Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 6

Chapter 06 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (6)”

“I should thank you for taking me away from the Bai House. “

Curving her lips into a smirk, her smile was akin to a flower in beauty: “In a bit, help me inform Yu Rong that the debt between us will be made even in the future.”

Due to the shock of it all, by the time the four porters regained their senses the seat inside the sedan had already become empty. What’s left now were the spooky cool breeze of the night constantly hitting on their nerves…


Bai Yan didn’t know it at the time, but her departure that night caused quite the stir in the Liu Huo kingdom.

Naturally, the Qian House would come looking someone to take responsibility now that their paid product was gone. In order to hush the matter down from the public’s ear, Yu Rong could only compensate the other party with huge sums of money. This of course deepened the already burning hatred she had for Bai Yan as a result.

However, the one hurting the most can only be Old Madam Yu for whenever she thought of the third-grade spiritual pill that was about to fall into her hands, she would burst into tears on the streets. To mitigate the embarrassing scene, Yu Rong twists the story around and claimed her mother was weeping out of worry for the ungrateful grandaughter who eloped with a man.

As such, Old Madam Yu became the affectionate and true grandmother while Bai Yan became the heartless wolf granddaughter. The news was so sensational that it spread across every nook and cranny in the city.

For a time, the Bai House’s fame hit an all-time high, leaving Bai Yan to face the reviled curses of the populous.

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Of course, the one to be emotionally harmed the most from Bai Yan’s departure had to be her brother Bai Xiao. For several months, the boy locked himself away in his room and refused to come out. And when he did, the young teenage boy from back then was gone. In its place was a mature man that lacked emotion in the eyes…


Several months later inside a barren valley, Bai Yan was currently holding her aching belly as beads of sweat flowed from her face.

“The day I predicted should be two days from now, why am I going into labor now?” She grits her teeth and leans against the rocky wall.

This place doesn’t even have any tools, let alone some hot water…

“Good thing I made some medicinal pills ahead of time.”

She slowly exhaled and popped one of the pills into her mouth. Slowly but surely, the energy she lost earlier was gradually being restored…

“CheChe.” Its unsure when, but a group of Firefox had gathered around her while her attention was preoccupied.

Towards the unwelcome intruders, Bai Yan was very nervous because she’s afraid they might do something in this critical moment. However, her fear had been wasted for these Firefoxes were acting like dedicated guards and kept her in the middle of their formation.

Demon Beasts? She muses after looking at this group.

In these lands, there are both ordinary animals and demon beasts, the latter being the stronger kind.

They can be domesticated like all animals out there, but most are done by forceful contracting by a human and then used for battle. Then there are the uncommon methods of domestication used by the various powers out there in the wild, which wasn’t easy to see for the ordinary folks.

So, it’s no surprise as to why Bai Yan would wonder why these Firefoxes would protect her.

No, the correct term should be protecting her child!

Maybe it’s due to the effects of the medicinal pill, or maybe it’s just the child wanting to come out, but in the next heavy push, Bai Yan can feel a soft squirming thing slipping out from underneath.


In the moment when her child came into this world, the Firefoxes all retreated in unison like they are welcoming the emperor with their paws plastered to the ground in a kneeling position.

And in the places Bai Yan couldn’t see, all demon beasts in existence were aiming their heads at her direction. Their poses are all the same, prostrating there like they are worshiping some sort of being.

Following the vision of the heavens, all beasts shall kneel in worship for the ruler has descended upon the world!


Regardless of what’s going on outside, Bai Yan didn’t care. To her, there’s more pressing matters at hand, and that’s the scene before her right now…

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