Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 “The Delusionary Woman Who Attempts to Become the Sovereign Princess (2)”

She screams in anger, “Di Cang!”

As a royal princess, who doesn’t worship her? Now this man wants to mop even the floor where she’s walked on? Preposterous!

“Throw her out!” Di Cang turns away after giving this order.

Panicking at the departing figure, the princess abruptly made a grab for the man’s arm…

The result was a slight brush of the sleeve due to the man’s movement. It wasn’t even the full hand, but a small touch of the corner with her fingertips.

In response, Di Cang wrinkled his brow with a frown while all the servants in hindsight took to the floor, their heads low and shivering.

Perhaps the sixth princess doesn’t know what a frown on this man meant because she’s not familiar with the lord, but anyone who has followed Di Cang for several years would know instantly, it’s the sign of someone’s unlucky day!

“Di Cang.” Finding the man willing to stop for her, the sixth princess looks up only to be stunned by that handsome feature, “I really like you. I’m sure you’re aware of this too, you are but a Sovereign Prince, an entity that holds no legitimacy in the royal line. If you become my husband, that would make you true royalty.”

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Ignoring the one-sided conversation, Di Cang forcefully rips the sleeve in question and tosses it to the ground, flashing that snowy white skin to the sun’s brilliance.

Now she was truly too astonished for a proper word. Never in her mind did she expect even an arm to look so good…

Now if she can be led out of the Cang Manor using that arm, even if she has to sacrifice all her prestige and wealth, she’s still willing!

“Just now, which finger of yours touched me?”

While the princess was still stuck in her dream, the man’s frosty voice snaps her back into reality. To her, that icy tone was enough to make her shudder for some reason.

“Di Cang, I…”

Watching the encroaching Sovereign Prince, she suddenly got a strong impulse to flee at this very moment because the aura radiating off of that body was simply too overwhelming.

This man is exactly like the rumor says, too terrifying!

For the first time in the sixth princess’s life, a sense of regret had gripped her heart. If there’s another chance, she would never attempt to provoke this man again!

“Which hand?” Di Cang presses in with another step, his face is expressionless while a bloodthirsty light emulates off of those irises.

Seeing the princess refusing to answer his question, a spooky chuckle started to escape that captivating lip.

“If you don’t say it then I’ll lop off both of them!”

Scared to the point where her legs had gone numb from fear, the sixth princess completely collapsed to the ground: “Di Cang, at the very least I am a royal princess of the kingdom. Are you not afraid of my father coming to make trouble for you?”

Even her heart was gripped with fear, she’s not going to reveal any weakness before the man. Biting her lips, she presses her voice out.

In response, Di Cang only scoffed a laugh at the threat: “Make trouble for me? That’s if he has the courage to do it!”

“Your Highness.” The guard from the side knew better, he needs to step in now before the prince really did lop off the princess’s hands. “Just now I saw the princess used the right hand’s index finger to brush you.”

His lord had a phobia for neatness and wouldn’t let anyone touch him. For the sixth princess to do something so outrageous, that’s akin to seeking her own death.

“Have her right index finger lopped off!” Cold and cruel, “if she takes a single step into the manor again, you are to take whichever leg that makes it past the door.”

Shuddering at the order, the guard wonders if he’s done something wrong to warrant the Sovereign Prince giving him such a difficult errand?

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