel man’s voice causes the guard to lose his balance. Shaking from the waist down, only horror could be found in the guard’s face at this point.

The penalty hall? That sort of place usually meant a location for minor disciplinary actions, but in His Highness’s estate, it’s a place where one might not come back out alive. Even if they do, it’s a certainty the survivor would be crippled somewhere!

“Yes, subordinate willingly accepts the punishment!” Trembling in his lip, the guard forces these words out with all his nerves rattled.

In front of His Highness, no amount of begging will warrant mercy. In fact, it will only make the punishment even more severe.

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