Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 5

Chapter 05 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (5)”

“No one can force me into matters that goes against my will.” Expressionless, Bai Yan beams with ice in her eyes.

Sneering, Yu Rong contemptuously replies, “I know you are thinking that your destiny is unfair, that’s why you are so opposed to the idea. After all, your former fiancé will soon be taking my daughter as his wife. The status between the two of you now can be described as one in the heaven’s and the other on the ground!”

“Truth is, if not for your maiden family, do you think the king would bestow a marriage between you and the second prince? Or do you actually believe you can compete with my daughter Ruo? My daughter is well educated, gifted with talent, and very sensible. Only she can be the royal concubine of the prince. And someday in the future, my Ruo will rule the nation as its queen mother while you can only look up to her in the dust.”

My Ruo is so excellent and wonderful, how can this girl even think about comparing herself? What a joke!


“I actually think your one and only use is to exchange yourself for a third-grade spiritual pill. In order to express our gratitude for your efforts, I will even let you catch a glimpse of the product after I receive it. Otherwise, a garbage like you wouldn’t have a chance to see such a thing in your entire lifetime!”

Bai Yan sneered at the laudable statement. in her previous lifetime she could even refine an eighth grade Dan pill, let alone some measly third grade?

“If you called me over today only to say these things then I ought to advise you to save some energy!” Faintly sweeping a glance over the despicable pair within the room, “however… the matters of today, I Bai Yan, will definitely engrave this in my mind. When the time comes, I’ll have each and every one of you pay the price!”

When the time comes? Disdain filled the old madam’s face for there wouldn’t be another day once this girl enters the Qian family.

After tossing her statements out there, Bai Yan confidently turns away from those in the room. She didn’t look back, leaving only a trail of red behind her under the afternoon sun.


Back inside her own place, Bai Yan was currently sitting on her bedside with her legs crossed. If anyone were to see her now, they will immediately notice a faint yellowish thread of energy flowing into her body. A color trait of those in the yellow rank of their cultivation.

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“Three months and I’m only at the advanced yellow rank, this speed is simply too slow. If only I can refine some medicinal Dan pills right now, then I can change my physique and increase my speed by several folds.”

Then again, the former Bai Yan’s rank was only a bit stronger than an average person, even weaker than that of a servant here whose usual rank are at the lower yellow rank.

As to why she’s able to reach the advance yellow rank, it’s all due to her diligent effort within these past few months…

The sky soon darkens, and the night turns quiet.

Not long after a series of rustling sound came from the outside. Bai Yan knows this was the signal of the Qian family arriving for her.

Sure enough, two servant girls came in through the door, their faces cold: “Follow us.”

She didn’t speak, only slowly walking out the room in an unhurried manner where there’s already a sedan in wait. Not resisting their urge to board, Bai Yan proceeded to step inside as the servant girls promptly closed the sedan door behind her.

Just like that, the entourage then quickly sped towards the Qian House without a single master fighter to escort them because it’s a well-known fact that Bai Yan was a weakling and had no way to resist.

Perhaps they are afraid of being discovered, but the streets they passed through were the most remote in the city. Therefore, when a loud “banging” sound broke out, no one in the public managed to take notice.

Dusts and smoke were riled up everywhere as the sedan heavily dropped to the ground.

“What’s going on?”

The porters were stunned for a moment by the suddenness of it all, but they soon came back to their senses enough to check on the passengers inside.

To their horror, the maids that were supposed to be on guard duty inside were all left unconscious. The only one still awake was the young lady lazily popping her against the hand. Towards that face with a set of graceful black hair flowing down her shoulders, only the phrase “soul stealing” can be used to describe that beauty.

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