Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 “Two Faced Bai Xiachen (4)”


Having her neck suddenly caught by Little Rice’s claw, Bai Zhi lets out a frantic scream as tears rolled down the corner of her eyes: “You damn cat, I’m going to skin you alive!”

Showing despise in his tiger eyes, Little Rice had already dodge away once the girl manages to pounce at him.

Humph, a little human think she can skin a descendant of the White Tiger race? When I reach adulthood, I can even drown you alive just by spitting!

Seeing how much fun his little furry friend was having, Bai Xiachen giggles with delight as a cunning light flashes in his eye. Therefore, when he noticed someone had ran in front of him in a protective posture, he didn’t hesitate to dash over to hug the newcomer’s thigh.

“Woooh, please save me. That bad woman said she wants to strangle me.”

The person in front had obviously stopped, and his voice ever so cold and indifferent, making Bai Zhi becoming crazier than before.

“Bai Zhi, you not only bully the weak, you are also picking on the small now! You think this is the Bai House where anyone can be bullied by you?”

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Gnashing her teeth in frustrated anger, Bai Zhi screams: “Bai Xiao, are you blind or what?! Which one of your eyes saw me bullying that kid? Its clearly this cat that’s bullying me!”

Bai Xiao…

This name instantly causes Bai Xiachen to freeze like a statue. Raising his little head, the boy looks up for the first time at the teenager in question.

“Uncle…” Tears flowed like a waterfall out of the mischievous boy’s eye.

It’s uncle! This man is his uncle!

“Eh?” Faintly wrinkling his brow, Bai Xiao then looks down at the little boy that’s still clinging onto his thigh.

Realizing what he just said by mistake, Bai Xiachen hurriedly wipes away his tears: “You look a lot like my uncle, so I…”

Looking at the poor little boy in front of him, Bai Xia’s heart suddenly tensed up in pain.

Perhaps if sister’s child was still alive, it would also be the same age as this little guy. But this Bai Zhi, she would’ve even spare a child like this?!

Turning his mouth into a sneering smile: “I only saw you bullying this kid just now. If not for the cat here, he would no doubt be injured by you. The way you act in the Bai House is already bad enough, but now you wouldn’t even spare a young child? How low can you get?”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Bai Xiao promptly pulled the little boy behind himself for protection.

“With me here today, you can forget about touching a single hair on this child!”

“Bai Xiao!” Bai Zhi first sorted through her messy hair before making a fierce glare at her step brother: “You just wait, I will definitely tell father that you would rather help an outsider than to help me!”

Bai Zhi may be wet behind he ears still, but she knew enough that by staying in this place nothing good will come of it. After leaving behind this threatening statement, she swiftly left the area.

Undeniably, after Bai Xiachen’s deliberate smearing, Bai Zhi’s entire image in which she built over the years had been completely destroyed today.


After Bai Yan escaped from Di Cang’s grasp, she immediately wanted to find her son because in her heart, there’s a strong urge telling her that man’s likely the very same individual in which she used to elevate the drug that day from six years ago. This also meant the man was likely Bai Xiachen’s father!

As a first response, the only thing she wanted to do now was to find her son and hide the boy before the man locates them both.

However, when Bai Yan manages to run halfway to the mansion that she prepared, she quickly took notice to her son with that dirty look getup outside the restaurant.

But that’s not the main form of attraction for her focus, it’s whoever Bai Xiachen was clinging onto…

Giving the fleeting back of Bai Zhi a glance, then back at the mischievous face of her son, Bai Yan’s face instantly went dark.

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