Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 4

Chapter 04 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (4)”

“As expected of a bastard child without the upbringings of a mother… My son is your uncle, what’s wrong with sacrificing a little bit for him? For someone like you who isn’t chaste nor clean, you should be secretly overjoyed now that someone is willing to have you!”

Since the old woman still wasn’t content with her scolding, she didn’t realize the surrounding temperature around Bai Yan had dropped by several degrees: “But, you and your sly mother seemed to have the same revolting behaviors. Your whole person is filled with a strong foul odor. Firstly, you seized the second prince, and now you are involved with matters of public moral! Plus, you would even be so heartless towards your own relatives! Wait till your father comes back, I’ll immediately have him beat you to death!”

Raising the corner of her mouth, Bai Yan watches on as the old woman rambles with the reprimanding words. Her eyes are cold like ice and surged with a murderous intent that looked like they could burst forth at any moment.

“Mother, don’t say any more.” Yu Rong feigns persuasion before turning back to Bai Yan, “my child, as a relative, one ought to help each. Now that your uncle needs your help, how can you not help? Besides, you father dislikes people who are cold and heartless.”

In the past, what the original Bai Yan cared the most about was her father Bai Zhen Xiang’s opinion. As such, Bai Yan would agree to anything whenever Yu Rong used this weakness against her.

Take the harsh treatment inside the Bai House for example. Not a word was leaked to the public regarding it for this reason. But that only applied to the former Bai Yan. The current her was no longer the same person…

“As relatives. one ought to help each other, those spoken words are indeed correct! The Yu family is after all your, Yu Rong’s, relatives, it has nothing to do with me! You can let Bai Ruo or Bai Zhi be married off, surely they don’t wish to be a cold and heartless person.”

Distorting in her face, Yu Rong almost couldn’t believe what she’s hearing after using her sweet and coaxing manner of speaking. I even pulled out her father’s name yet it’s still not working?!

“Impudent!” Old Madam Yu fiercely glared at her, “My Zhi is only twelve years old. You would actually let some twelve years old be married off to a sixty years old man as a concubine? How could you suggest such malicious things? You’re really no different from that poisonous mother of yours!”

In the eyes of the old madam, Lan Yue was the most malicious person in the world for if not for that woman, her daughter wouldn’t have become a concubine for so many years.

In response, Bai Yan suddenly had the urge to laugh in this moment. So marrying off the twelve years old Bai Zhi as a concubine is considered malicious? Then what about me? I too am only just seventeen this year. So my case is ought to be?

“As for Ruo……” Old Madam Yu coldly snorts, “which part of you could compete with my granddaughter Ruo? In a few days she’ll soon be married to the second prince as the royal concubine. A pregnant and unmarried woman like you would even dare to suggest my Ruo marry an old man as a concubine? Someone as selfish as you who would let their sisters be married off as concubines, what qualifications do you have to act like the honorable young miss of the Bai household?”

Old Madam Yu’s ability to twist things around had always been very strong, this much Bai Yan knew from the past experiences she inherited from the original host. Otherwise, why would Bai Zhen Xiang believe a mother-in-law over his own flesh and blood?

“I’ll reaffirm once more. I, Bai Yan, will absolutely not be married off as a concubine!” Her gaze was similarly to a sharp blade, cold and dangerous as she shot a glance at the two before her.

Losing her breath there for a moment, Yu Rong found it difficult to breath inside the room as if the entire place had been compressed by a heavy pressure.

When did this stinking brat become so imposing and powerful? No! This must be my own imagination. Bai Yan is merely a useless trash, nothing more!

Changing her tone, Yu Rong holds back her mother from further berating the girl while she herself calmly walked over. “Bai Yan, tonight the Qian family will be sending their people over for you. Even if you’re not willing it matters not, you’ll still have to be the concubine of the Qian family’s old chief!” She tilts her head up like a high and mighty person, completely losing the false gentle disguise she had on previously.

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