Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 “Two Faced Bai Xiachen (2)”

Have you ever seen a tiger scratch someone? Seriously, tigers bite! Bite okay!

“Here she comes!” Bai Xiachen’s eye instantly lit up.

Immediately un-scrolling the painting in his hand, he matches the leaving girl’s face with the one in the drawing. Grinning mischievously: “Good thing Grandshifu knew mother wouldn’t let me meddle in the Bai House and gave me their portraits ahead of time. With these I can easily recognize them!”

At that, he promptly grabbed some ashes and rubbed it against his face.

No longer fair and adorable, his appearance now looks dirty and common.

“What are you doing?” Little Rice went dark in the face over the boy’s confusing maneuver.

“Of course to make it so they don’t recognize me.”

With his disguise done, Bai Xiachen swiftly rushes over and crashes into Bai Zhi’s figure that’s just coming off of the stairs.

Shocked by the abrupt contact, Bai Zhi pretty much did it out of reflex to push away the dirty boy with her hands.


Before she can even touch the little fella with her fingers, the boy abruptly makes a full swing backwards and starts rolling down the steps.

This of course dumbfounded Bai Zhi for she never even made contact, so why? Why would the boy fall backwards?


Bai Xiachen instantly broke out into a wailing cry, catching the attention of the pedestrians with his miserable voice.


By this point Little Rice had already been ingrained with the act of being a cat, therefore the sound of meowing came so naturally to him. As a show of wanting to “protect” his owner, the baby tiger makes a swipe at the dumbfounded girl’s face.

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By the time she managed to recompose herself, Bai Zhi can only see the claws coming her way. In haste, she only manages to use her arms to resist.


Tearing through those soft flesh, a sharp pain overtakes the girl as long streams of blood gushed out of the wound.

“What happened?”

Then at this moment, a man steps out of the restaurant after being alarmed by the ruckus. Seeing the weeping Bai Zhi and the dirty looking Bai Xiachen, the man’s face turned very ugly.

“Your Highness.” Bai Zhi tearfully cries out to the crown prince like she’s been terribly wronged, “I don’t know what happened, but as soon as I came out the doorway, this boy crashed into me and then fell backwards.”

Note: Sorry guys but I couldn’t change this part to make sense. Instead of Highness or Majesty, Chinese books like to use their actual title when calling out to royalty which kinda messes up the next sentence here.

Crown Prince?

Still on the ground, the boy’s teary eye started to move over to the man in question.

So this is one that coupled up with Bai Ruo and threw away his mother, that bastard?

At the same time, Nangong Yi’s gaze fell upon the dirty boy, his eyes sinking somewhat.

If what Bai Zhi says is true, then the boy’s scheming heart is too deep…

“You’re a bad guy!”

Jumping up from the ground, Bai Xiachen wipes away the tears from his face with those dirty fingers and makes a pitiful face: “I was just hungry and wanted to go inside to eat. But when I did, you blocked me off and scolded me, saying I’m a dirty beggar and told me to scram because I’m blocking your road!” Sniffling like he’s actually crying, “I’m just hungry, and I got money. Before dad passed away he gave me a lot of money.”

Unwilling to jinx his own mother, the mischievous boy can only bring out his never before seen father for the act.

“You…” Shivering from anger, Bai Zhi attempts to rebuke the claim: “You are lying!”

Although Bai Zhi and her sister likes to bully Bai Yan at home, but while outside, their façades are that of an angelic sister that cares for others. This was also partly related to Yu Rong’s teaching.

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