Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 “Dinner Banquet (1)”

On top of the ancient tree outside the courtyard, a skinny man remains hidden behind the branches.

Can it be I’ve been found? Realizing the sweeping gaze coming his way was from Bai Yan, the man nearly skipped a beat.

“Sister…” Bai Xiao was just ready to ask about the child when Bai Yan halted him with her fingers.

“Little Rice, go finish off that tailing fly there.”

“Meow.” Responding quickly, the baby tiger rushes out of the yard.

Lapsing out for a good moment, Bai Xiao was eventually knocked back to his senses when a heart wrenching cry came from the outside.


Falling out from the ancient tree, a thin figure mercilessly slammed into the ground with his throat swiped open. Blood flowed profusely out of that wound with no signs of stopping.


Gracefully stepping through the doorway, the little white tiger unhappily spits out a mouthful of blood and saliva at the floor. Wiping away the excess, Little Rice begins to murmur his complaint: “This human’s blood is so disgusting. I still like Mistress’s braised pork more!”

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Originally Bai Xiao was already speechless from Little Rice’s strength, but upon hearing the human words coming out of that tiger mouth, he nearly fainted away from being overwhelmed.

“Sister…” He’s ready to cry now, “Why does this kitty know how to speak?”

Glancing at the baby tiger, a mischievous smile appears on Bai Yan’s face: “It’s because he is what you call a Demon Beast.”

In front of her brother, Bai Yan didn’t bother to hide the truth because it was just a matter of time when this comes out.

“But, there aren’t many Demon Beasts out there that could speak human tongue, let alone be domesticated.”

In truth, the majority of the demon beasts out there are very noble. They can help their human companions fight and do plenty of other jobs. Unfortunately, they are also very difficult to domesticate, especially the ones that can speak.

“Don’t you feel surprised?” Bai Yan shrugged her shoulders, smiling the entire time.


“If my heart wasn’t so strong, I would’ve been scared to death right now. First tell me, is that child really your son?”

Looking at her brother’s anticipating eyes, she nodded: “Mhmm, his name is Bai Xiachen. He’s my son. But just to make this clear, I don’t want anyone to know about his existence just yet.”

Now it made sense to him as to why the child would be so against Bai Zhi at the restaurant. It’s because of his sister here!

“Sister, I understand, I will protect him along with you.”

By now Bai Xiachen had finished washing his face and returned with his new cuddly face.

“It’s getting late, I should first go back.” Seeing his nephew returning and the gradually darkening sky, he knew its time.

“You went against Bai Zhi today so it’s a certainty that girl would tell on you. In my opinion, its better you don’t go back.” Bai Yan frowns, worried for her brother’s safety.

Shaking his head, the boy refused the request: “I am that man’s only son. The most they can do to me is to scold or not let me have a meal. Sister, the Bai House belongs to me and you, I won’t let Yu Rong or her daughters steal our things!”

Opening her mouth, Bai Yan wanted to say more to persuade the boy but found herself unable to utter anything.

“No matter what happens, you can come here to find me. Over here, no one can harm you.”

“Okay.” Smiling, he gently rubs at the little troublemaker’s head, “Xiachen, Uncle here will definitely come see you tomorrow.”

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