Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 7

Chapter 07 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (7)”

Can someone please tell her why the baby she gave birth to was a hairless fox? Furthermore, how can a newly born fox tug at her clothes and cry mommy?

It’s one thing to give birth to a fox, but to able to speak too? It can’t be that someone was trying to take advantage of her lack of education now?

“Who are you?” After trying oh so hard to speak, Bai Yan finally pressed these words out of her mouth.

“Mommy, baby hungry.” Super cute and clean in his gaze, the baby fox eyed her pathetically in order to win his mother over.

Originally Bai Yan was still being depressed over the fact that she gave birth to a fox, but against that sort of adorable face, even her heart was melting.

“Baby hungry, milky.”

Slowly crawling up from below, the baby fox leisurely pulled open Bai Yan’s chest area and started suckling in comfort.


Burping, the baby fox ends the session with this and took to closing its cute little eyes for sleeping. Apparently, the child had no qualms about napping in his mother’s embrace.

Seeing the little guy snoozing away so peacefully in her bosom, Bai Yan’s heart became touched: You are my child that I carried for ten months alone. No matter who you are, I will protect you for a lifetime as my son.”


“State Teacher, State Teacher!”

Note: the pinyin for the title is Guoshi, it means teacher of the state. Personally, I don’t know too much about this post, but in dramas they are usually the one the king turns to when there’s some sort religious or superstitious stuff going on.

Inside a luxurious palace, one girl was quickly running towards a man currently gazing at the stars, her face full of excitement: “Just now did all the animals kneel in worship? If even the animals of our demon realm are affected, does that mean I have a nephew now?”

Looking at the young girl with a smile, the man carrying the State Teacher title replies: “Princess, the place I sent the king to is the land in which our queen will appear. I did not tell the king before, but it seems your brother has found the queen on his own. As for this commotion, I take it the next king of our demon realm is now born into this world.”

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All because of a single prophecy, claiming he cannot conceive unless it’s that predestined woman, the king has never married nor taken a concubine over the years. But despite the long wait, that predestined person never came.

Then things finally began to move not long ago when stars started to show signs of change. As the State Teacher, the man here would naturally take notice of the movement. Using the stars as a guide, he eventually managed to calculate the exact location of the queen’s coming, thus the reasoning for him to toss the king out.

“This is too great! My royal brother can finally say farewell to his longstanding life as a virgin.” Jumping up and down with excitement, the girl grabs onto the man’s arm like a spoiled brat, “State Teacher, send me over to the outside world too, I want to see my cute little nephew.”

“Princess, I only managed to send the king over because I took advantage of the seal’s weakened state. If you want to go out too then I will need to first find the right timing.” The man helplessly smiles, his eyes full of doting emotions.

Spitting out her tongue playfully: “Fine, when you find the opportunity you must let me go find my royal brother and my lovely little nephew.”

Perhaps it’s due to the birth of her nephew, the little princess didn’t tangle onto the man like she usually does; instead, she turns back at the direction in which she came from.

Unfortunately for the princess, she didn’t get out far before her path was blocked by a winsome figure.

“What are you doing?” She asks, unhappy at the interference.

“Princess, did the king really go look for that woman?” The owner of that seductive voice was a gorgeous woman akin to a rose.

“She is my royal brother’s destined wife! If my royal brother doesn’t go look for her, then is he supposed to look for you instead?” The princess angrily states this, her face grumpy and dark.

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