Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 “Bai Xiao’s Shock (2)”


Little Rice protests with his voice. If he had known earlier the little owner would do this, he definitely wouldn’t have followed along.

“Say it, tell me what’s going on. I want to hear the truth!” Bai Yan frowns.

Although she didn’t say she had forgiven the two troublemakers, but that tone definitely sounded less harsh.

“It’s because those people bullied you all those years ago.” Bai Xiachen throws himself into Bai Yan’s bosom, his eyes tearful and heartwarming, “Mother, I didn’t deliberately disobey you, I only wanted to get even with those people for you.”

Hearing this explanation, she can only exhale a sigh of gratification at this son of hers. To have such a clever and sensible son, what more can a mother ask for?

“And,” the boy lifts his head to meet hers, “That Bai Zhi said she wants to strangle me.”


Jolting up from the stone stool, Bai Yan immediately slammed the table with her hand and destroyed it until its nothing but rubble.

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Watching this from the side, Bai Xiao was left completely stunned for words. First looking at the crumbling mess on the floor, then back at the enraged face of his sister’s face, he couldn’t resist making a heavy gulp at that moment.

When did sister get so strong?

A strong urge tells him Bai Zhi had just made a big mistake this time.

“I can still slowly get even with Bai Zhi for bullying me back then, but now she dares threaten to strangle my son?” Her face still boiling, “Brother, go take trip to the Lan House and tell our grandfather he must invite the Bai House to the banquet in the coming day!”

My son isn’t someone that can easily be bullied!

Nodding in confusion, Bai Xiao had obviously been overly shocked by that palm strike just now.

After saying this, Bai Yan forcibly suppresses her anger and lifts the little treasure up from her arms: “Did that Bai Zhi hurt you anywhere?”

“Don’t worry,” the boy pats his chest in assurance, “I’m very capable. Even if there’s ten Bai Zhi, they can’t beat me.”

Bai Yan knows her son was spouting the truth. In fact, she can guess the instigator of today’s scuffle likely fell on this little troublemaker. However, that doesn’t excuse that girl from bullying her son!

“Mother, can I can go to my grandfather’s place?”

Looking at those twinkling eyes, Bai Yan was ready to give in and agree until the dangerous and dominating face of that man reappeared in her head.

“Not right now. In the future, I will bring you to see your grandfather.”

The man had a high probability of being her son’s father. As such, she can’t allow her son to appear in public just yet.

“Oh,” Bai Xiachen bites his lip and depressingly lowered that head of his.

Watching the pitiful face of her son there, even her heart was aching in pain. However, no matter the strong impose to say yes, she resists and continues to keep her stance.

“I promise you I will take you to see your grandparents very soon. But first, go wash your face for now okay?”

“Okay!” Quickly reverting back to his cheeky little self, Bai Xiachen releases the most friendly smile a child can make. Turning to Little Rice, he makes a grab at that tail: “Look at you, all dirty and stuff. A good kitty needs to be clean, otherwise mother will be angry at us.”


I don’t want to bath, absolutely not!

“Little Rice!” Stabbing his fists against his waist, Bai Xiachen puffs his cute little cheeks in an unhappy fashion.

Not yielding, Little Rice makes a jump for the nearby tree and proudly makes a “Humph” sound, refusing to come down again.

Looking at the baby tiger there on the branch, Bai Yan suddenly got a new idea. Smiling: “Son, go wash your face first. I have other things I need Little Rice to do for me first…”

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