Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 “Two Faced Bai Xiachen (3)”

What a pity…

Just now none had noticed the scene in front of the restaurant, of course, this meant there couldn’t be any witnesses able to prove Bai Zhi’s innocence.

“Your Highness, you mustn’t believe his words. He framed me!” Bai Zhi hurries to explain herself to the crown prince.

“I am not saying nonsense!” Bai Xiachen may be dirty and poor looking right now, but that doesn’t hinder his teary appearance from winning the hearts of the pedestrians. “If you didn’t push me then Little Rice wouldn’t have scratched you.”

“Meow~” Knocking up his head with pride, Little Rice demonstrates his baby claws in the air as a form of threat.

By this point the number of guests gathering outside the restaurant was growing more and more, their accusing fingers making Bai Zhi feeling wronged to the point of wanting to cry.

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“Bai Zhi, I am too disappointed in you!” Nangong Yi’s voice became colder, “This little boy held no grudge against you so why should he set you up? Besides, he’s but a young child no more than five or six. How can you claim a small kid like that would be so scheming?”

Going ghostly white, Bai Zhi tightly purses her lips as she shuddered at the reprimanding words.

“You daughters of the Bai House are truly inferior to Bai Ruo. First is Bai Yan who eloped with a man, then you who would not even spare a young child!”

Due to the man only paying attention to his act of scolding the girl, Nangong Yi didn’t realize the sudden change in the boy’s face. No longer teary or pitiful, a burst of anger filled those baby eyes for a minute.

Fortunately, Bai Xiachen could still remember his purpose today. Lowering his head, he manages to hide his true emotions by giving off the impression that he’s crying to the crowd.

“Your Highness, you must let me explain first…” Bai Zhi urgently wants to grab onto the man’s arm, only to be mercilessly flung away with a swipe.

“Enough!” Nangong Yi roared, “Lord Bai originally wanted to ask me to help you become the Sovereign Princess, claiming you are clever and sensible. But who would’ve guessed you would stoop so low as to embarrass a child like that! Father will never allow a character like you in the palace garden to promote trouble!”

After saying this, the crown prince didn’t even bother to look at Bai Zhi anymore. Walking down the staircase, his face made an obvious frown at the sight of the dirty boy.

The child is indeed hateful for being so dirty. No wonder Bai Zhi would behave like that. Just that royalty must maintain our images in the public. If I allow a girl like that into the family, it will no doubt ruin our reputation and incur father’s ire.

Then at this moment Nangong Yi recalled his own child with Bai Ruo. From a unhappy frown, his face returned to that of pride and happiness.

As expected, there is no child in this world who can compare with my own son! This little beggar is so dirty and hateful, what a world of a difference.

Watching the departing back in front of her, Bai Zhi only had these two words emerge in her head: “Its over!”

It’s all this little beggar’s fault!

Perhaps it’s due to anger rushing to her head, but Bai Zhi’s expression became frightfully scary: “I will strangle you!”

Seeing the girl that had lost ration rushing up to him, a flash of cunningness sparks in Bai Xiachen’s eye as he deliberately fell to one side, causing Bai Zhi’s hand to miss by a hairs width.

The audience of course assumed this was the boy getting lucky and didn’t think much of it.


Little Rice was now truly angered. He’s fully aware of his little master’s ability and that someone like Bai Zhi can’t possibly hurt him. However, that doesn’t mean he will allow any random person to harm Bai Xiachen in front of his tiger self!

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