Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 8

Chapter 08 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (8)”

The woman was rather disdainful, it’s but a prophecy, I won’t believe His Majesty wouldn’t be able to produce a child if he marries another woman.

Though her mind says that, her heart cannot help but be flustered at the huge movement from earlier.

“If you got nothing else then move aside. My royal brother will never like a cheap product like you!” After leaving this statement, the princess swung to one side and walked away, leaving behind only the livid looking woman in the back.


At the same time somewhere else in the second prince’s manor, Bai Rou (step sister) was heavily panting on the bed after making a loud painful scream.

Raising a hand, she dismisses the servants and left only a single maid with her. “Liuer, you go spread the word that I had a premature birth, and say its thanks to the heavens that both child and mother is safe.”

Prior to her marriage, Bai Ruo had already become pregnant with child. The father would of course be the second prince himself, but such things cannot be made public. Therefore, they can only claim it’s a premature birth to cover up the scandal.

“Yes your grace.” Liuer reaffirms the order by repeating it, “oh yes, your ladyship, just now a miraculous event occurred outside. Because of it, everyone is still in shock.”

“What miraculous event?”

“I heard all the animals in the world were kneeling in worship at our kingdom’s direction.”

“All animals prostrating on the ground?” Bai Ruo’s eye lit up, her lips curving into a smile, “Liuer, go spread another rumor on top of the first. Say the reasoning for the odd behavior of the animals are due to my baby’s birth.”

The world belongs to one when the animals are prostrating at once!

Such conditions, how can I not take advantage of it?

Besides, Liuer already said it, the direction the animals aimed at is our kingdom. Who knows, maybe it’s really meant to worship my baby.

As a lowly maid, this servant known as Liuer knew far too well this wasn’t the time to be asking questions. Respectfully replying: “Yes your grace, I will go right away.”

With the maid gone and only her left in the big empty room, Bai Ruo simply couldn’t conceal her sinister laugh anymore.

“So what if you are the main daughter of the Bai family? So what if you are the granddaughter of the Lan House? In the end your status, your position, your all belongs to me now. Even my son is now more noble than yours!”

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“My son is not only the royal grandson of the king, he’s also now the recipient of a million worship from the animals. As for you… Your reputation is in ruins and only infamy remains for you and your bastard child. Ha, hahahaaa~!”

“This life, you will never be able to compare with me!”


Five years later.

Somewhere on an island in the middle of a lake, there stood a dainty looking cabin of bamboo construction with a woman inside. Asleep, the occupant was dazzling to the eye under the peeking glow from the window sill.

Suddenly, the woman can feel a disturbance against her cheek. A fluffy tail.

Fluttering her eyelids at first, she then shot them open to a frightful scene. Jumping up, the woman angrily calls out: “Bai Xiachen, you come out this instant!”

Filled with foxes in every nook and cranny, there are no room left to move inside this dainty little home. Even her body had been permeated with the stench of the animals.

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