Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 “Two Faced Bai Xiachen (1)”

Paralyzed on the ground, the sixth princess remains shivering like a pitiful weak being that she was.

Against that tearful face, even the guards in the surrounding area couldn’t help but be moved.

Nevertheless, Di Cang was expressionless like nothing the girl did would change his mind. He’s like the controller of life and death, a god that decides the fate of all others.

“Your Highness….”

Seeing the gloominess in the lord’s face, the guard’s heart instantly sank and knew there’s no turning back. Shaky in his legs, he staggered over to the sixth princess’s side.

“Forgive my offense then Princess.”

After saying this, the guard immediately drew his sword from the waist. Against the cold gleaming light of the blade, the princess’s heart went from alarmed into a full panic.

“You dog, don’t you dare touch me!”

In front of Di Cang she would still cower in fear, but in front of a dog bestowed upon the Sovereign Prince by his royal father, there’s no way she would back down.

“Princess, subordinate here don’t want to do this either, but the consequences of not following His Highness’s order is a fate more terrifying than death.”


She wants to counterattack out of anger, but as soon as she tried, a cold and unsurmountable pressure causes her body to freeze like its being crushed under a mountain.


Just as the guard’s blade was about to cut down at the girl’s finger, the princess abruptly makes a loud horrendous scream and fainted away.

In her lower part, a sour odor permeates the air as urine quickly stained her dress and the floor underneath.

Now it’s the guard’s turn to freeze. Since the princess had already fainted away, he’s wondering if he should still continue.

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At the thought, he turns around to seek approval from the lord. But as he did, the purplish figure with silver hair had already left, leaving nothing behind but a cool breeze attacking their unnerved selves.

“So what do we do now?” The other guards anxiously asked after getting up.

“First throw princess out of here. Someone is bound to bring her back to the palace.”

“Don’t you think that’s not very good? The girl is still a princess. We should at least send her back…”

The guard instructed by Di Cang to chop off the finger casts a disdainful glance at his companion: “Are you dumb? You want to offend His Highness instead? Although the one to send us here is His Majesty the King, but our master now is the Sovereign Prince. Besides, after today’s incident with the sixth princess, there’s no way we can return to that side.”

Perhaps, this is the reason the lord had them do this today…. The guard murmurs this to himself.

A good guess, but in actual truth the guard was overthinking the matter. Di Cang could care less if these guards would side with him.

If a man doesn’t even have the royal family in his eye, then why should he care what they thought of him?

He just didn’t want to dirty his hands.

That’s all.


Somewhere else at the same time on a bustling street.

A certain Bai Xiachen was currently standing at a street corner, his arms still holding a baby white tiger.

“Little Rice, are you sure the bad woman’s daughter will appear here?”

The bad woman mentioned by the boy would of course be Yu Rong, and the one they are waiting here for would be Bai Zhi, the youngest daughter.

“I personally witnessed those people entering the restaurant. I suspect they will be out soon enough. Little Master, how are you going to get even with that girl when you find her?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Your only job is to ruthlessly scratch the girl when we find her!”

Waving his small little fist, Bai Xiachen wanted to portray a mighty and threatening appearance. Sadly, no matter how one looked at it, it’s the super cute type that causes others to pinch his cheek in adoration.

Rolling his tiger eyes, Little Rice attempts to protest at the demand: “I am a white tiger, not a cat!”

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